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Oprah Super Soul Sunday

I am not sure if anyone has watched this show, but it is garbage.  The shows throws around words like God and Humanity and seem to be trying to make a new religion.  She had an actor on from the office and I first I thought, oh I did not know he was a Christian.  Then when Oprah said “So when you act, that is your prayer.” He did not say no, acting is a job that I love,my prayers are my prayers.. he agreed!!  I think this is a very slippery slope.  I think when you start mixing words like God, prayer, and humanism (which really is it’s own religion because it really does have a theology) I think you have the ability to turn Christians into Humanistic people without realizing it.  Yes, doing good for others is all apart of being a child of God, but doing good works never got anyone into Heaven. This talk of “well my heart was in the right place”, well yes your feelings may be in the right place, but you may actually be crippling others because you are not doing what is right for them.  Too often people just want to fix a situation when they is not what is always needed.  Oprah is scary to me because so many women really look up to her and she has made it pretty clear that she believes we can all be “god”, “god” lives within is…. the answer to that is God lives within us only if we have asked him.  He does not live in us because we are humans and he created us.  He will not impose himself on us until we ask. So to say that everyone can be a “god-like” is false and I believe is leading people astray. It just made me sad.

Also, the Christian network is just sickening as well. They were selling “holy water” or something to make it so people would get “divine transfers of money”  Again, it is not that I do not believe that God cannot do that.  I do, but I believe it is more on a personal request or maybe a request you have given for other people to pray for as well.  I do not believe it is something you can purchase off TV bring into your home and it have magical powers. I think it is sad that the network is again being gross and tying to make money off people who are obviously going through rough times. And they are doing it in the name of Jesus, which is just gross.

Now this is what Halloween is about, this freaked me out way more than any “Haunted Mansion” YIKES


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Saturday NorEaster

I think I spelt my title wrong, but I don’t care.  So Trent is off having man time. He is loving it and it makes me so happy that he is so happy. Oh gosh, we are so in love 🙂 Haha.  Today I am going to be a DD.  I am taking some people I work with wine tasting and I am 100% against drinking and driving, so I have offered my driving skills.  Which since it is Halloween works out perfectly, because it can be scary! Hahaha.  The kid that drove with me yesterday saw his life flash before his eyes often, but hey, when traffic is crazy you have to make decisions and I make them.

I am battling a little bit of a chest cold I think, so this should be pretty relaxing day. I can just sit back and chit chat with others. It is so weird that Trent is not here though.  My mornings are very different, but I am glad he is doing something he loves. I would never want him to feel guilty for leaving to go Hunting when he does so much for our little family.

Oh, so I have a questions for you baking girls.  I am doing another shower for my sister in FL and we are having a problem thinking of some sort of dessert to make for the shower. We were thinking cupcakes, but I do not know how I would make the icing look semi-professional.  If you have any tips please let me know.  I do not want to make us look like fools. I want things to taste homemade and with love.. but I do not want them to look homemade. Does that make sense?  If you have any tips you can either leave a comment or you can e-mail me. jenna_mills85@yahoo.com

Hope you have such a wonderful day, we are supposed to get like 6 inches of snow, if that happens I will try to take a pic (I know I say that all the time and never follow through). I will try this time though, seriously!


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Oh my goodness!  Today was absolutely crazy.  Trent left for his hunting trip in IL today at 5am.. honestly, I am surprised he stayed in bed that long. Ha.  So while he is away I am going to be doing his job along with my job. Today I took a new hired into his physical. We left the office at 9am and did not make it back till 3pm.  I had so much work to do I had to bring it home, only to realize that I forgot to bring the materials I needed to actually do the work. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.  This day is simply just not going my way, but it is Friday and that makes me happy.  It is a weekend and I am a girl on the loose! Hahaha  Let’s see what trouble I can get into this weekend. We shall see 🙂  Have a great Friday night you guys!  Talk to you soon.

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Hey guys!  Good morning 🙂  It is a bright sunshine day here in NY and we are semi-packing Trent up to go on his hunting trip.  Again, he is so excited it is unbelievable. Such a cutie.

Yesterday, he decided we need to do something “date like” because he is going to be gone for so long, so we decided to go wine tasting.  Well, I went wine tasting, he being the DD went wine spitting. Hahaha. We had such a great time.  It was really a time where we could connect and be with one another while tasting some great and not so great wine. We really do not know much about wine, but we are learning and I feel Trent and I both have a good palate.

 We went to one winery and it was PACKED with people. There was music going, people dancing.  It was crazy.  I told Trent, “I feel like people should be playing beer pong over in a corner somewhere.”  It was insane, but they have a great red wine called Pecker Head Red.  It is a table wine and if you do not like red wine, or are unsure if someone likes red or white wine, this is the wine to get.  If someone usually only drinks white. this is sweet enough for them to drink.  If someone likes the more dense taste of red, they will drink this too.  It  is also a good wine for people who are not so into wine.

