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Young girls

Since I am working from the hotel room I have been watching MTV.  First, let me say that TV is really becoming rowdy. In one preview for a show it was talking about turning someone into a vampire and what sex would be like with that vampire. Umm. What are we teaching are kids/teens?  Let’s be honest MTV is made for pre-teens -20 somethings.  No wonder MTV was not allowed in our home growing up. YIKES!  Necrophilia is apparently in.

BUT I am watching like Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant and I am continuing to see all of these hurt girls.  The guy never stays and if he does their relationship is not good. I see parents who are at the end of their rope and no one is happy.  The girls had fleeting thoughts of “being a family” and that seems to be rarely the case.  In every episode the girls say ‘I wish I would have waited”  which is a great message, but these shows are totally contradictory to what the rest of the shows that are on TV are telling kids.  The shows are telling kids there is sex without consequence.  That if it feels good go for it because it will make you happy in the moment.  The weird thing is these decisions have made these girls even more unhappy and some are suffering from depression.  The makers of the show and actors do not suffer from their messages, but the kids are. I don’t know, I just think it is so sad. Too many parents wanting to be friends with their kids and not enough parents stepping up and actually being parents.

I don’t know it just makes me so sad for this generation.


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It’s Raining..

It is raining and there is nothing to eat for dinner.  The rain does not bug me, but the dinner part does. I may or may not have forgotten the meat portions of our meals because I thought I would have more leftovers.  This however has become a lie, and we have no food. I am so silly sometimes!  I also thought that I was leaving tomorrow so I knew Trent would go out to eat with the guys… so it is not all silly.

Either way, it is raining and I am bored.  Not bored in the sense that I want to clean or pick up or anything.. just bored. Haha. More like I just want to complain. haha. 

Good think I have some Sour Patch Kids to keep me entertained for a couple minutes. I LOVE CANDY SEASON!

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Nice to meet you

So it is not often that I get to meet new people who also live on the road.  Today was  a day that I got to meet a new friend.  I met him while working out downstairs.  He was a lot of fun and it is so fun to chit chat and get to know people.  His wife sounds like a saint and I automatically felt bad for her because her husband is on the road all the time.  It just reminded me of how blessed Trent and I really are.  We may not have a “home” but we do get to be with one another and I just do not see myself trading in time with Trent for a house.  I am not saying that is what this couple did at all, I think that sometimes life gives you choices and you pick to provide for your family.  That is sacrifice and please know that I do understand that.  I am just saying I just do not know what I would do if I had to pick between Trent and providing for our family.  It would be a hard choice and so far I have not been presented with it. 

Either way, I am glad I found a friend.  I am thinking maybe him and Trent can meet and they can be friends too.  J (the new friend) loves guns, hunting, and the tv channel VS, so I think they would get along just fine.

In other news I talked to a higher up today about my job performance and so far so good. So thank you for praying for me (if you pray) and or sending positive thoughts my way. It really means a lot to me.

Hope you had a good Monday.  Nighty night, sleep tight, don’t let those bed bugs bite!! HAHA

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Oh how I love waking up to the sun shining in my window.  I am not sure what it is ,but when I see the sun I feel like I need to hurry and get out of bed to greet the day.  SUN SUN SUN on SUNDAY! YAY.  I am not sure what we will be doing today, but I think something outside is in order.  It is suppose to be around 80 degrees (probably should go to the trailer and find some shorts) and beautiful all day.  The funny thing is it is going to be a little more like summer today and not fall… which is great but I am making a real fallish comfort food kind of dish tonight.  I am doing the whole slow cooker thing, which I have really only used for soups/stews.  So we will see how this goes.

In the meantime, I think my eyes are about to water out of my head. I woke up to two bright red eyes and they are all sorts of watery.  It is hard to focus on anything when your eyes are filling up with water, but oh well. They are not itchy, just obviously angry. HAHA.

Well I believe I will take these eyes and pick up the house, put all the candy we bought yesterday in the bowl and try not to eat it.  YUMMY!

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Clenching…. my teeth

Ok, as I am sitting here I am making a conscious effort to relax my jaw.  OW!  In college I did this jaw clenching thing often, but since I got out of college and wrangled myself a Trent, I have been relatively clench free.  Now I am thinking that it started during the move, and not really knowing where we were going to stay when we arrived.  After we arrived I got this new job with more hours and a little (A LOT) more responsibility.  Now, we  have only been here for a week and we may be moving again because this job may not be starting up.  So I am again flying by the seat of my pants and because I do not have control over everything I am clenching.  Apparently, the weight of my teeth is the only thing I can control, so I control it with an iron fist.

