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Is it time to go yet?

So the job is winding down.  Why is it, when the end is near people become grumpy?  They are happy they do not have to work anymore (and have another job to go to), but sad because the amount of stress that comes with wrapping up a project.  Either way, it is a bit tense in the ol’ office.

In other news, we finished packing last night, in the rain (okay is was a drizzle). 

rain by onlinewoman

 Trent looked at me and said we have too much stuff. I said okay, but I don’t know what to do about that and we moved on.  My mood has gotten TONS better.  Now I just have a spurt instead of a day filled event. Trent is probably saying “God really does answer prayer!” haha.

So now our hotel room just has clothes, bread, bagels, oatmeal, and refridge stuff to pack up. All doable for sure. It is not clean (which does murder me a little), but it is getting packed down.  I cannot wait to go to our homes. My Father in law makes some of the BEST breakfast in the world, which I will not get to eat until next Sunday, but hey I can have something to look forward to.

Perfect Breakfast? by oospMMMMMMMM breakfast!

Did I mention that my sister is having her wedding shower? Iam just so excited about it. It is going to be beautiful and I will have pics don’t worry 🙂


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So, this is a pic of me or what I think I looked like yesterday on the phone with the place we are having my sisters Wedding Shower. Notice the annoyed look on the girls face. Like DUH! You people are currently in the business of ruining my life or at the very least making me poor.

stock photo : Brunette woman screams at her mobile phone, isolated on white

Okay, I mentioned my sister is getting married.  Well this Sunday at 1pm is  I am throwing her a wedding shower (I am giving her 2 in total on in MI and one in FL.. this is the MI one).  So we have had reservations at a place for over a month now.  They call me yesterday in the middle of my work day to let me know that they do not open until 4pm on Sunday.  She literally told me like seven different times they were not opening until 4pm.

It took me a second to realize she was trying to tell me they wanted to move the shower until 4pm. I told her she has known about this for a month, and she decided to call me 6 days before the event to let me know this. The answer on my end is, this is not moving.  She should have spoken up WAYYYY before this.  She mentioned the number of attendees I gave them in the begining and my final number where not the same. I said I know that.  I said in most situations when you reserve a location you let them know how many people you are inviting and then you call 2 weeks prior to the event to let me know how many people RSVP.  I believe this is pretty standard. I have done it for many events (I plan office parties often).  She mentioned that there was a minimum number of people I needed in order for them to come in. I stated that she never said one word about that;in which she stated I have not spoken to her before!


Ok so someone else gave me no information and I am the one getting screwed here?  Shouldn’t you be talking to that employee? (I only thought this I did not say it).  Either way they decided they wanted to squeeze more money out of me and because I had already purchased my sisters plane ticket, invites have already been sent out, and I am already planning on being there Sunday, which is going to end up being a HUGE deal in and of itself. THIS  THING IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Why can’t people just do their job correctly? It would make life so much easier… UGH

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Saying sorry.. wah wah

So even though Trent bought me a rolo McFlurry yesterday to make me happy, I was still a little short with him.If you have never purchased a rolo McFlurry you need to go immediatly to do so. You wi ll love it, I promise.  Caramel goodness only got him through the Home Depot trip, in which i told him to go ahead and buy Home Depot out of something he wanted.  Then I went back to be my  crazy packing lady self and he went back to being sad I am sure.

Now in our relationship for some reason it is always me who has to say sorry. I HATE saying sorry but it is necassary to say so someone knows you do not like or enjoy your own behavior. Stupid behavior.  So while at dinner yesterday I told him I was sorry. That moving stresses me out for no reason and I am happy to have a husband like him who puts up with that mood.  You know what he said? “Your not that bad.” hahaha!  Good man!  Remind me when we go home this weekend that I need to thank his mom, she raised a boy who for some reason still thinks my bad moods are not That Bad.   On second thought,  maybe I should contact an ex girlfriend of his and thank her for truely being psycho because she makes me look like a saint.

Either way, if you have someone to say sorry to you probably should just get it out of the way. Cause guess what… it probably wasn’t “That Bad” 🙂 haha

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Too Much….blah!







