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Stop Yelling at me.

OK, so I have a midwife in NY who is going to help me bring my son into the world. YAY!  However, in Jan we moved from NY to NJ (just from Feb-mid March).  I had an appointment Feb 18 which I had to cancel because we had just got back from vacation and I did not want to take another day off work.  

When I canceled the appointment I was told how dangerous it was to cancel this appointment.  I was pretty upset that they used such a strong word.  What do they really mean by dangerous?!  I mean my last appointment we did nothing.  It was a complete waste of my time.  Basically, I told them it is what it is and I would call them when I knew more about my schedule. 

Well today I called and made an appointment for March 20.  The woman was like, um can you come in today?!  I said no, I am 5 hours away. I can come in March 20 or any point after that date.  Again, she told me I was being selfish and I needed to come in right away. I told her, that I feel him move every hour. I eat properly. I have not been sick and I am in no way harming my child. She got upset with me!!  

Ummmm. It is my pregnancy and I could choose never to come into the office.  I could choose to do this at home by myself with a doula or at home midwife.  I am granting them permission to check me and the baby out, not the other way around. I am paying for this treatment, they are not entitled to see me. I make the rules here! I am the purchaser. They can tell me guidelines but in no way are they in charge of my body. 

And to tell me I am harming my baby?!  NO, there are plenty of moms out there that do harm their unborn child with drugs, alcohol and other things. I am doing none of those things so they can just stop. 

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Hello, hello.  As some of you will see I have been on your page. I have liked your posts and or commented on them.  I only looked through DEC but I know I have missed much more than that. I have not seen all of you or caught up on all of you but I am trying.  

SOO what has been going on with me you ask?  A lot.  We moved recently from NY to a place near Cape May, NJ.  It is beautiful here. We have a condo on the water and it is perfection. I also am working from home here, so me, belly and pj’s get all the time in the world to do work without stress.  I LOVE it! 

We recently got back from a trip to Turks and Caicos, it is where Trent and I spent our valentines day.  We went with Trent’s side of the family.  His Dad and Stepmom made it possible for us to go, and his sister came along too.  It was simply one of the best vacations of my life. We relaxed, read, played, and just really enjoyed one another’s company.  Usually on vacations with my side of the family there are attitudes involved, so it was nice not to have that!  Not to mention it was beautiful where we stayed… do you want see?  I am not trying to make you jealous but just know you will be. 



We had our own house and it was spectacular to say the least..

So now we are back home and getting ready for our baby BOY!  His name is going to be Hunter Bradley and we are very excited for him to come out of my belly so I can put some cute clothes on him 🙂 Hahaha. We are just excited for him in general but there are some cute outfits in waiting for him.  

So in a nutshell that is what has been going on. You know we are movers and shakers!  I should be able to post a bit more, now that I have internet service at home (which I really did not in NY). 

I have missed you guys!  xoxo

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