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A Nomintation. YAY!



Thank you so much http://adalamar.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/thank-you-the-versitile-blogger-award/ for nominating me for this award. It is super fun!  I am glad you come to read me and comment. I love comments and we seem to agree on  a lot of things.  So please everyone go give some love to my girl A!  Thank You.


There are a few rules for the award and they are:

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are :

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
2. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

My 7 Random Things:

1.  I am a natural born red head

2. I have zero athletic abilities.

3. I love watching movies

4. If I could have a dog it would be a pug.

5. I started this blog because I do not have real life friends.

6. I don’t have friends cause I move too much

7. I married the best guy, sorry girls. Haha

My Nominees are in no particular oder:





5. http://livingdifferentlives.wordpress.com/2011/12/24/marriage-child-and-the-rest/




9. http://travelerontherun.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/1108/

10. http://foreverbeautifulmegan.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/205/

11. http://mrskuz2b.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/tasty-sips/

12. http://verypinteresting.com/2011/12/21/holy-smokes-i-did-a-guest-post/


14. http://corinnarose.wordpress.com/

15. http://dearwedding.wordpress.com/


All fun blogs. Ones that I follow and people that I find entertaining. Have fun and enjoy!


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Hey guys!  Merry Christmas to all, even if I am a day late. Hahaha. I made it to MI from New York. We had a safe trip in and we have been having family time ever since.  We have been having a wonderful time and I think I am stuffed to the gills to say the least.

Not to get off subject, but I find my hair everywhere!   Trent is talking to me and I am looking at him like over a table. I looked at this lampshade and it has a huge hair of mine on it. HAHAHA! I like to say personally that I have traveled the world. Maybe not my actual person, but my DNA really has made its rounds.

Either way we are having a wonderful Christmas time and I am doing some great relaxing. I will show pics of Trents birthday and all that jazz when I get back to NY. So for not you will just have to wait in anticipation. 🙂

Hope you are having a wonderful time with your family as well. Miss you and talk to you soon.


Nighty night.

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Oh Gross

So, I am gross. My lips are like over chapped. I can’t even tell you why or how. It just happened one day.  I did do the olive oil with sugar scrub on them last night.  It worked for that night, but today they are just as bad. Do not worry though, I went to work and infected others.

Did I mention that everyone at work is sick with something. One person got sick at work today and kept going until I told him to get home because there was no way I was puking!  I then took the Lysol and disinfected literally everything I could. Including the air.

Either way my ears are plugged, it hurts my entire body when I sneeze, and I am basically waiting to go home and put on pj’s and drink Nyquil. Hahaha

Hope your weekend is better.


Oh did I mention I have to pack my stuff up this weekend, not to move, but to give up our room over Christmas Break. YAY!

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Soooo… Guess who got sick?!  ME!   My nose is soooo hurting and red right now because I cannot stop myself for wiping it. I am not going to write much about this, but just know that Trent got me sick.

In other news his birthday is on MONDAY!  I still have not been able to come up with a good idea yet.  I hope I think of something soon or else it may be a bit of a flop!

Well the Nyquil is kicking in and I need to sleep.


nighty night you guys!

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We think.. not the same

So, last time I was here in NJ a guy I work with ended up going to lunch with a couple of my other co-workers.  We we will this guy PM.  While we were out to lunch somehow he invited a friend of his.  I saw her at the table after I grabbed my lunch and assumed she was in college.  I introduced myself and as the conversation went on I asked her what she was studying.  She mentioned she was still in high school.  I then had to ask how old she was. She answered that she had just turned 17.  As her and PM (who is in his early thirties) chatted, I found out that he texted her very late at night often (2am).  I found out that she wanted to go to a basketball game with him, and I quickly discovered this girl has a HUGE crush on this guy.I was not really sure if this guy did not have a crush on her (she is a sweetie and a cutie). 

When I got in the car I mentioned that I thought it was prettty inappropriate for a 30 something year old to have such a close relationship with someone so young.  I also mentioned, if I were her parents I would be very concerned with my daughter meeting up for lunch and talking to someone as old as him in the middle of the night. The person in the car with me kind of shrugged it off like, oh well it is what it is.