This is a pic of all my crap.  I am trying to lay out my clothes for this week and next week.  I have decided against laying them out for this week. I will wash what I wear, leave it on the hanger, and put it into the trailer as is.  So I just need to pack for next week.  However, I am not sure what  I will be doing next week.  I am sure fishing will be on the agenda, some family time, some sunning (if there is a God), and who knows.. So some jeans/shorts/bathing suit/ sweat shirts/ t-shirt/long sleeve shirts should do… I just don’t know what ones I want. BLAH!   So I stopped this project completely because I felt a bit overwhelmed.


so this  doesn’t look so bad:








But I am kind of at a loss on what to do now. Trent went outside to shoot his bow (I told him to pack it and it sparked an interest in it.. surprise surprise) I do not blame him though, I don’t want to be around me either.  I keep telling myself, I just wish everything had a place.  I hate that everything does not pack up nicely.  My pots and pans are bulging out of their bin, there is no nice way to pack up clothes and then take them immediately back out again.  I have known this all along, every time we move, but it just does not get any easier. I just want to be so organized and it just can’t be that way.. not yet… not till we have a home of our own.  But that won’t be for a decade or so, if ever. I am really fine with never having a home, but moving just frustrates me a little bit.  I will be over it soon though…. me and my beer here will be over it soon….


OO wanna see a pic of us eating down?






There is Trent ,cooking up some chicken 🙂  See the happiness? I do love this kid. He is the best! Have a great Sunday. I will see you all tomorrow:)

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This can get done

We are doing everything but packing… but I can assure you we will start tonight… after we have exhausted all other routes of entertainment.. Better Blog and Pics to come:) Have a great Sunday!

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So, this morning it is time to take a look at our things because we need to pack on up and move on out…..


This is what we are filling up


This is the Aluma.  This is what Trent and I live out of. It has all of our worldly possessions in it and we lug  bring it along with us every time we move.  I am kind of making fun of it, but it really is a nice thing to have.  It is big and can fit everything I thought I would need for on the road living. We pack it to the brink every time, so we obviously need it. Lord knows the vibe (my car) could not handle the shoe collection alone. Haha.


So we are packing, the only thing is before we actually move we are heading to our parents houses.  We heading up to Traverse City on Friday to attend a wedding of my best friend to his new best friend (his wife). Ha!  SO happy for them, they are a great couple. It takes 10-12 hours to get there so Friday is shot. Saturday I have cupcakes to get for my sisters wedding shower, then we are going to the wedding. Sunday I am waking up at an ungodly hour to drive 3 hours downstate to my parents house, to give my sister her wedding shower (pics to come because it will be awesome). SO, to the point I was trying to make I am not sure how to pack my clothes. I will need work clothes for the rest of the week, dress clothes for the weekend, regular clothes for the next week, then work clothes for when we arrive to our new location…….. YIKES!

Trent probably needs to pack his own suitcase.  Now I do have access to the trailer during the week at our parents homes, but last time I ventured in there to find some clothes I think I bent my wrist back! hahaha.


How do you guys pack when you are going someplace and need an assortment of outfits?  It always trips me up……..

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ReAdY sEt EaT!

So, we have reached Friday.  Trent and I are eating down our food, which I am finding is one of Trent’s favorite things to do.  He looked at me yesterday with a huge smile and wide eyes and said

“Hey, guess what? We don’t have to go grocery shopping this weekend!”

This is not a picture of us grocery shopping.. we are not these people at the grocery store.. If you know us for some reason the grocery store brings out the worst in us.  We rarely fight, but when we do it is usually at the grocery store. Because let’s be honest who wants to fight in private when you can have a look annoyance and frustration in public? Ha! If he would stop running over the back of my feet with that stupid cart I may have a better time. He blames it on me walking slow, I blame the 104 people in front of me who have zero clue what they want and clog the aisle… it’s a no win for everyone.

I digress, eating down is hard though.  There are things I have specifically chosen not to cook for dinner because I have decided I do not like it anymore. So to see it staring at me makes me upset. I want to just go out to eat for the rest of our meals, but as I said yesterday moving is expensive. So that stupid Viola meal that I have refused to eat better get ready because we are not moving you to our next location… wherever that may be.

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