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Stop Yelling at me.

OK, so I have a midwife in NY who is going to help me bring my son into the world. YAY!  However, in Jan we moved from NY to NJ (just from Feb-mid March).  I had an appointment Feb 18 which I had to cancel because we had just got back from vacation and I did not want to take another day off work.  

When I canceled the appointment I was told how dangerous it was to cancel this appointment.  I was pretty upset that they used such a strong word.  What do they really mean by dangerous?!  I mean my last appointment we did nothing.  It was a complete waste of my time.  Basically, I told them it is what it is and I would call them when I knew more about my schedule. 

Well today I called and made an appointment for March 20.  The woman was like, um can you come in today?!  I said no, I am 5 hours away. I can come in March 20 or any point after that date.  Again, she told me I was being selfish and I needed to come in right away. I told her, that I feel him move every hour. I eat properly. I have not been sick and I am in no way harming my child. She got upset with me!!  

Ummmm. It is my pregnancy and I could choose never to come into the office.  I could choose to do this at home by myself with a doula or at home midwife.  I am granting them permission to check me and the baby out, not the other way around. I am paying for this treatment, they are not entitled to see me. I make the rules here! I am the purchaser. They can tell me guidelines but in no way are they in charge of my body. 

And to tell me I am harming my baby?!  NO, there are plenty of moms out there that do harm their unborn child with drugs, alcohol and other things. I am doing none of those things so they can just stop. 


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We just could not hold it in.  We told Trents family this past weekend and we told my parents and sister via SKYPE.

We went home for Trent’s dads suprise 50th birthday! We got into the city around 11:30pm.  Trents mom picked us up and we got home and handed her a box.  She opened the box and inside it was a pic of Trent and I holding up a sign saying “Can we call you Grandma?”.  She got up and gave us hugs and immediatly started showing me things she had kept from when Trent was a baby.  It was so very sweet.

The next morning, Trent’s sister L came over to drop her car off for us and we gave her a box with a picture saying “Can we call you Aunt Lindy”.  She jumped up and screamed and gave us hugs and was super excited too.  Everyone was just so happy and so thrilled for us.  It was awesome.  It makes me want to have more news like this all the time. HAHA!  I love making people happy.

Later on that night for Dad’s suprise birthday party we all dressed up like “hicks” and strolled down the hill singing Happy Birthday.  Dad stepped outside to a group of his friends and family and locked eyes with Trent immediatly.  I think he was on the verge of tears. It was an amazing sight and then Trent and I went inside and got Dad and Smom (step mom) together, we sat them down (it was really my step mom’s birthday and dads birthday is this Sunday) and handed them their own boxes. They opened it and could not read it because it was dark upstairs and so I blurted out “It says Can we call you Grandma”.  Immidiatly Smom burst into tears, Dad was fist pumping saying “I am going to be a GRANDPA” “You guys aren’t joking right?” and Smom yelled “This is going to be the most spoiled baby ever… I am going to be a Grandma”.  We had a huge group hug and it was just wonderful. SO MUCH FUN!

When we got back to NY, I thought about the waiting to tell my parents until Christmas thing. I told Trent “If my mom buys me clothes it is going to be a waste of money, cause I won’t be able to fit into them for a long time”  ANd I am sure I will have gained some weight since then.  So Trent decided we could SKYPE and tell them. 

So I wrote on my belly in eye liner that “I’m Pregnant”.  I got my parents on SKYPE for the first time,which was a chore in itself really. HAHA!  And my dad was just about to leave to go to a pool tournament and I said, wait… I have a rash and I need you to look at it.  So my parents are both peering at me through SKYPE and they go.. WHOA What is THAT?  And i come closer to the screen and they look at my belly and then look into the camera and say “Really?! Is that true?!”  (apprently Trent and I joke around too much.. no one believes us)  We say “YES!” and everyone is excited again! 

I get off with them and tell my sister to SKYPE me. She says she is sleeping and I say “give me 5 minutes and you can go back to bed.”  I do the same thing to her as I did my parents and she is excited and we talk about how cool it is and then she says she cannot go to bed! HAHA. It was soo much fun telling them. I wish I could tell people something cool everyday. THAT would be fun!

So that is how our family found out. We are still not telling other people yet because we are still “in the woods” but once I hit my 2nd trimester I am going to be screaming it from the rooftops! YAY BABIES!!!

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