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So, oh my goodness. Let’s just jump right into updates shall we? 

First off some people have asked when my parents are moving.  They will be moving July 25.. so in a couple weeks!

This past Monday, Trent and I were talking and we decided to extend our stay here in our apartment.  Our lease is/was coming up on July 14 and this job is lasting at least until the second week in August.  So we went ahead and made the phone calls and we got the apartment until August 11!! YAY… Well yesterday Trent gets a call and there is a job in Delaware starting up between July 15-20 and Trent and I are both on that job. Ummmm.. Great news but horrible news.  If we break our lease, we are on the line for $1,000.  I do not know about you, but that is a good chunk of money. YIKES!  We have not actually signed anything yet though, so that may be our only saving grace.  However, I mean our apartment complex went out of their way to make sure we could stay longer and not we are kind of screwing them over by saying.. oh NM. and really only giving them a 2 week notice (we do have it in writing that we are leaving on July 14 though with no new writing that we are leaving on the August 11).  Does this make any sense? So technically, there was only a verbal agreement.. but to me that is still an agreement.  SO we will just see how that shakes down because I have never been on a job when it starts exactly on time. 

So if we are moving next On July 14, that means I have one week to pack up the house.  Trent and I are leaving on a plane this Tuesday (July 3) to go to my parents house and will not be back home until Monday (July9) night.  Soooo there is going to be a lot going on. A lot needs to be figured out, but I am not worried.  My Father in Heaven will take care of the timeline.  I just have to take care of the packing! Hahaha

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

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UGH, Jean Shopping is a chore!  So the other day Trent and I went to the outlet malls to see what deals we could find.  While we found a North Face rain jacket that was originally $200 for $40 and some other great deals along the way we ran into a problem with jeans.  Now it has been over a year since I have bought jeans, and that was only one pair because I needed to *gasp* go up a size. UGH!  Now I am back down fitting into my jeans that are going on… 3…..maybe 4 years old and are starting to look like it.

We ran into a store call True Religion.  I have heard about these jeans before and about how awesome they are.  Fergie sings about them and everything.  So I go in and I find some that are….. not super expensive but are close to $100 bucks.  I usually pay around that anyhow so if a jean fits like it is supposed to I am willing to pay.  So i pick out 3 jeans and go try them on. OH MY GOSH!  The first pair I try on is the larger of the pair. It is a bit long in the crotch (if you know what I mean) the legs are a bit too loose but the waist fits great!  No over hang.. it is a perfect waist.  I walk out and everyone tells me they are too big on me. BOOO!  So I go for the smaller size and the legs and butt rock!  They look great, but the muffin top is going over the side. SICK!   So I go out and show everyone (I have a couple girls interested in the pants thing, along with Trent).  Trent knows about my thing with the muffin top, so he says no.  The other girls says “Oh this one fits. Great!”  I said no it does not. Look.  I then proceed to lift up my shirt so they can see exactly where it is not fitting.  The one girl says.. oh, but it will stretch a half size.   Now I have heard this before at the Buckle with my BIG STAR jeans.  I HATE this comment. I said “But what am I supposed to do the meantime when my fat is rocking over my jeans?  This does not look good.  I do not want to have to wait for my jeans to stretch out in order for me to feel comfortable in them. How long would have I have to walk around like this? 1 hour 2 hours.. more?  Either way I am not walking around like that”  Then I noticed that every single one of the girls in front of me saying this to me had a muffin top and it looked redic!  Why they sit there and wait for their jeans to go up half a size, I will take my money elsewhere.

So this is where I am at now. All the good jeans, I get told I have to wait for them to stretch out.  I need a mid-rise jean in a modern color and fit.  I cannot go low rise because my hips are the widest part of my body.  I am 2 sizes bigger in my hips than I am on top.  My leg shape fits along with my shoulders, so if I buy jeans that fit my hips.. you can’t see my legs.  It is horrible. I tried on jeans and Express yesterday, they were on clearance and … I mean… Horrible. I did not even come out of the dressing room

Sorry about this post. I am just super frustrated with this whole thing!

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So there is so much to tell you!  BUT here is the best of it.

So my parents had their first open house the weekend after Memorial Day.. so that would be June 3.  They only had a few people even show up, so they decided to go ahead and call in the professionals.  Well they ended up selling their house on June 13.  Literally 10 days after they put it on the market, which is almost unheard of.  They actually had two offers coming in and had themselves a little bidding war!  What a wonderful thing.  In the same week as the house sold, they also sold their car and had a Garage sale that was a HUGE success.  That was only the stuff they actually had in the garage! HAHA.

