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Going to FL

Hey everyone!  Tomorrow morning Trent and I will be boarding the same plane to go to two very different places. Hahaha. Our first leg of our trip leads us to Detroit, MI.  There we will kiss and split up.  He will travel North and I am going South!  Warm weather here I COME!!!

Cheneille (my sis) is coming to pick me up at the airport and we are celebrating Thanksgiving and Wedding Shower #2.  So much fun and so much warmth.  It was snowing today here in NY, so needless to say I am stoked to go ahead and get in some shorts and let these white legs shine. Hahaha.

So, everyone have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels.  I will e-mail you some pics of FL when I get there, so you can be jealous of me…. cause that is really what it is all about 🙂 haha.




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I am going to gush about my husband today.  He went with me to the arts and crafts store. He spray painted some bottles for me, he then sat and came up with an idea to cut rings out of sparkle paper and glue a diamond on the top of one and intertwine it with the other ring and put it on the bottle. He then proceeded to do just that!

He then went out into the trailer and found a couple pairs of shorts for me (so I can be comfy in FL) then told me: “Hey, if your down there and you find some shorts you want go ahead and pick some up, and if you want to get new tennis shoes while your down there go for. Or when you get back I can help you pick out a pair”  I mean who says stuff like that?  I am already spending a lot of our hard earned money to go on this trip and throw the parties and he just goes with the flow.

The most special thing was when he came into the bedroom (I got some new hangers today and I was excited to try them out) gave me this hug and said “I just am so in love with you baby, I would do anything you asked for me 10x over and more if that is what I needed to do”

I mean seriously!?  What a great man I have. Just thought I would share.


It is good to be me 🙂

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Girls, we are one another’s best friends and worst enemies.  The line is so thin sometimes that one can step over it without evening knowing it.  For once, I am not really involved in the drama but it does involve a person I love and a person who I have had friendly conversations with.   Somehow though I got sucked into it and I really do not feel like I did anything wrong.

The person who I love is upset and this friend are best buddies.  I am friendly with the friend because I am planning a party with her for the person we love, but other than that we are not friends (in the best possible way).  Well the friend called me up to let me know she was still going to be involved in something.  During this phone call she let me in on the fight that her and “love” got into. When we were getting off the phone she asked me not to mention to “love” that I knew what was going on.  I said no problem, I understood.

Love called me the next day to let me know about the fight.  During the phone call she mentioned that Friend called her earlier that day and told her that she (friend) had spoken to me.  Love was upset with me because I kept the fact that friend called me a secret.  Love felt that I should have told her and I simply do not feel  I needed to.

What do you guys think?  I think it is okay to keep a secret like that.  I feel the friend was just venting a little bit and it just happened to be to me. I did not feel like I needed to really tell Love and make things more tense between them.

Am I wrong?

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So, I told you how I started to monogram?  well this is the outcome.

Sorry my pic is a little off.  It does not look like it is centered in the photo but I can assure you it is. The light blue is just the tracing pen and will wash right out once i wash and iron it.  But this is what I have made for my sister and her husband to be.  I have not finished his yet, but I was pretty exciting about this one.  On the side is her initials, in case you were wondering.  My idea for this is to have them in the honeymoon suite that I am decorating for them. I think it is just a little something special for them.  I will have to take pictures of their honeymoon suite because it is going to be AWESOME!  I am using a lot of stuff over from the showers, but I figure why not?  It is in their wedding colors and it makes it so I am not spending tons of money on a room for one night.

So that is what I have been working on.  I am leaving for FL a week from today to see my sister and have her 2nd shower. I am hoping it is going to be warm because it was raining today and I was freezing outside!  80’s and sunny here I come….well next week 🙂

Nighty night.

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Okedoke. Here it is guys!  I finished several of my little bottles.  This one is with a C on it and I am thinking it will be the centerpieces for each table.  The flower is something I purchased for good ol Micheal’s.  It is a lot more sparkly but you at least get the picture.

From there we move on to the words L O V E.  Same basic concept, but I attached some letters instead of using a stencil with the hot pink  letters.  We found some black sparkle flowers that we will stick on here.. Right now they are in Florida so no pic (

So that is what I did this weekend.  Oh and let me tell you, all silver leafing is not the same. The one with Mono Lisa on it is harder to work with than the one with the candle on it.  Just a little word to the wise.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Nighty night

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So, I love each and every one of my bloggers for a whole list of different reasons.  I consider you all my friends and I think of each one of you often through out my day, usually because you all share something that I connect with or can relate to .. so it makes me think.  One fellow blogger.. Oh goodness, I just enjoy her.  She is so smart, funny, and has a great family. I imagine she is the type of hands on mom that I want to be.  She is madly in love with her husband and she seems to just be a great person.. Today she wrote an awesome blog about Real Men.  I am not going to say anything more. I think when  you read it, it will touch you too.


Nighty night!

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Change is in the air

It is November so we are looking back at things we are grateful for.  I am especially thankful that I have gotten into DIY activities.  I am having such a great time doing things all by myself and it gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  This year I have been taking lots of vitamins, cooking for the family 97% of our meals, making our own laundry soap, soon to be fabric softener (I am mixing up a batch soon), and working out. These are the changes I have made this year, and I do not think they have made me a better person or anything.  I just think that they have given me a sense of purpose.  It makes me happy to make my family a little bit more healthy and happy. Change for me is a good thing and let’s be honest… it kind of has to be considering we live on the road. Hahaha.

Currently, I am working on a DIY project.  I took empty beer bottles, I bought silver leafing, and I am going to place it on the bottles and stencil the letters L O V E on several of them.  Then I will take them to FL for Neil’s shower and those will be the table centerpieces.  I am going to go buy some pink gerber daisies (r something like that) and stick one in each.  YAY! I will take a picture and show you .. when I start. I just peeled the label off the bottles tonight. HAHAHA


Have a great night!

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