Hey guys,

I started a new venture. Come look at my other page and see what you think.


SO much has happened since the last time we spoke. We had a baby, I went back to work, we had a girl live with us to take care of HB, I quit work and now I am a stay at home mommy who lives on the road. And last but not least, I am expecting baby number 2 in January!!


This is our little family for HB’s 1st birthday party in Michigan. It was a month early, but he has no clue. LOL. This picture is also the day after we found out we were pregnant again. I am a little disappointed because we got pregnant before I got down to my before baby, baby weight ,but make no mistake we are SUPER excited to expand our family. God has perfect timing and could not care less about the scale.

Can we talk about the scale for a second? So I still nurse HB, that’s right. He has been BFed for almost a year now. It seems that everyone who did not BF is more skinny than ever. They are like small, super small. Here I am BFing for an entire year and am bigger than I have ever been in my life. I am more active than I ever was while working (taking care of just one kid is a lot of work), I am not just sitting at home eating. We are actually eating healthier than we have in the past, but yet again here I am … chubby. It is so frustrating. I am not sure what is going on here but I can tell you I am not thrilled about it. I am still working out and I hope to not gain as much weight during this pregnancy. End of rant.

Hope you are all doing well!

Hello everyone!  

As you can see I have been absent from posting for a while.  While my pregnancy was easy, I was always tired.  

I went into labor on May 27 at around 6:30am, we went to the hospital at 6pm.  On our way to the hospital we had to go grab a car seat from Target really quick (our Uppababy car seat was still being made… UGH) and after Target grab a bite to eat too.  The contractions just started being 5 minutes apart for one minute for one hour. So we knew we had a bit of time on our hands.. since I was doing natural labor we did not feel the need to run into the hospital by any means.

 On the way into Target my water broke. HAHA! Of course that would happen to me, but I ran to the bathroom and Trent literally ran to go get a car seat. So because my water broke we decided not to eat… BIG MISTAKE.. I was told I could not need until the baby was born which would end up being a full 22 hours before I would eat again. UGH!!

I went 15 hours of natural labor in the hospital… I then decided I was too tired to continue without some sort if medical intervention.  They gave me a drug to help me sleep for 45 minutes… wouldn’t you know it shift change occurred so every single nurse said goobye to me and every single nurse said hello.  At the end of the 45 minutes I had not slept and then my body decided it was time to get sick. FUN TIMES.  After another hour of those good times, I broke down and told Trent I was throwing in the towel.  After 17 hours of labor I was only 3cm (Hunter was hanging out in my hip not in the front).  The Dr came in and gave me the epidural and pitocin and 4 hours later Hunter Baby was born!


I got to hold Hunter for almost an hour before they needed to take him and give him a bath.  Daddy (Trent) got to give him his first bath.  It was super precious.  Hunter was not into eating right away but I sure was, so Trent and I got some PIZZA!!!  We all got some well needed sleep and then we finally got to go home!


That is where I will leave it right now. I have some stuff I need to do before Trent gets home.

Hope you enjoy the little story and the pics 🙂  Missed you all!!

So here it is. Here is the truth about me. I am a cutter. I cut people out of my life. I do. But there are so many reasons behind it. Tell me if you have been here?!

Someone spreads rumors about you, you confront them. They someone in the timespan of a month or two have been able to turn friends against you that you have had for 5 years. What do you do? You didn’t even actually do anything to these other people, let alone the rumors that were spread were completely false. You point out to the person who spread the rumors that the people they are “friends” with are the same one that have turned their back on them becaus they just wanted to party. They are the same ones that “stole” your boyfriend from you. You are able to forgive them, but I get none? And for what?! What did I do? I didn’t hang out with you, I borrowed your clothes (as you did mine)?
So I cut. I cut that person and all my old friends out of my life. No one ever even asked me if the rumors where true… and no one even told me if exactly what she was spreading besides saying I was cheating on my then boyfriend (I can assure you I did not).

Somone is upset at you for telling your husband a story he has heard a thousand times over. Your husband decides it has gotten to the point where he needs to involve/share this with the dad. The person is mad at your because of your husbands actions. When you tell them that you did not know he was going to say anything, they don’t care. Yet, they have forgiven a person who has done them wrong 100x’s over and I get the ax because of something my husband did (which he did for a good reason.. he was not being a gossiper). Then they come back years later wanting to be your friend again, but still won’t say they were wrong in the first place?! I cut.

The problem with my cutting is that I never just cut the one person. I cut everyone. Anyone that sides or has compassion for the person I am cutting (when they know what happened), I cut them too. I cut so many people out because I am so hurt by one person.