My mom is done with work at GM now.  She retired the same week they sold the house. She had a wonderful retirment party and people really went above and beyond for her. So that is awesome.  My sister is going to my parents house tomorrow (from FL) .  Well she is in MI right now, but she is staying with a girlfriend for a day or two and then going to my mom and dad’s house.  So things are just going super swimmingly.

I mean really, if you do not believe in the power of prayer, you may want to start.  There is no way that all this would have happened without an AWESOME and LIVING Christ.

So that is what is going on right now 🙂 


P.S.  My ear is all better.  Not really sure what the heck went on, but it got better on its own. ?

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So, Sunday night I sat down for a bowl of cookie dough ice cream.  After I finished eating the ice cream my left ear plugged (kind of) and I could hear the blood flowing through my body in my ear. Loudly. I told Trent that I thought I just spiked my blood sugar to new levels. He kind of laughed it off and we went to bed.

I laid there, listening to the wind in my ear and then finally fell asleep.  The next morning I woke up and it was still there and still annoying me. I went to work and put in my ear plug for the day (because it really did make the sound not seem so loud. Or at least it made the outside sounds better… somehow it helped.  After work, I took out my ear plug and immediately went into tunnel hearing…. kind of like what happens when your vision goes, but this was in my ears. 

My sister in law works in audiology and told me to take some Benadryl so dry up the fluid in my ear. I took 2 (because I really needed some sleep), told Trent that the last time I took this when I was 16, I fell over in a chair near a campfire and did not wake up.  He laughed and thought I was being funny, until he experienced me… under the influence of Ben.

I was on-line chatting with a Comcast representative and all of a sudden I am slurring my words. I am talking to Trent and I am noticing things are not going well in the vocab department.  I look at Trent and tell him he needs to take over the computer. I need to lay down.  Well less than 5 seconds later I am on the couch with my blanket asleep. 

An hour and a half goes by and I am dreaming like crazy dreams.  Trent is whispering Missy Monster (He is Mr. Monster, I am Mrs. Monster and sometimes he is just Monster and I am Missy Monster. this is not a lady gaga thing.. I have no clue where it came from really)  to wake me up and I litterally jump.  Like super ready to fight someone.  I look at him with HUGE eyes (or at least they felt huge) and he is laughing and says “Whoa, you scared me”  I look at him and say “You scared me!”

After my heart rate goes back to normal I go back to bed for the night. Only to wake up at 4:30am still very much sleepy.  My ear is not as bad as yesterday  but it is not too great either.  It is just weird feeling. So hopefully it clears up soon.  I hate having issues with my ears.

Kind of a silly story, so I thought I would share!  Have a great day 🙂


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Hey guys,

I am so sorry to keep leaving you for long periods of time, but you have to know this is MY season.  Trent has hunting season and I have SUMMER SEASON!  We are working long days and when I get home I literally have to run in, change my clothes to work out clothes, put in 45 minutes on some stupid machine that really does not make me any more bikini ready, run back upstairs put on my swim suit (sorry kids the pillsbury dough girl does live in the apartment), run back downstairs and lay out for 30 minutes, get in the pool do some swimming…. like.. 10 minutes max, run back upstairs and start dinner, hop in the shower, go to bed. Not a lot of time for blogging because I belong to the sun. If it is nice outside, I am making my way out there one way or another. I LOVE being outside during the summer months and reading a book. It makes me a very happy camper.

My parents had their open house today.  One person showed up…. they are moving on July 25.  So we I am going to ask you dear friends, to put them once again on the ol’ prayer list. Trent and I are going home for the 4th of July and help them pack up a bit more. I am pretty torn to go back and say goodbye to my house. It is where I fell in love with Trent in.  It is where he surprised me on my graduating from my Master’s Program. He was working on the night shift and got out at 6am drove 2 hours to my house, called me at 8am to say “goodnight” to me before he went to bed (he sent me flowers the night before), and then asked me what I was doing, I said laying in bed and my dad walked in my room and said you have mail and Trent walked in right behind my dad… I cried…. and after I got done crying Trent slept. BUT it still made me feel super special that he did that.  There were many tearful goodbyes in that driveway. I came home when my best friends dad died and sat on the porch with my mom and said “how did I get to the age where our parents are dying?” she held me and we cried together as I worked up the courage to be strong for my friend. I had new cars in that driveway. I had great kisses in that drive way. I had water balloon fights in the pool and I dyed my friend Joey’s hair on that deck. My dog died in that house and I mowed that lawn. I got grounded in that house and I got in trouble on the couch in that house. We had laughs and love in that house….. BUT the good news is, we will all make memories in other houses. LIKE the new house my sister is building and the house that Trent and I will have one day with our family. It is just a house and I have those memories in my head and in pictures, but it will be missed.

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