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Hey guys! Oh my goodness. It has been such a crazy week and I will try and fill you in. Please keep in mind I am writing this on my phone and on the road (I am not driving. Do not panic)

So first thing first, my mom and dads phone interview went great! We can know as early as this coming weekend if they got the job or not. We are super excited for them and they are pretty excited as well.

Next: Friday night we had just put ourselves to bed when the phone goes off. I looked at the caller ID and see it is Trent’s mom calling (which she never calls late). I pick up the phone and she sounds a little tense and asks if Trent is there, I say yes and hand over the phone. It comes to pass that’s Trent’s great uncle had died. The family is close so Trent does know his uncle and I have also met him too. Well Trent comes home from work on Saturday (I did not have to work) and tells me to go ahead and pack up the stuff cause we our company was told not to be on the jobsite on Monday or Tuesday. I tell Trent that if that is the case and I am working from Michigan than I need my project files…..so it is Sunday. And 2:39pm and we are about three hours away from my parents house.

It is amazing how so much can change in 24 hours. Pray for trents grandpa (his brother is the one who died and he just burried his twin brother yesterday). It is a lot for him to take…not to mention he is getting a pace maker put in in 2 weeks…so I am sure that is pretty scary to.

Talk to you all so soon


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So, I called my mom last night to catch up on our work week, when she told me some FANTASTIC NEWS!  Oh my goodness you guys, I am so excited about this. Okay, here we go.

My parents have a job offer at the school that my sister (Neil) works at in Florida.  My sister works at an international high school and kids live on campus (not all but most).  My parents have a phone interview today to become dorm parents.  They would work from 3pm – 11pm at night and pretty much just be mom and dad to the kids!  I feel like my parents really rocked at raising my sister and me, so I am super excited for them to take their school to other kids.  My mom has so much love and my dad is just a good dad. 

So this is what would happen:  They would sell their house (blessing), sell a car (keep the van), my mom would retire from her place of work, my dad would just stop working his job (it is a minimum wage job and only gets like 20 hours a week.. so no love loss there), they would move to Florida, live 1o minutes away from my sister, and BOTH be working full time and living debt free!  All I can see is positive’s all the way around for them.  It would also be nice because when I go and visit my parents, I would be able to see my sister as well.  Which would mean I would see her more than just once a year! 

So if you are the praying type, please pray that Gods will be done in this situation.  If it ends up not being the right fit, that is fine.  We understand the words no, but if they get pulled down there, there will be a spiritual battle going on.  The kids come from all different backgrounds and we know Satan is not one for anyone hearing the Truth or seeing it be lived out in daily lives.

Either way, I am very excited that they are even getting this opportunity.  SO FUN!

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Sorry this post is so late but here is our weekend with my mom and dad.
So we start off the day thinking we are going to ride the ol subway system. Well we go to the one train station and see that another train is coming in another location an hour earlier than this one. SO we run over there, park the car, realize no one has any quarters and the train is coming in like 10 minutes. So my mom and I go and try to get tickets, my dad and Trent run to go get 12 dollars in quarters. Well, they start taking forever. I am afraid to buy the tickets in case they do not make it in time.. We just do not know what to do. Well all of a sudden we see my dad and Trent sprinting to the car and then sprint to us. We buy the tickets and we wait…. we wait some more.. and we finally decide to talk to two guys who actually happen to be twins. They tell us the train will take us where we want to go and we wait…… and wait…. the twins decide to go for a walk and leave us there. We decide to go for a walk and we catch the twins getting on a bus instead. We decide to stalk and follow. This is a pick of us on a the bus. YAY we got seats on public transportation!!!

We make it to the Port Authority and realize that we need a little coffee to get the day started on a positive note.

As you can see mom and Trent was pretty excited about the Chia Tea Lattes. DELISH!
We walked around Time Square for a bit then made our way over to Central Park where it was completely different than I thought it would be. There are so many rocks there and trails. It is AWESOME!

We then got frisky with our pics and decided to be funny.

If you have not noticed, there is a clothing theme to these pics. My mom and I both own a white North Face. We both wore them. Dad does not own a black North Face but Trent owns 2 (one being old and now used for work and one being brand new)

Our friend J lives in NYC so we decided to meet up with him and he took us all around and we finally landed and a little place called crumbs!  This is the awesomeness that we found in the shop!

J than had to leave us, since we did not tell him we would be in the city until that morning. We walked to the Public Library and in the park, there is this awesome little drinks place. It was a deck with a bar. There is a fire pit and bench swings. It was AWESOME! So relaxing after an all day walking event. Here is mom and I swinging on our little swing.

