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Here you go you guys!

SO let me first say Newark Airport is horrible.  There were zero signs for long term parking, we got to short term parking and it said $33 a day.. we said NO WAY.  We found the road that went to Long Term parking and it was 3 miles away from the airport…. We park, get on the shuttle bus, look at our tickets and it says United Airlines (US Airways)… sooo that is a bit confusing. We get dropped off at United, put our passport in the self check in slot and get told we do not have a flight there.  We walk up to the counter and ask where the US Airways counter was (it is a few stops back)..There were about 7 woman behind the counter that completely ignored us to look at baby pics on an iPhone.  Great customer service… NOT .  Either way we made it on our plane and landed in the BAHAMAS!

This is the view from our room! Simply beautiful. Trent and I had our own room and Mom and Lindy had their own room. We got there and went straight down to lay out for the night. However, Mom had no clue and we (Trent, Lindy, and I) brought stuff down to decorate the room for Mom’s 50th birthday! The next morning I after breakfast, I say I need to go upstairs for some personal time, Lindy says she does as well. So her and I go up stairs and get the room decorated, while Trent kept mom busy! Here is the result.

We also put the Happy Birthday paper around the mirrors and had caution over the hill tape on the entryway door, which later we made into a sash for mom to where out. Instead of cake we brought down Birthday Cake Oreos! Those things are delish. We also had 50 sucks suckers and an “Aged to Perfection…..Again” Birthday pin. It was a lot of fun and we went out to eat, went to the casino, won $30 bucks.. which Trent lost for me 🙂 Hahaha. And then went to Karoke and had the whole place sing Happy Birthday to her! It was wonderful and I think we all had such a great time.

The next day we went on a Booze Cruise. Which was a little more cruise than booze…. well for the first 2 hours. We got to go scuba diving and it was my first time. So I was going along with Trent and Mom when all of a sudden I look around and no one is with me. Like out of 60 people all of a sudden I am ALONE. I put my head in the water and there is a school of fish! ALl I can think of is “Oh my gosh, I have sparkle nail polish on my toes and nails… they are going to think I am food and eat me!” I start thrashing around like an idiot and then find Trent and yell at him for leaving me to be bit by crazy fish in the ocean 🙂 Hahaha Here is a pic of that! You will wonder how I was able to be all alone, but I assure you it happened.

We had a wonderful time and spent most of it on the beach, reading books, swimming in the ocean, and just enjoying our time together as a family. I am so blessed to have a great family and am blessed to have married into a family who loves me and really treats me as their own.

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ImageThis pic is from Fort Lauderdale when we were there for my sisters wedding.


So guys here we are. I am leaving tomorrow morning on an Air Plane and will be in the Bahamas by 12:30… so Right now I will have been there for a couple hours. I am getting excited!!

Did I mention the reason we are going is for Momma Natalie’s (Trent’s mom) 50th Birthday!  So Lindy (Trents sis) and I got some decorations to decorate the room up.  I made some paper rosettes in black, green, silver, and sparkle green.  I got some suckers that say 50 sucks. I got some confetti that says 50 in it. Lindy picked up some tape that said Caution Over the Hill.  We are so ready for it.  Trent thinks I go a little over board on the decorations, but you know me. I think that is how people feel special.  I mean who doesn’t want there to be a little fan fare for their special day?  I do and thats why I do it for myself on my special day 🙂 HAHA  (which is coming up on the 21st)  In case you are wondering, this trip is also my birthday gift. We are not telling his mom or sis or anything that this is what we are doing for me too, BUT I will know and that makes it special for me. It just needs to be our little secret 🙂 No one wants to share their day, especially their 50th… But this trip is a little too expensive not to have it be my gift. Ya know what I mean?

I did really well though on not going and buying anything new for the trip.  Usually, I am all for picking up a new swim suit, tank top, shorts.. something.  BUT I am really trying not to be a huge consumer of things, especially when I have those things. I have shorts.. now are they flattering.. no… but they are age appropriate length wise and it took me around 2 years to find them. Actually I am wearing them in the pic above!  I think they are just too big, but the size smaller was just too tight.. MOVING ON!

I am super excited and need to get things packed and my house cleaned. Trent makes fun of me cause I have to have the house clean before we leave.  Maybe he laughs at my reason for doing it which is: If we die and when people have to come to the house to get our things, I want them to know you did not live in a pig pen.  I want them to know I was clean, the bed was made and the laundry was complete. It is important to me.  

HAHa. I am really a nut, but it is how I think. No one would blame Trent for our house being  a mess.  They would blame me and my name would go down in history as the wife who did not care what her house looked like. Poor Trent!  

So that is what is going on in the M household tonight. Wish me luck on my flight and I will see you all on Tuesday!!

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Oh my goodness. Since I have been working from home I am able to listen to who I want on the radio, watch what I want on TV, and so on. I am going to tell you something though, it kind of gets me going. I am like really waiting for someone to pick a fight with me on some issues. It is crazy!  A woman in my parents town died yesterday at the gas station because she allowed some person to use her cell phone. You got Ms. Fluke who picked to go to a Catholic school, say that they should have to pay for her sexual decisions (by the way the Catholic Church does give birth control to those who need it for other medical reasons), you just have so much noise going on. It is too much.

So I am going to focus on something positive cause right now I can do nothing about the negative. I am going to focus on my trip to the Bahamas. Did you know that we are leaving on THURSDAY!  I was on the phone with my sister the other day, talking about my bathing suit. She asked me “How do you look in your suit?” I said, well funny you should ask.  I looked in the mirror in the other day and the front I felt pretty ok about. I turned myself around and held a mirror and immediatly regretted this decision. Cheneille was like “Exactly what about your back do you not like?” I said, I have two rolls. One on each side. I am afraid my top will get stuck in one, and then what am I going to do? Cheneille said “I KNOW, I have the same problem. I have gained 13 pounds since I got married.  Then I told myself, no big deal. Jenna got fat when she got married.” 

Let us for a moment look at that last sentence.  Ok she gained 13 pounds. It happens when you are happy and have good food around you. I do not see though how she made the connection to my weight. Completely unhelpful! HAHA

Anyhow, she wanted to skype with me so she could see me in my bathing suit. I told her no, she told me yes, and I called my mom and said Cheneille wants to see me in my swim suit. My mom said, that does not sound like a good idea. I went ahead and showed her anyhow. I figured if I am not going to show my sister, then I need to go buy different suites.. b ecause people will see me in them. I showed her. She was nice about it.  Either way bathing suit season just sucks. No other time in your life do you know exactly where your body stands and how sad it looks. HAHAHA!

It is only going to be 72 with 25mph winds  in the Bahamas. So I may not be in it for that long anyhow.

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in limbo

Let me first say I am writing this on my phone..so if it is not good, sorry.

Our job got pushed back until we get a permit so not apartment at the moment. We are in a literal hotel room and it is closing in around us. Haha!
In other news we got tickets to the bahamas! I could not be more excited. We are not going for a romantic get a way but we are going for Trents moms birthday. We were going to go to Vegas than realized we could go to the Bahamas for the same price.

So that is what is going on here. We have not moved, we are in a small hotel room, and we go to the baha,as in 36 days! Yay!!!

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