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i stole money from myself

i stole money from myself.


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*Please sing the title of the post* ūüôā


So Trent and I moved out a couple days after my sister left us.  We made our way back home and one of the first things we did was apply to get a gun!  YAY gun freedom in America.  So we went to a locally owned store (buy local when you can) and I chose the new addition to our family.

Me signing the paperwork so we can take the newest baby home with us.  This is my first gun purchase.  Trent has a hand gun but I did not, so it was a pretty exciting moment for me. Wanna know what I decided to get?  A Smith and Wessen Body Guard .380.  She is all black and has a laser you can hit on either side of the gun.  She is soooooo pretty, but I do not actually have a good shot of her.

Here is me with my new purchased baby.  Now if you are wondering why we got a laser on it, it is because I feel if you are really in a situation where you are going to have to shoot someone, you wanna make sure you get them. If you are defending yourself it is because someone is doing something illegal and you wanna make sure they stop.  So that is the reason, but it does not mean you do not have to practice shooting. So practice I did!

The next pics are me in my pj’s so please excuse the hair and overall look.

You will notice in the pick that I am right handed but yet my right eye is closed.  Yes, that is correct. I shoot with my left eye because I am a nut!  I can shoot with my right eye, but I am left eye dominant. Soooo that is what I got.

I am sad thought because New Jersey does not allow hand guns (yea they are redic here) so I had to leave her at home. ¬†When you purchase a gun before you cross state lines with it you need to make sure you know the laws. New Jersey and New York to not allow hand guns or concealed carry (even if you are legal in your state)… so stupid but it is what it is. ¬†The people of New York and New Jersey gave up their 2nd Amendment..idiots! ūüôā Because we know how well criminals follow the laws, so you will not see any gun violence in these states… oh wait YES YOU DO!!! A pharmacy was being robbed here just the other day and the guy behind the counter was legally carrying because he is in the Army Reserves and he was able to stop the criminal! YAY responsible gun owners!

Sorry about my little rant. BACK to being super happy I am a gun owner and I plan on being a concealed gun owner soon and I will take my baby everywhere with me! YAY!!!





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So we wake up the next morning and are all wishing for a little bit more sleep, but oh well we have things to do.  So we wake up, have a great breakfast and get ready to go.  We have to take D into NYC to catch her flight and Trent told Neil and I that he could drop us off downtown.  We wanted to go to the DASH store , just to see it really so we took him up on the offer!

This is what Trent and I looked like that morning.  Hahaha!  A little on the rough side but oh well. Moving on: We said goodbye to D and Neil and I got down to business. Our first stop was Kate Spade. 

There is a necklace in Kate Spade and it says MRS.  SOOOOO I decided to buy one for me and one for my sissy!  We have a necklace that we both love because we love being married, but we also have a necklace that we share too. So that is super fun!

After we spent some time in Kate Spade we made our way over to Dash and a few other places. ¬†Dash sucks, let me just tell you. ¬†There was NOTHING there that I would ever want and it was expensive. Like expensive trash. So, from there we need to make it back to the Times Square area. ¬†Again, let me tell you it is 90 plus outside and we are walking it. ¬†At first it was no big deal. ¬†Then it was around 2:00pm and we were close but about 20 blocks away from where we needed to be. ¬†I looked it up on my phone and it said it would take us an hour to get there. ¬†So we hailed a cab but not after my sister told me I was sweating through my shorts. ¬†If you take note, I am wearing grey shorts and instantly become mortified. ¬†We got in the taxi and I told my sister I was worried because now my shorts were pressing against my butt and soaking up the sweat. ¬†She tells me she wants to see it so I kind of scoot so she can get a view and she breaks out laughing hysterically telling me she wants to take a picture. UMM NO! No pics. HAHAHAA! ¬†So After that I do not want to get out of the cab and walk the 2 minutes to Amsterdam Theater. AHHH! ¬†hahaha. It ended up being fine because well… there was nothing I could do about it.

We make it to our seats and the show starts.  At intermission I felt I could leave.  It is not because the play was bad, but I do not think I am one for musicals. HAHA. Neil felt the same way and when we were eating after we could not figure out why we did not like it.  I LOVE musicals, like on TV. I am all about Mary Poppins the movie. So I guess we do not need to do that again. YIKES!  We ended up eating at an awesome burger joint and ended the night..

Thats right CRUMBS! DELISH!!! ¬†We brought them home so we could share with Trent, but that was the weekend. We all had a wonderful time and it was a special 30th for my sister ūüôā


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So we wake up the next morning, feet hurting and loving life.  Trent (my wonderful man) makes us breakfast and coffee.  We then decide he should take us to the mall to do some shopping and shopping we do.  We went to all of our favorite shops and Cheneille got some great birthday clothes. Trent was a great shopper.  He actually picked out a few necklaces for the girls to go with a new outfit.  What a brother!!  We pick up some food from the food court and decide it is time to leave cause we are going to see Cirque at the Radio City Music Hall! YAY

We are ready to go back into the city! We all have head bands on because they are fun ūüôā

Again, please remember it is int he 90’s outside and we are lucky we made it with all of our make up still intact But we were super excited and took some pics so you could see Radio City Music Hall behind us. HOW FUN!