I say I am able to separate relationships and I am.. as long as it is not me who is getting screwed. I am able to separate my mom and my sister having a fight. I am able to let someone confide in my about a friend without it being an issue for me and the other friend. I am able to separate, but when it comes to me.. if you side with the wrong party then you got to go.

But where does that leave me? I will tell you. It leaves me with me…. but I am so stubborn on the subject that there is no way I am able to let people back in without an apology of sorts. I am a person who needs to hear the words I am sorry or I was wrong or it came out wrong.

Things from almost 10 years ago still piss me off, so obviously there is no forgiving or forgetting with me. I am a grudge holder for 2 people that used to be in my life and because of the one person I lost about …. 15-20 friends. Because of the other, I lost them…. which was enough to hurt especially cause I spoke to this person literally everyday for close to 2 years, if not a little more.

So there it is.. are you like me?

Ok, so here is my whole take on the gay marriage thing. Some of you will agree, some of you will disagree and some of you will call me a bigot I am sure. Here is goes:

I have no problem with gay people being able to marry. After all it is only the sexual part that is a sin and after marriage sex is pretty non existant anyhow right?! Hahaha. Ok I am joking here. However, I do believe the act of having sex with the person of the same sex is a sin. I do not believe that it is up to me to tell people not to live in sin. There are plenty of people who engage in premartial sex (this is a sin), adultary (this is a sin), pornography (this is a sin), and the list goes on. The only difference here is that people who choose to continue to have sexual relations with the same sex are choosing to sin for the rest of their lives in that particular fashion. There are also a ton of straight Christians that do not marry and decide to live together for the rest of their lives. Both parties are in the wrong but I would still be friends with either.

The only problem here is that most Christian churches and I am pretty sure 100% of Muslim churches do think that this is a sin. So if this does happen what happens to the rights of the church? Will they be forced to marry same sex couples or face a fine? Will they be foreced to have homosexual leaders on their pulpits? I know of many straight pastors who have had to step down due to their sexual sins being found out. So to me it is a given that a person who is daily choosing to live in sin should not be the head of the church. I would say a man choosing to live with his girlfriend should also not be the head of the church either. It is not a gay or straight thing, it is a sin thing.

I think that we do love the sinner and hate the sin. If my child ends up being gay I would tell them this. I love you and you will always be welcomed in my home. I do not think the lifestyle you are choosing is a correct one, but your partner and you are always welcomed here. You will not sleep in the same bed together (as I would not let a boyfriend and girlfriend who live together sleep together under my roof) but our house is your house and there is unconditonal love here. That would be the end of discussion. I would show them love and grace, let’s be honest they will know where I stand on the issue but I am able to move past it because having a relationship with them is more important.

Like I said as long as religious institutions can turn people away from being leaders due to their sin (no matter what it may be) I am fine with it. It is when the religious will be called bigots, haters, blah blah blah.. that is where I know I am going to have a problem with it.

So apparently our government now sees being German, Christian, and homeschooling a threat. Such a threat that a German family who LEGALLY sought amnesty here now faces deportation due to the fact that in Germany homeschooling is illegal (granted by one man named Hitler… let that sink in). Please read this article. http://www.inquisitr.com/567261/obama-administration-trying-to-deport-christian-family/

Copy and paste it since I have no clue how to link it… sorry guys 😦

OK, so I have a midwife in NY who is going to help me bring my son into the world. YAY!  However, in Jan we moved from NY to NJ (just from Feb-mid March).  I had an appointment Feb 18 which I had to cancel because we had just got back from vacation and I did not want to take another day off work.  

When I canceled the appointment I was told how dangerous it was to cancel this appointment.  I was pretty upset that they used such a strong word.  What do they really mean by dangerous?!  I mean my last appointment we did nothing.  It was a complete waste of my time.  Basically, I told them it is what it is and I would call them when I knew more about my schedule. 

Well today I called and made an appointment for March 20.  The woman was like, um can you come in today?!  I said no, I am 5 hours away. I can come in March 20 or any point after that date.  Again, she told me I was being selfish and I needed to come in right away. I told her, that I feel him move every hour. I eat properly. I have not been sick and I am in no way harming my child. She got upset with me!!  

Ummmm. It is my pregnancy and I could choose never to come into the office.  I could choose to do this at home by myself with a doula or at home midwife.  I am granting them permission to check me and the baby out, not the other way around. I am paying for this treatment, they are not entitled to see me. I make the rules here! I am the purchaser. They can tell me guidelines but in no way are they in charge of my body. 

And to tell me I am harming my baby?!  NO, there are plenty of moms out there that do harm their unborn child with drugs, alcohol and other things. I am doing none of those things so they can just stop.