AFter a couple more hours of walking, I decide I would like some pizza. My mom quickly agrees and it does not take long for the guys to get right on the pizza train. And this is how we ended our night! SOOOO DELISH!

After we warmed up by the fire for a bit we walked around some more and made our way back into Times Square so we could see it at night. SO BRIGHT!

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Sooooo have you guys ever heard of oil pulling?  Lately, I have been using organic coconut oil as my lotion after I get out of the shower.  I have had great result and LOVE it.  I started using it on my hair and now I was doing some looking around and found something called oil pulling.

Pretty much you take the coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for 20 minutes when you wake up. It is supposed to whiten teeth, get rid of heavy metals in the body, help with arthritis, food cravings (sugar/carbs), skin problems, acne, sinus problems and all sort of things. 

I am starting my journey tomorrow and I will see how it goes and hopefully keep you updated. I will see if anything great happens.  So far with my coconut lotion, I only need to put it on at night. My body and hands actually stay soft and supple all day (my hands will dry out a little if I wash my hands a lot or do a lot of cleaning),  My skin is a bit firmer (probably because it is actually retaining water which regular lotion actually takes water out of your cells), it is supposed to fight free radicles and some people say it reverts skin damage!

I will keep trying my new found homeopathic therapies and let you know what it going on. 

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So it is Friday and Trent and I are still at work… ugh.  My parents are in town for just a small amount of time, yet we have to work late.  It is really throwing me off my game. Lucky for me, my parents are making us some dinner which means I will be able to walk through the door and eat instead of having to make the dinner. Thank God for mom and dad!

We walk through the door and man oh man have they gone shopping. The got us some more groceries, there is shrimp, asparagus, cheesy mashed potatoes and some homemade chicken nuggets.  OH MY GOODNESS so much food so little time. We all eat generous portions of this wonderful food and sit around and talk for the rest of the night.  

My mom and I went for a walk on the treadmill to have some girl time and we caught up (which is funny cause we at least text once a day).  Oh, how I miss my parents when they are gone.  I just have such a great relationship with the both of them.  Around 11:30 we decide to call it a night and go to bed.  Tomorrow (Saturday) we get to go out on the town to NYC.  I am so excited to go on this adventure with them. YAY Parents. 

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Momma and Pappa P have finally made their arrival to NJ.  We are so excited for our time with them.  Now if only I could somehow get out of work and go hang out with them for the time they are here…. STUPID RESPONSIBILITIES!  Hahaha.

They got in last night at 9:30pm.  We picked them up at the horrible Newark Airport. UGh, have I mentioned how badly that airport sucks? The signage there alone is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. The signs are brown and they are confusing. Like this whole thing: United Express -Terminal A……. United Express: Terminal C….. umm ok so what terminal do I need to go to?  Is it A or is it C?  we picked A… it was wrong. We than make our way over to Terminal C and it is a ZOO!

There is some cop that is trying to direct traffic but all he is doing is making it so that people almost get into accidents. Really, he is completely unhelpful. The exact opposite really. I finally see my mom and put my body out the window so they can see me. THEY DO!  The literally run across 3 lanes of traffic, through the luggage in the back and get in the car. They made it in the car~small miracle.

We than make our way home, take a wrong turn cause the streets and our GPS are insane. Get home, show them the view of NYC from the rooftop parking, get in and Trent and I go to bed.

My mom has been texting me all morning. She is making us dinner and I have requested something with cheesy potatoes… my FAVORITE! SO far So good.

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Oh my goodness you guys!  You will not believe what just happened to me, literally like 5 minutes ago.  So it is morning, I am at work of course.  No one is here besides, Trent, a co-worker, and myself.  Well I decided to run to the bathroom before any one else got here.

The bathrooms are Port-A-Johns. We have 2 right next to one another out in the clearing. When you are in the bathroom you are supposed to lock the door.  This lock will indicate to outsiders that someone is using the restroom because it shows up red on the outside of the door. If the door is unlocked it shows up green. Get it?

Well both showed the signes of green, so I decided to go in the one without the wasps nest because that one makes me nervous a bit. Well I hope the door and there is a co-worked. I scream, try to figure out how I opened the door, say Oh My Gosh, I am so sorry and close it. All while looking him in the eye for what feels like forever! The person in there is on the level of being a boss. He is not on this job, but when I was in MN he was my boss!.

I went to the bathroom, came back in the office and Trent was like “So are ya a little red in the face?”  Now everyone has shown up for work by this time.  I asnwer ‘Who doesn’t like the stupid door when they are in it?”  Everyone of the guys said they don’t!  UGH. Thats what I get for being the only girl on the job! hahaha

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