Does this happen to other people?  How do other people deal with their clenching? I just want sweet relief… sad face inserted here……


In other news because of the delay in the job I am watching the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo and it is pretty fun.  I am thinking about working out soon.. but that would make me have to get out of my pj’s (we have been working out of the hotel room).

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HELLLLLO!  Ok, so before Trent and I left MN we found some awesome stacking boxes (made in America)… but only 4.  Well Saturday, Trent found another 12 of them at the Home Depot here in NY. So Sunday we decided to unpack everything and pack it all back up again.  Now this seems like a huge task and let me reassure you it is, but we were able to put some tine into it.

We (I) put in the movie Something Borrowed (GREAT MOVIE) and Trent hauled in all of our boxes.  While we watched the movie we sorted and packed.  Trent made little signs to go on each box and we got soooo organized I could die happy.  If you recall I usually have mini meltdowns over packing, but not anymore my friends!  Packing has taken a turn for the better, all because Trent found those boxes!  I will take a pic of the inside trailer so you can see the awesomeness which is my home on wheels. In the mean time have a great Monday evening and I will see you again tomorrow.

Nighty night

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So… my parents are some of the best people on the planet.  They put my sister and I through college.  They payed for the bulk of my wedding.  My sister and I both had cars on our 16th birthdays.  My parents have blessed us!  They have sacrificed for themselves so much it is just unheard of.  Growing up I do not think my mom ever bought clothes for herself, she got hand me downs , and I am sure she actually did buy clothes but nothing like people today do.  They live within their means and actually people comment pretty negatively on that, which I think is CRAZY.  They live in a house they can afford (even when my dad lost his job for one full year last year), they have cars they can afford, they do not have high speed internet, they do not have cable TV.  They do not go out to eat (it is a treat not “dinner”).  That is just all monetary stuff. When they put my sister and I through college they basically starved themselves to be able to afford it for us.  I am saying that literally and not just oh they had a sandwich for lunch instead of taco bell. I mean they ate very sparce for a long time, but God blessed them and gave them me and Trent. HAHA

Trent and I have been talking about purchasing them a stove for Christmas for awhile now.  We new that Labor Day weekend would probably be the only time though that we could do it before Christmas came and we were all busy with Neil’s wedding. So we decided to go out on Wednesday (leaving on Thursday mind you) and find something. We did!  It was great. The funny thing is we had to purchase a hood/vent as well as a stove.  The stove was being delivered on Thursday but we took the hood home on Wednesday.  We get to my parents house and my dad is asleep and my mom is at work. So we start putting the hood up my dad wakes up and we think we are so caught.  But Trent just says “Jenna and I found this hood for super cheap to we got it and decided it put it up”  Now remember it does not match so it is kind of funny. My dad is not phased by this whatsoever and just says “ok, well do you need any help?”  They get to work and put up the hood together before my mom got home from work (11pm) . So this is what that little project looked like. Remember they have NO CLUE that they are getting a stove tomorrow.

70's style

So my mom did not notice this right away but was THRILLED about the hood and vent.  She was so happy she had a working light finally and the vent part worked too. They were very grateful for this.

So the next morning at 7:30 am Trent had to go pick up a truck in Indiana, but I got a call that we were the first delivery of the day!  I am out getting everything ready and my mom wakes up.  She looks at the kitchen table which has the contents of the stoves drawer and she is like “what are you doing?”  I am like “Well, your new stove is coming here in about 10 minutes so I had to clean out the old one”  I will tell you looking at her face in that moment was the best. I knew Trent and I had done something very nice for them. She was so happy and so excited . It was so fun for me to see that!


This is their new stove!  Trent got home around noon so he got to see my mom and the fun new stove.  Then my mom went to work and we decided to wait for my dad. Trent got to see my dads reaction and needless to say Trent realized how great that giving could be.  It is so nice to give to people that are grateful for the gift.  My parents would never in a million years ask for a new stove, they would not ask for our money for a new stove.  They are just not those type of people. So to be able to do something for them like this is just out of the world for me.  And to be able to have a husband who wants to do something like this for our parents is amazing to me too.

I am a very blessed woman. I have great parents and a great husband!

I just think this is a fun story 🙂  I decided to share!

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