The next place we went to was a lot quieter and the tester guy was a ton more serious about his job.  They did have a chocolate wine though that we decided to purchase.  It is called Chocolate Lab and it is delish!  If you like chocolate you will LOVE this. They added another kind of wine to it as well and it tasted like a chocolate covered cherries.  It is a great dessert wine but it is not for kiddies!  If you have kids at home, I would not get chocolate wine.  They could get the wrong idea.

We then went to a distillery. OH MY GOODNESS! SICK!  It was $2 for 3 tastes and it was hard for me to choke down all of the items I tasted.  I like a good vodka that has zero taste, and that is what it should be.  BUT this was horrible!  I am not even sure why they were testing it because something was just missing. YUCk, I don’t even wanna talk about it because it makes me ill.

We ended the day at Pizza Hut! Cause we obviously take ourselves super seriously. Hahaha. We did have a great time and I am happy I got to spend it with Trent.  He told me this morning “This is the last weekend you have with me for 3 weekends” 😦

On our drive we did pass an awesome waterfall. Wanna see?

Sooooo pretty!

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Do you guys read?

So I am reading the book The Boy That Came Back From Heaven.  First know this, I read while I work out.  The book is so difficult to read when you work out because all you do is cry.  I am crying because I relating to the dad, the car accident, it all. I am crying because I could not imagine the feeling of going through this.  I am crying because the books makes me have guilt. I am crying because my God is so amazing.  I am crying and I am not ashamed. Ha!  I am sure the people working out near me think I am a complete loon because I am crying, then I am moved to pray, so I pray (quietly with my eyes open.. I kind of stare I guess), then I am back to reading and crying.  If you have not read this book, please do.  Even if you are not a Christian or a believer in any way, it is a good book.  It is so funny how such a little book (it is really not that big of a book) is having such an impact in my life. I am thinking to myself how often I just do not pray for people when I should.  There is so much power in our words and I fail people all the time because I was my words in the wrong ways.  Now, I am not saying this as a whoa is me, I am bad, I have guilt… I am saying it more as a revelation to me.  Like, “Oh my goodness, I really forget to pray for things that are so important”  I really forget how Awesome my God is because … well I just get consumed in my life.  So anyway, I love reading and I love reading books that get me to think.  Even though I have read a slew of books that allow me not think as well.  If you ever need a good book, let me know.  I read around 50 a year. Because I am a nut! Hahaha. Just wanted to share with you guys. Nighty night.

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Do you guys know what leaves falling mean?  It mean Trent is on HIGH ALERT for anything moving in the woods.  We talk about hunting all through the year and we watch hunting movies on the weekends, while we make and eat breakfast.  Trent bought me a bow when we were dating and I knew a ring would soon follow because he had NEVER bought one for a girl before.

The thing is Trent has been going to IL to hunt for years now.. maybe 5. Trent is leaving to go on this hunting trip next Friday and we have been talking about hunting non-stop.  If you think I am joking, the answer is I am not. He wakes up in the morning talking about it, he talks about it with people at work, he talks about it on the phone to people (people he has never met before), when we come home he usually has a package waiting for him that deals with hunting, he can’t sleep because he is too excited, and he attacks me in the house telling me he has to prepare himself to possibly catch the deer (which is not true). It is truly madness around here!  He is a nut and that is really all there is to it.

The thing is, when he leaves I am all alone. Normally, I would be thrilled.. like if we had a home.  I would have a girls night or dinner with a friend or something.  Here I am just going to go to work, do his job (yes I have to fill in for him while he leaves), do my job, come home, cook for one, and be bored.  Usually, when he is gone I spend my nights not sleeping cause I hear all sorts of noises.  I am excited though because I think there are a few movies I can rent that I know he would NOT enjoy. Haha. I am thinking about getting my hair trimmed up a bit. I need to find an eye brightener because I look like death (if you know of one let me know), and I will work out. So all in all it won’t be bad. Also, Tana (a woman I work with) is here without her boyfriend Frank, so I am thinking maybe her and I can go do something fun together. Just not sure what yet. So that is what is going on in our little household.  If you have a husband or a boyfriend that wants to talk about hunting, let me know.. I have someone they can speak with 🙂  Hahaha!

This is last Years buck.. Let’s see what he can do this year!!

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So last night after my little mood, I went to be pretty early….or earlier than normal.  I got in bed and literally was asleep within 6 minutes.  Trent was on the phone and when he came in he said he tried to talk to me and I all I did was say “I love you too” to everything he said. Hahaha. It is good to know I even love him when I am sleep talking to him. BUT I did get some rockin’ sleep and woke up in such better spirits.  For those of you who sent positive thoughts and prayers my way Thank You so much, because my outlook was just so much more clear this morning and I believe that those things work. So thank you.  Also, I hope those of you who I prayed for last night had a better day today as well.  It is great to have this community because you guys really do lift my spirits.  I really appreciate you!  So this was just a bit of an update on that.  Again, Thank you.  Have  a great night and I will talk to you soon.


Me and my Dogniece Mia

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