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Okay, so I work best when I have TONS of work to do. Like if you overwhelm me with work, I will really succeed. My mom is the same way, so it may be a learned trait or because we are twins (ma and I) it could be just a part of me. Either way, I got a little sick yesterday. Literally sick, it did not last super long it just knocked me out of the count for 3 hours. Well at work it was kind of a do or die kind of day.  Things had to be in at the end of the day and other things needed to be ordered. So after I was done being sick and not being able to move, I went back to the computer and began work. Let me tell you, I did it all!  I got everything I needed to get done completed on time and correctly.  It really made my day!

I love it when there are timelines and deadlines. However it only happens once and month.  After work I got up, cleaned the kitchen (somehow it was destroyed), put some olive oil on this mop of mine, and watched some tv with Trent on the phone. He went away last night to work somewhere in NY.  So we had a phone date. We watched our shows in silence and spoke about them during commercial. HAHA!  I love having my best bud around. I did not sleep well last night because he was gone. I did sleep though and that is a step in the right direction. He will be home tonight and I am pretty excited to get a good nights sleep tonight!!!


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Frozen Yogurt

So I saw a recipe on pinterest for how to make some blueberry frozen yogurt. If nothing else I just loved the color! Hahaha

So I started off with some frozen berries put them in the pan and simmered them down. Image

what turned out was a blurry photoImageLet me tell you it is delish and I have been taking little scoops out of it all day long.  It is just sooooo good!

Hope you are having a great day!

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First go here at be prepared to want to scream.  I was so sad to read the comments about other woman saying this child is so mature.  No, this child has been taught no morals. Let me explain one thing.  People were created with a sin nature.  The ONLY reason why there is any sort of moral compass is because of Christ and the Holy Spirit. If we leave morality up to each one of us, there will be no standard.  There will be no right and wrong.  What will come of that will be chaos and as we know God is not chaos.  God is order.  This whole “You can make your own morality” is sick. It is the words of the devil playing to a lost people.  People are so afraid of Christians.  The thing they do not realize is, I am not going to make promiscuity punishable by law. I will give you free choice. However, I will preach to my children, extended family, and friends that promiscuity is not something to be praised in either men or women.

Something that I found interesting that my favorite radio host Dennis Prager said “The birth of contraception gave everyone the okay to have sex without consequence.”  This is not to say that people did not have sex before birth control came about, it is just that more people practiced a little thing called self control because they did not want to hurt their families, they knew that they could get pregnant.  Sex without marriage may be fun and thrilling, but no one ever really talks about the pain that happens once you are married.  Once you have found the man you love and you know what it is supposed to be about. The guilt that women (not all) feel because they have allowed others to be in the moment with them. No one talks about that because if we did, we would not be these huge feminists.

Well I am not a feminist. I believe men are the head of the household, the women are there for the supporting role.  I believe that things were better for women when their man worked and they took care of the kids.  Men want to be the providers and since we have taken that away from them, we have gotten a bunch of lazy men.  Men that have no purpose.  They are not needed in the families, they are not needed in the work place, they are not needed.

Either way, you must shame promiscuity.  There is nothing good that comes from having multiple partners.  Literally nothing.

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So the past two weeks I have been working from home.  When I was in the hotel, I was pretty good at it.  Now I feel like I am always talking myself into staying at the computer. Stupid work.  In other news…

A person who I love reading, posted about herbal remedies.. check out what she had to say here.  it got me thinking that I forgot to update you guys on my “girl” issue.

Men you may want to pass on this post and girls who would rather not talk about it, please come back again.


So as you remember in a little post called Pain I was wishing for death every month.  Well I looked online and notice that there were a lot of woman who were swearing by Evening Primrose Oil.  I figured that I have wasted money on stuff before, so why not give it a try.  I started taking it right after my last cycle. Well I am back on my cycle and I am going to tell you, this is so far AMAZING!  I have had zero mood swings.  As in NONE!!!  I told Trent “Hey babe, I have not wanted to kill you this time.  You literally have not gotten on my nerves to the point where I wanted to cause you physical harm”  Needless to say he was pretty excited that my mental death threats to him where no longer there! Just so we are clear, I only want to kill him in my head, I do not tell him I want to kill him. *disclaimer* -I never would actually kill my husband, it is just a phrase I use to let you know the level of frustration I get durning my time-

I am not bloated to the point where I cannot button my pants, and there is little to ZERO pain!!!  Like I have not had to cry, get in the shower, use the heating pad, NOTHING.  I am so excited that I could cry about it.  I never thought I would be one of those girls who would have a normal cycle.  I am just so thankful for this OIL.  Just thought I would update you

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So I have a sad story to tell you.  It is about our favorite Grandma.  She is alive and well but she has disappointed me today.. well the other day but I just found out about it today.

