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Gay Marriage

Ok, so here is my whole take on the gay marriage thing. Some of you will agree, some of you will disagree and some of you will call me a bigot I am sure. Here is goes:

I have no problem with gay people being able to marry. After all it is only the sexual part that is a sin and after marriage sex is pretty non existant anyhow right?! Hahaha. Ok I am joking here. However, I do believe the act of having sex with the person of the same sex is a sin. I do not believe that it is up to me to tell people not to live in sin. There are plenty of people who engage in premartial sex (this is a sin), adultary (this is a sin), pornography (this is a sin), and the list goes on. The only difference here is that people who choose to continue to have sexual relations with the same sex are choosing to sin for the rest of their lives in that particular fashion. There are also a ton of straight Christians that do not marry and decide to live together for the rest of their lives. Both parties are in the wrong but I would still be friends with either.

The only problem here is that most Christian churches and I am pretty sure 100% of Muslim churches do think that this is a sin. So if this does happen what happens to the rights of the church? Will they be forced to marry same sex couples or face a fine? Will they be foreced to have homosexual leaders on their pulpits? I know of many straight pastors who have had to step down due to their sexual sins being found out. So to me it is a given that a person who is daily choosing to live in sin should not be the head of the church. I would say a man choosing to live with his girlfriend should also not be the head of the church either. It is not a gay or straight thing, it is a sin thing.

I think that we do love the sinner and hate the sin. If my child ends up being gay I would tell them this. I love you and you will always be welcomed in my home. I do not think the lifestyle you are choosing is a correct one, but your partner and you are always welcomed here. You will not sleep in the same bed together (as I would not let a boyfriend and girlfriend who live together sleep together under my roof) but our house is your house and there is unconditonal love here. That would be the end of discussion. I would show them love and grace, let’s be honest they will know where I stand on the issue but I am able to move past it because having a relationship with them is more important.

Like I said as long as religious institutions can turn people away from being leaders due to their sin (no matter what it may be) I am fine with it. It is when the religious will be called bigots, haters, blah blah blah.. that is where I know I am going to have a problem with it.


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So apparently our government now sees being German, Christian, and homeschooling a threat. Such a threat that a German family who LEGALLY sought amnesty here now faces deportation due to the fact that in Germany homeschooling is illegal (granted by one man named Hitler… let that sink in). Please read this article. http://www.inquisitr.com/567261/obama-administration-trying-to-deport-christian-family/

Copy and paste it since I have no clue how to link it… sorry guys 😦

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