Well today the person in the car  with me (we can call him NPR) and someone else (Santa) went out to lunch. So it was just the three of us PM did not come.  and NPR brought it up to Santa that I had met PM’s little girlfriend and thought it was a bit odd.  I went on to explain my thoughts and Santa was like yeah.. Santa really did not say anything (and I think he has small girls at home)  Well as I was walking away to go back to my desk  Santa says to NPR “Well PM is getting a hott piece of a** is that is the case”

Ummm. It should not matter if this girl is *hott* or not. She is a child and she has not even gratuated HIGHSCHOOL YET.  It just made me sick. So if someone is good looking no matter how young they are, they are a score for some old creepy guy (and yes if you are in your 30’s and going for teenagers you are old and creepy).  And no I would not think it would be super cool if she was 18 and he was in his mid-thirties.

Thoughts?  Am I just some stick in the mud?

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Trent is sick…. YUCK

So, Trent has fallen down with a cold and it is winning. SICK!  Do not get me wrong, I feel super bad for him and just want him to get better.  I also feel though that he should stop touching things, namely door handles, food cartons, my side of the bed.. ect.  However he wants to pretend he is okay, when he is clearly not. Either way it is gross.

I have to go to New Jersey tomorrow, so I am going to be away from him for two nights.  I am really sad about this because I know he is just going to go around the house and touch. I really better not get sick because I have been actively dodging him.  For some reason when a guy is sick, not all of them is sick…. if you catch my drift.  It completely boggles the ol mind because when I am sick…. ALL OF ME IS SICK!  Like I said, I am dodging him like the plague.

I am also sad because I do try to take care of him.  Partly so he does not touch anything and partly because I do love him and want him to feel better.  So that is what is going on in this household. Pray that we get better soon here. I am running out of my cleaning product and I will not get new stuff until I see my mom for Christmas. Haha!


Nighty night.

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Good Morning

Ah, I love waking up to the sun. Really though, is there anything better than the sunlight streaming in to peacefully wake you up?  Trent does not like the sunlight so I only get to see it when he gets out of bed and I tell him to open those curtains.  I lay there and drift in and out on sleep for 30 minutes and get excited about my day and hop out of bed!  (Since we do not have kids yet, I do realize this is something to savor and enjoy)

Did I mention to you guys that Trent’s birthday is next Monday?  Yes, I have married a December baby and let me tell you it is weird.  He is not weird, I make it weird.  I feel so bad that such a fuss is not made over him that I think I over do it.  I mean growing up my mom made sure birthdays were special.  The outside of our door would be decorated, there would be streamers in the house, the cake made, and the gifts on the kitchen table or fireplace.  Just the atmosphere was so fun, so I go a bit over board on my little Trent. Apparently his birthdays were not like that, and I am really making up for lost time here.  I make sure that there is birthday paper on his birthday gifts and not holiday paper.  I will change the table cloth from Christmas to birthday themed. I mean no stone left unturned.  Wanna see what I did last year?  It was over the top mind you and I do realize this.  Which is why I am like bummed this year cause I do not know how to make it just as good.  So here we go.

We had a cabin at the time, so I got my boss to let me leave work to go on an errand for him and I came home and did all of this. Here is the front door.

Here is our kitchen table, I also did the windows and stairs with crepe paper as well.

Then I went outside and put lights on this great apple tree and hung his present from there (when we get home from work it is dark)

I also took tea lights and created a runway to the tree that ended in a heart.

The funny thing is about this, we pull into the driveway and Trent has no clue what I did. He was like “Oh, they put lights on a tree” I was like, yeah that is cool. Then when he saw the runway he was like “Do you think they (the landlords) want me to park there?” I was like no, I do not think they want you to park there. I say, ‘Hey lets go look at the tree a little more” and he is like why? I said “because there might be something on it, I don’t know” so after i got him to stupid look at the tree he found his gift! AND LOVED IT!

SO this year I got him a pair of binoculars that he really wanted.. they were in a “when I get older and can afford it category” So he again has ZERO clue that it is a big gift, I keep telling him it is a porcupine hat. So how do I give it to him like this again? Any ideas?

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