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So we wake up the next morning, feet hurting and loving life.  Trent (my wonderful man) makes us breakfast and coffee.  We then decide he should take us to the mall to do some shopping and shopping we do.  We went to all of our favorite shops and Cheneille got some great birthday clothes. Trent was a great shopper.  He actually picked out a few necklaces for the girls to go with a new outfit.  What a brother!!  We pick up some food from the food court and decide it is time to leave cause we are going to see Cirque at the Radio City Music Hall! YAY

We are ready to go back into the city! We all have head bands on because they are fun 🙂

Again, please remember it is int he 90’s outside and we are lucky we made it with all of our make up still intact But we were super excited and took some pics so you could see Radio City Music Hall behind us. HOW FUN!

The next picture you are going to see is part of the Cirque show and I almost got my camera taken away, but it was kind of worth it. I mean I did not mean to be the one taking pics, but it happens!

The show was SUPER wonderful.  It was in a different language but it was pretty sweet and I would go to a show if you ever get the chance.  It is worth the money!

While we were walking to the show, I asked Neil is she had told Nick she was coming into town (they used to be roomies). She said she had not but had thought about it.  I told her if she wanted him to come out than I would invite Trent out too and we could all grab a drink together.  Lucky for us Nick was coming in from Europe and just got off the plane! YAY!  He met up with us and the drinks were flowin…. FLOWIN!

So my mom collects heart shaped rocks that she finds on the beach and Trent found this rock in a store for her!  What a sweet boy 🙂

After everyone did some drinking the birthday girl decided she wanted to do some dancin.  We asked around and settled on a place called the Mean Fiddler. Oh my gosh it was like a throwback to college and we were singing and dancing and it was SOO FUN!

We were lucky because we found the spot where the A/C was coming out and it cooled us off!  Again, just a wonderful night and around 3:00am I decided it was time to call it a night.  We had to get D on a plane and Neil and I had a show to go to tomorrow.

And I end the night the way I want: Holding my baby’s hand and going home!

There is a DAY 3 to come!!

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So, I woke up in the morning to my husband doing some Birthday singing for me! Awww!  I got ready for work and made myself actually look like a girl, instead of my normal look for work (Pony, mascara).

The night before my birthday we made some strawberry cupcakes with homemade raspberry frosting. OH MY GOODNESS, the frosting alone was to die for! Trent decorated them and the guys at work loved them, almost as much as I did.

After work we came home. We rounded the corner and there were green balloons on the door. I walk in and this is what I see…

The house was decorated for me! Somehow Trent managed to come home during the work day and put up some decorations to make me feel special. Oh, goodness. I love that guy! He is the best. We had pizza grilled cheeses per my request. They were delish! As Trent was cleaning up he asked if I could put something in the freezer

And this is what I pulled out

It is a package of Magnum carmel ice cream bars! SOOO good. On the wrapping paper it had two coupons. One for the Hunger Games movie and the other for a Paid of Jeans! I loved it and it opened the gate for me to open my cards and gifts!

My friends and family decided to hook me up with cards and gifts and I felt so special!!!

So that is my birthday in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed my day!!!

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Here you go you guys!

SO let me first say Newark Airport is horrible.  There were zero signs for long term parking, we got to short term parking and it said $33 a day.. we said NO WAY.  We found the road that went to Long Term parking and it was 3 miles away from the airport…. We park, get on the shuttle bus, look at our tickets and it says United Airlines (US Airways)… sooo that is a bit confusing. We get dropped off at United, put our passport in the self check in slot and get told we do not have a flight there.  We walk up to the counter and ask where the US Airways counter was (it is a few stops back)..There were about 7 woman behind the counter that completely ignored us to look at baby pics on an iPhone.  Great customer service… NOT .  Either way we made it on our plane and landed in the BAHAMAS!

This is the view from our room! Simply beautiful. Trent and I had our own room and Mom and Lindy had their own room. We got there and went straight down to lay out for the night. However, Mom had no clue and we (Trent, Lindy, and I) brought stuff down to decorate the room for Mom’s 50th birthday! The next morning I after breakfast, I say I need to go upstairs for some personal time, Lindy says she does as well. So her and I go up stairs and get the room decorated, while Trent kept mom busy! Here is the result.

We also put the Happy Birthday paper around the mirrors and had caution over the hill tape on the entryway door, which later we made into a sash for mom to where out. Instead of cake we brought down Birthday Cake Oreos! Those things are delish. We also had 50 sucks suckers and an “Aged to Perfection…..Again” Birthday pin. It was a lot of fun and we went out to eat, went to the casino, won $30 bucks.. which Trent lost for me 🙂 Hahaha. And then went to Karoke and had the whole place sing Happy Birthday to her! It was wonderful and I think we all had such a great time.

The next day we went on a Booze Cruise. Which was a little more cruise than booze…. well for the first 2 hours. We got to go scuba diving and it was my first time. So I was going along with Trent and Mom when all of a sudden I look around and no one is with me. Like out of 60 people all of a sudden I am ALONE. I put my head in the water and there is a school of fish! ALl I can think of is “Oh my gosh, I have sparkle nail polish on my toes and nails… they are going to think I am food and eat me!” I start thrashing around like an idiot and then find Trent and yell at him for leaving me to be bit by crazy fish in the ocean 🙂 Hahaha Here is a pic of that! You will wonder how I was able to be all alone, but I assure you it happened.

