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So apparently our government now sees being German, Christian, and homeschooling a threat. Such a threat that a German family who LEGALLY sought amnesty here now faces deportation due to the fact that in Germany homeschooling is illegal (granted by one man named Hitler… let that sink in). Please read this article. http://www.inquisitr.com/567261/obama-administration-trying-to-deport-christian-family/

Copy and paste it since I have no clue how to link it… sorry guys 😦


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Sorry this post is so late but here is our weekend with my mom and dad.
So we start off the day thinking we are going to ride the ol subway system. Well we go to the one train station and see that another train is coming in another location an hour earlier than this one. SO we run over there, park the car, realize no one has any quarters and the train is coming in like 10 minutes. So my mom and I go and try to get tickets, my dad and Trent run to go get 12 dollars in quarters. Well, they start taking forever. I am afraid to buy the tickets in case they do not make it in time.. We just do not know what to do. Well all of a sudden we see my dad and Trent sprinting to the car and then sprint to us. We buy the tickets and we wait…. we wait some more.. and we finally decide to talk to two guys who actually happen to be twins. They tell us the train will take us where we want to go and we wait…… and wait…. the twins decide to go for a walk and leave us there. We decide to go for a walk and we catch the twins getting on a bus instead. We decide to stalk and follow. This is a pick of us on a the bus. YAY we got seats on public transportation!!!

We make it to the Port Authority and realize that we need a little coffee to get the day started on a positive note.

As you can see mom and Trent was pretty excited about the Chia Tea Lattes. DELISH!
We walked around Time Square for a bit then made our way over to Central Park where it was completely different than I thought it would be. There are so many rocks there and trails. It is AWESOME!

We then got frisky with our pics and decided to be funny.

If you have not noticed, there is a clothing theme to these pics. My mom and I both own a white North Face. We both wore them. Dad does not own a black North Face but Trent owns 2 (one being old and now used for work and one being brand new)

Our friend J lives in NYC so we decided to meet up with him and he took us all around and we finally landed and a little place called crumbs!  This is the awesomeness that we found in the shop!

J than had to leave us, since we did not tell him we would be in the city until that morning. We walked to the Public Library and in the park, there is this awesome little drinks place. It was a deck with a bar. There is a fire pit and bench swings. It was AWESOME! So relaxing after an all day walking event. Here is mom and I swinging on our little swing.

AFter a couple more hours of walking, I decide I would like some pizza. My mom quickly agrees and it does not take long for the guys to get right on the pizza train. And this is how we ended our night! SOOOO DELISH!

After we warmed up by the fire for a bit we walked around some more and made our way back into Times Square so we could see it at night. SO BRIGHT!

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Do you have kids?  Do you have kids that need to read a relevent blog of another kid?  Here is your answer!

This girl Blake has an awesome dad and she is pretty awesome too!  Her blog is Peace, Love, Profit. She believes in capitalism and is right on!  I heard her dad on the radio, talking to my favorite host Dennis Prager.  He mentioned her blog, I went there, and was thrilled with what I was reading! 

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