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Anti-Vaccination Attorney May Go to Jail


Please go to the link above. This woman may face jail time because she protects children and their parents from having to get vaccines and the damage that comes after children receive vaccines. I am not anti-vaccine. I am anti-government forcing vaccines.  Please read!


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UGH, so we had to upgrade our work computers with a new Verizon card. We received the card several weeks ago. I did not do the update cause really it freaks me out. My work has to be done and every time I change something it messes up the system.  Well, I got an e-mail saying “Hey you need to do the upgrade”  So I did the upgrade.

It did not work. So right now I cannot do my work because my old internet got turned off and my new internet is not working. So this sucks. This is why I do not like to do these stupid changes. 3G 4G who cares?  It is redic!!!!!

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So when I was growing up we lived in Flint, MI.  If you look up anything on Flint, you will notice we are known for General Motors and crime. We usually rank in the top 3 with Detroit MI and Camden NJ. I grew up with drug dealers across the street and down the street. We knew they dealt drugs since I can remember. Our house got stuff stolen from it all the time.  We were never allowed to play outside after dark and if it was dark we had to be in our own backyard (which was rare). We lived in a great neighborhood with some bad people. Most people on our street were older and my sister and I loved them!  We would hang out with them on their front porches, pet their dogs, and even cook with one.  When I was 10 the neighborhood just kept getting worse, so we moved to where my parents live now. It is about… 25 minutes away. 

Well, now Flint is branching outward.  They have realized that other cities have nice things and they get bused in during the day and steal during the night. In case you do not realize how bad it is and tell me to just get over it every city has crime.. I ask you this. When you see a kid walking down the street are you afraid they may attack you?  My parents are. The gangs keep going to jail, but they have found out if they use a kid to do their dirty work, the kid only goes to juvie. We have 12 years olds with guns who hold you up and have no problem shooting you. When I worked in Flint at a University there, our kids were getting pulled out of their beds at night by gun point. People were/are getting held up by gun point in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street. 

It is war out there because these people just do not care.  They think ‘Oh you own a house you are rich” when really most people are just getting by.  My dad got laid off almost 2 years ago and has only found a min. wage job. He worked in IT for 20+ years for the same company. And now they have to move, well guess what the housing prices in our neighborhood now are low. I mean you can pick up a house for $50,000, a nice house. If you want a house in Flint, I have seen them for $500.  The thing is when you only get that much for your house, and you still owe on it a little what can you get?  My parents are in their mid 50’s, they do not want to do another 25 year mortgage.  The house they live in, they got to it so they could live there forever. Now because people cannot handle themselves they have to move. 

It makes me so sad. My parents have done nothing wrong, but people are not raised to be happy with what they have anymore, they want what other people have and go in and take it. 

Did you know that when people steal from the stores, they set up stores in their homes? Oh yes, this is common practice in Flint. Everyone goes to the mall steals all they can and they set up a store in their home. It is CRAZY!

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