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So, have I mentioned that my parents are coming to visit for Easter?  No?  Well they are and we are pretty excited about it.  They mentioned something before about coming but said it was too expensive than a couple weeks ago they said the prices dropped and they were coming. 

Well… they sent me their flight info and it happened to have the amount of the tickets at the end of it. I wish I had never seen it.  I am sick about it.  They paid the same amount to come out here that Trent and I paid to have a hotel and a plane ride to the Bahamas!  I called up my parents and told them this (which was stupid because they already paid for it).  My dads voice dropped and said “Oh, Jennabear I am so sorry you saw that. Oh man, I didn’t see that the price was on there before I sent it to you. I am so sorry”

I said something to the effect that I am glad Trent and I are worth that to them but they seriously did not have to. I know how tight money is for them, but they are coming out because they love us… well Trent and I usually pay for things with my parents, well all of our parents.  No matter what parent it is we try to treat them because this is the time in our lives that we can. But now I really feel like my parents cannot pay for one thing when they are here. 

I also feel like I need to try and give them money back. I called my sister and she was like OH WOW!  I know what your feeling but they are ones that decided they could afford it. So let them afford it and deal with it how they need to.  Which is probably good advice, but my heart is not there yet for them. My heart is in the place of really going above and beyond for them.

I have guilt for no reason… but it is killing me… I wish I did not know….. BOOOOOOO


BUT I am SUPER excited to hang out with them in the City! 


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If you click the above link you will see that Spike Lee went ahead and decided to Tweet Zimmerman’s address.  The only think is, he was WRONG and an older couple ended getting bombarded with threats and the like. 

The thinig is, no one had the right to so publically give out anyone’s address. NO one knows the whole story yet, but people are going to go and send death threats to the man?  What if it really ends up being turned around and Treyvon did something wrong… will anyone apologize?  Or will we have ruined someones like by jumping to conclusions. 

Please do not get me wrong, I do not know what happened that night.  What I do know is a kid died and Zimmerman was taken to the police headquarters. While he was there, they decided to let him go. So as of right now he has not been convicted by our JUSTICE system.  Yes, the justice system fails people, but we must let it play out because that is how you keep order. 

This whole story is nothing but chaos and you want to know what?  Spike is not getting in trouble for putting out that address. I am not saying he should go to jail, but maybe a fine or something should be in order. He gave out a personal address of a person who he knew was in a violent media frenzy.  That is irresponsible!

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Very good Read

Beware this has some graphic language but she makes some great points on society and sexuality. 



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This whole situation makes me angry!

South of the Fork

There is nothing for me to say. The article says it all.

Enjoy our military nanny state. I can at least have a clear conscience knowing I didn’t choose it.

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So, I woke up in the morning to my husband doing some Birthday singing for me! Awww!  I got ready for work and made myself actually look like a girl, instead of my normal look for work (Pony, mascara).

The night before my birthday we made some strawberry cupcakes with homemade raspberry frosting. OH MY GOODNESS, the frosting alone was to die for! Trent decorated them and the guys at work loved them, almost as much as I did.

After work we came home. We rounded the corner and there were green balloons on the door. I walk in and this is what I see…

The house was decorated for me! Somehow Trent managed to come home during the work day and put up some decorations to make me feel special. Oh, goodness. I love that guy! He is the best. We had pizza grilled cheeses per my request. They were delish! As Trent was cleaning up he asked if I could put something in the freezer

And this is what I pulled out

It is a package of Magnum carmel ice cream bars! SOOO good. On the wrapping paper it had two coupons. One for the Hunger Games movie and the other for a Paid of Jeans! I loved it and it opened the gate for me to open my cards and gifts!

My friends and family decided to hook me up with cards and gifts and I felt so special!!!

So that is my birthday in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed my day!!!

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Please no matter what state you are from please call the state representatives and tell them NO!

South of the Fork

I recognize many of the seeds and foods we eat are the product of GMOs. There’s no doubt it’s difficult to escape them. And the government applauds Monsanto and others for their “progress.”

But now… This and other anti-family farm legislation in the works feels variants are not OK.

Pick a side, gubmint.

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Facebook.. no more

So, I deleted my Facebook account.  You would not believe the amount of people that took it as a personal insult to them.  I did it for me.  I did it because I would sit there and get angry with people over their choices.  They never asked me for my opinion, so why the heck would it be ruining my moment.  I mean, I would seriously get angry and it was usually at my own family members. I simply could not believe that a teacher (we have many teachers in my family), would have students as friends, then show inappropriate pictures of their weekend for their students to see.  Or use the F word in their posts for their students to see.  I could not longer take some other family members talking about the sheer amount of people they sleep with (when their entire family can see it.. parents and grandparents included).  It made me soo angry and so upset. I kept thinking the moral compass of my family is just so off I could not handle it. So I decided instead of sitting and being angry with them, I would remove the posts from my life.  If they wanted to call and discuss their choices with me, then I would speak about it with them, but if not.. then I really just need to get past it. I was the one having a problem, not them. So it was time for me to remove myself.  When something no longer is a positive in your life, it is time to get rid of it.

However, people are super angry with me leaving.  They think I am leaving because I think I am better than them, which is not true. I do not think I am better.  I just find it so weird that so many people do not understand my decision to get rid of it. I did not cut off a limb, I cut off a social network…

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