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So, Sunday night I sat down for a bowl of cookie dough ice cream.  After I finished eating the ice cream my left ear plugged (kind of) and I could hear the blood flowing through my body in my ear. Loudly. I told Trent that I thought I just spiked my blood sugar to new levels. He kind of laughed it off and we went to bed.

I laid there, listening to the wind in my ear and then finally fell asleep.  The next morning I woke up and it was still there and still annoying me. I went to work and put in my ear plug for the day (because it really did make the sound not seem so loud. Or at least it made the outside sounds better… somehow it helped.  After work, I took out my ear plug and immediately went into tunnel hearing…. kind of like what happens when your vision goes, but this was in my ears. 

My sister in law works in audiology and told me to take some Benadryl so dry up the fluid in my ear. I took 2 (because I really needed some sleep), told Trent that the last time I took this when I was 16, I fell over in a chair near a campfire and did not wake up.  He laughed and thought I was being funny, until he experienced me… under the influence of Ben.

I was on-line chatting with a Comcast representative and all of a sudden I am slurring my words. I am talking to Trent and I am noticing things are not going well in the vocab department.  I look at Trent and tell him he needs to take over the computer. I need to lay down.  Well less than 5 seconds later I am on the couch with my blanket asleep. 

An hour and a half goes by and I am dreaming like crazy dreams.  Trent is whispering Missy Monster (He is Mr. Monster, I am Mrs. Monster and sometimes he is just Monster and I am Missy Monster. this is not a lady gaga thing.. I have no clue where it came from really)  to wake me up and I litterally jump.  Like super ready to fight someone.  I look at him with HUGE eyes (or at least they felt huge) and he is laughing and says “Whoa, you scared me”  I look at him and say “You scared me!”

After my heart rate goes back to normal I go back to bed for the night. Only to wake up at 4:30am still very much sleepy.  My ear is not as bad as yesterday  but it is not too great either.  It is just weird feeling. So hopefully it clears up soon.  I hate having issues with my ears.

Kind of a silly story, so I thought I would share!  Have a great day 🙂


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