The next picture you are going to see is part of the Cirque show and I almost got my camera taken away, but it was kind of worth it. I mean I did not mean to be the one taking pics, but it happens!

The show was SUPER wonderful.  It was in a different language but it was pretty sweet and I would go to a show if you ever get the chance.  It is worth the money!

While we were walking to the show, I asked Neil is she had told Nick she was coming into town (they used to be roomies). She said she had not but had thought about it. ¬†I told her if she wanted him to come out than I would invite Trent out too and we could all grab a drink together. ¬†Lucky for us Nick was coming in from Europe and just got off the plane! YAY! ¬†He met up with us and the drinks were flowin…. FLOWIN!

So my mom collects heart shaped rocks that she finds on the beach and Trent found this rock in a store for her! ¬†What a sweet boy ūüôā

After everyone did some drinking the birthday girl decided she wanted to do some dancin.  We asked around and settled on a place called the Mean Fiddler. Oh my gosh it was like a throwback to college and we were singing and dancing and it was SOO FUN!

We were lucky because we found the spot where the A/C was coming out and it cooled us off!  Again, just a wonderful night and around 3:00am I decided it was time to call it a night.  We had to get D on a plane and Neil and I had a show to go to tomorrow.

And I end the night the way I want: Holding my baby’s hand and going home!

There is a DAY 3 to come!!

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So my sister turned 30 at the end of July and my parents paid for her and a girlfriend to come to NYC!  I have such great parents.

So the girls came in on a Thursday night and they were supposed to land just 10 min from one another, however that is never how it works in Newark. We get them an hour and a half after their original time slot and go home!

When Neil walks in the door, I of course have the house decorated and cupcakes were made.


Above us in the pic there are some puff balls I made out of tissue paper, they turned out pretty sweet and I am bummed I did not pick a picture with them in it, but moving on.  The next day we woke up pretty early for a day of shopping in the city. This would be my first time going through the city without Trent by my side and I was responsible for my sister and her friend.

We walked to the bus stop and we were already sweating bullets.  I swear it was 98 degrees outside and the pavement was reflecting that heat right back to us. We only had to wait a couple minutes but no one wanted to get on the bus first.  I wanted my sister to, she wanted me to and D was perfectly fine letting us fight it out. HAHA


We get off the bus and we made it to Times Square!  Here we go!!!

We walked around for several blocks and made our way into Central Park because I am part mom (without any kids) I lugged around with me 3 bottles of water and 3 baggies of homemade trail mix.  Since it was killing my shoulder to carry all this crap, I decided it was a good time for everyone to get a little snack and some water.  It was a hit! After we had recharged a little we headed over to 5th Ave!

So we made it to Tiffany’s and the stairway as you can see is a bit under construction…..

However the bathroom was beautiful and I thought we should capture the moment with a pic!  Looking good girls!!

After we stopped off af¬†Tif’s¬†we decided to head over to¬†FENDI¬†because if we are dreaming, we might as well dream big!!

There is a beautiful church behind FENDI!

We made it in front of Rockefeller Center and my sister was not feeling well about herself so she decided to place me in front of her so I looked like the fat one.  Here we are laughing about what she is trying to accomplish!

We got some food, did some more walking, grabbed some GELATO (SOOO GOOD) and ended our night in front of the Iron building, were some creepy guy took our pic for us. ¬†He asked me how old I was, I told him, then he asked what we were doing for the rest of the night. ¬†I responded with “Meeting up with my husband” and he said oh, I am too old for you anyway, but how old is your husband. ¬†I said “He is 28” and this guy said, Oh he is too young for me too.. WHAT?! ¬†WHAT just happened?!!

So we got some good laughs and made it back to the bus station and Trent picked us up so we could rest up for another fun day!

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Hey everyone! SOOO much has happened since the last time we met and I do not even know where to begin. 

My sister came to NY for her 30th b-day and we had a blast!! (I will have to post) she left on a Monday and that Friday we moved.¬† We worked from the Jersey office for a week and then packed up to work from HOME (My FIL’s House) in Michigan for just about 3 weeks!! It was wonderful. We put in 8 hour days (hey I think there really is something to working an 8 hour day, you have sooo much more free time it is AMAZING), we went fishing, hiking, and just hung out with family. It was great.¬† After Labor Day we scooted back up here to the Ol Jersey office and I think we will move next weekend (not this up coming one) back to Norwich, NY which you guys will not remember because I was not blogging at the time.¬† The jobsite is about 40 minutes away from Norwich but there is literally nothing in the area to stay at, so we have no choice but to stay that far away.

So that is what has been going on in a nutshell.

The reason for the not posting is because it has been a beautiful summer and I do not want to sit at my computer screen when I could go for a walk and enjoy some sunshine, but I do have picks of me enjoying life and I will post….tonight maybe?!¬† How lucky do you feel? Hahaha.¬† Seriously, missed everyone and if I have not commented on your stuff lately, I am playing massive catch up! Be patient I will stop by soon!


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