We had a wonderful time and spent most of it on the beach, reading books, swimming in the ocean, and just enjoying our time together as a family. I am so blessed to have a great family and am blessed to have married into a family who loves me and really treats me as their own.

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Good Morning

Ah, I love waking up to the sun. Really though, is there anything better than the sunlight streaming in to peacefully wake you up?  Trent does not like the sunlight so I only get to see it when he gets out of bed and I tell him to open those curtains.  I lay there and drift in and out on sleep for 30 minutes and get excited about my day and hop out of bed!  (Since we do not have kids yet, I do realize this is something to savor and enjoy)

Did I mention to you guys that Trent’s birthday is next Monday?  Yes, I have married a December baby and let me tell you it is weird.  He is not weird, I make it weird.  I feel so bad that such a fuss is not made over him that I think I over do it.  I mean growing up my mom made sure birthdays were special.  The outside of our door would be decorated, there would be streamers in the house, the cake made, and the gifts on the kitchen table or fireplace.  Just the atmosphere was so fun, so I go a bit over board on my little Trent. Apparently his birthdays were not like that, and I am really making up for lost time here.  I make sure that there is birthday paper on his birthday gifts and not holiday paper.  I will change the table cloth from Christmas to birthday themed. I mean no stone left unturned.  Wanna see what I did last year?  It was over the top mind you and I do realize this.  Which is why I am like bummed this year cause I do not know how to make it just as good.  So here we go.

We had a cabin at the time, so I got my boss to let me leave work to go on an errand for him and I came home and did all of this. Here is the front door.

Here is our kitchen table, I also did the windows and stairs with crepe paper as well.

Then I went outside and put lights on this great apple tree and hung his present from there (when we get home from work it is dark)

I also took tea lights and created a runway to the tree that ended in a heart.

The funny thing is about this, we pull into the driveway and Trent has no clue what I did. He was like “Oh, they put lights on a tree” I was like, yeah that is cool. Then when he saw the runway he was like “Do you think they (the landlords) want me to park there?” I was like no, I do not think they want you to park there. I say, ‘Hey lets go look at the tree a little more” and he is like why? I said “because there might be something on it, I don’t know” so after i got him to stupid look at the tree he found his gift! AND LOVED IT!

SO this year I got him a pair of binoculars that he really wanted.. they were in a “when I get older and can afford it category” So he again has ZERO clue that it is a big gift, I keep telling him it is a porcupine hat. So how do I give it to him like this again? Any ideas?

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Hey guys, so sorry for the lack of posts lately.  This job is going to kill me I am sure of it. haha!  Well this week has been crazy, we had two Grandma’s  (Trents mom and dad’s mothers) had birthdays and one Grandma who had surgery. So we were pretty phone busy when we were not at work. The birthday Grandmas are doing great and very happy (even though neither received their cards yet.. boooo).  Grandma P (my dads mom) had surgery on her hernia and she is still in the hospital. She was supposed to get out last night, but due to her CLPD (from smoking) she needs to be on oxygen and right now the hospital is the best place for her.  My other Grandma, Grandma C (my moms mom) is getting surgery on her foot in a couple weeks, so we are really just figuring everything out from a distance.  Like I said, we are busy on the phone when we are not at work.

This is really the part about not leaving near either of our parents that gets hard.  Our parents live 4 hours away from one another, so I have no dreams of ever living near BOTH of our families, but it would be nice in times like these to leave near the family who needs us.  Right now, my mom and dad are really taking the brunt of taking care of the Grandmas after surgery.  I would love to be able to help out (that is just where my heart is in life) and I can’t…… it makes me sad.  My mom has a bad back and my dad has like a bad elbow, shoulder, and so on and so forth. So no one can really take care of anyone because they are all really falling apart at the seams. So I am having a bit of a pity party for myself because I would LOVE to be the kid/grandkid to come in and save the day.

Last year, my Grandma C’s boyfriend (she has a new one now) passed away and within 3 weeks I had her out to visit me for a week because I knew she needed me. I LOVED doing that for her, I loved having her around and being there for her. Plus she is a nut and I love that too. Keep in mind she is 80 years old and I threw her on a plane to come see me. God bless her 🙂  Wanna see her?

Two of my Favorite People

Grandma and HER boyfriend 🙂

Here she is with her boyfriend, Trent. Haha. Grandma LOVES her some Trent. He loves her too, so it is a perfect  match really.  They get a long great and that is one of the only reasons why I could have her stay with us for a week.  Cause let’s be honest, a week is a long time to stay with anyone.


BUT anyhow, so not being home when I feel I should be is so hard for me.  No one makes me feel this way, it is just that I do. I guess I just keep the phone calls going and make sure they all know how much Trent and I love them. So if you live close to your family cherish is because I really don’t get to see mine and I miss that aspect of life.

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