My cousin Autumn got married this weekend. She is 20 years old, he mother passed away when she was 12, her father (my uncle) is a loser, she lived with her mother’s step father for the past couple years. She has an older sister and they are close.  That is your background story for Aut. She has had a hard life without any positive people in it.  When her mom died I was in college so I was not able to be there for her but I do come in and out in times of need.  Moving on. The wedding was on Saturday and Autumns husband Chris, his parents did everything.  They rented a mansion in the keys and had a sunset wedding on the beach in front of the house. Chris’  parents  bought food, booze, everything for about 15-25 people the entire time.  People arrived on Friday and everyone was leaving on Monday.  So a pretty long stay to feed people.

Well my grandma and her boyfriend E told Chris’ parents that he would take everyone out to eat. Everyone sits down at the table and orders their drinks.  Ed stands up and tells everyone he is no longer paying for the dinner.  I am not sure if he explained why or what he exactly said, but he said he was no longer paying.  Chris’ mom got up and basically said “We have paid for everything since everyone arrived.  We have paid for lodging, we have paid for drinks, we have paid for food.  We were pretty excited to have someone do something for us tonight but I guess that is not happening,”  Everyone got up and left.

Grandma and E go back to the house, E goes to bed and my grandma goes into the KITCHEN AND FIXES HERSELF A SANDWICH!!!!!!!!!   I just cannot believe it!

If I was my grandma I would have said, sorry E cannot pay for it, but I can. Please everyone so sorry keep eating.  It is her BOYFRIEND they do not share a bank account.  My grandma has a knack for picking jerks!  I am not just saying that cause my grandpa was my best friend, I am saying it because the last guy was a jerk and so is this guy!  SICK . I am sick about it!


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So, I have been MIA lately and I am sorry.  We moved!  We got the go ahead on Tuesday night, we worked late  that night to finish some things up, we got to the hotel, packed, went to bed, woke up and went back into work for 2 hours, I yelled at Trent something like *I am either working today or I am moving.  I cannot do both. Do you understand what I am saying?*, we left work, drove 1 hour to our new home, moved in, I unpacked, Trent went to work, and we have been unpacking, waiting for furniture to arrive and working ever since. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Oh, so funny!  So get this, we have xfinity through Comcast now. When we were signing up for it, Trent made sure it had the hunting channel and lo and behold it had 2 -there is a God-.  Well we have not had cable.. well cool cable since the beginning of our marriage.  Well I have been working from home and found out that there is DVR on this thing and you can pause regular tv.. really all sorts of things. Well I made the mistake of telling Trent and guess what we have been watching non-stop now?  Did you guess hunting?  Because if you did, you would be correct.  The only thing is it is literally all we are watching. Forget anything that I want to watch because it clearly does not matter, he will get in all the hunting shows he can. I mean he goes through the list and DVRS almost all of them.  The cutest thing happens though, while he is engrossed in the hunting show, he will ask me if there is anything I would like to watch.  I say I do not know and he kind of  nods his head and we continue watching hunting.

So that is all that is happening here. I do have an OVEN NOW!  So I will be doing some cooking and I will let you know how it turns out. I am stoked!

Oh Cara, you will like this. Trent is calling my toasted skin cheetah print.. He says it goes with my tiger stripes! HAHA.

Nighty night

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Kids. God bless kids. Now before we think that my post is against kids, know that I was a live in nanny. I loved my little girl to death and spent all my time with her. I also took care of my friends children. I have been a babysitter since I was 13 maybe sooner. Once I watched a kid, I usually watched them till they no longer needed babysitting. I love kids.

HOWEVER Trent and I go back and forth on the issue of wanting them for ourselves. I know we are not alone in this battle. I spoke with an old friend the other day, she has been married 3 years now and she is going through the same thing. She mentioned she is in small group and every couple in there is going through the same thing. You have a bunch of Christian girls, who went to college, got married, and really most days… could not care less about the baby in the baby stroller (yes I changed it).  What is up with that?  Why don’t we want kids?

My mom (who really is the salt of the Earth, but the comment she makes will not make her seem like that) has told me and my sister “Just have dogs, kids are too much heart ache”  Yeah, Thanks MA! Haha We are best friends now, just so you know. BUT I was a bad teenager.  Either way, there is no pressure from my parents to have kids, they have great neices and nephews that they love and hang out with.  They also spend time with neighbor kids and stuff, so I do not think they feel they are missing out.

There is just no pressure to have them. I like my life and I do not know what I would do with a kid.. well I know what I would do. I would either work from home or decide to leave my job entirely..

Either way I am starting to have guilt.  God is so about kids. He says they are a gift – one that I am actively not seeking.  What if one day I want a kid and God tells me no? What if He is like, “Hey, you said you would handle this on your own timeline and did not look to me for the perfect timeline. Looks like your timeline was WRONG!”  I pray about it often. I tell God if he wants me to get pregnant it is going to have to be from HIM (not in the virgin Mary kind of way, but the … ooops kind of way) but either way Why are so many woman questioning if we need kids or not? 


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