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Hey guys,

I started a new venture. Come look at my other page and see what you think.



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So, I am lurking through someone’s blog and I find out that Cara (a fellow blogger) is doing something really cool with her time and talents.  If you go on Pinterest at all, you see some super cool things.  The problem is you can’t do them yourself because either you have zero time or… well… you just know that your mind does not work that way. Cara, makes these cool things.

I will not say anymore about it, but I URGE you to go to her website and read about what she id doing and why she is doing it.  It is a great cause and I am thinking she may make the perfect gift for my sister’s new home (if they get approved for it)!

Go here first to learn about what she is doing: http://thislittlelight516.wordpress.com/crafting-water/ 

Go here second to look through the goods! http://craftingwater.storenvy.com/

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So, I love each and every one of my bloggers for a whole list of different reasons.  I consider you all my friends and I think of each one of you often through out my day, usually because you all share something that I connect with or can relate to .. so it makes me think.  One fellow blogger.. Oh goodness, I just enjoy her.  She is so smart, funny, and has a great family. I imagine she is the type of hands on mom that I want to be.  She is madly in love with her husband and she seems to just be a great person.. Today she wrote an awesome blog about Real Men.  I am not going to say anything more. I think when  you read it, it will touch you too.


Nighty night!

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So I am reading all of my best blog friends blogs and people just seem to be in a bit of a slump Heart Wide Open and Rocks that Shine.  The only problem is I am too, so I am completely relating. For some reason I just am in a bit of a funk and it is seriously for no reason at all. Trent and I did not get into a fight. He is being as nice as always, helping out around the house, and just being very nice. I am also being nice but like in my head… not so nice, which makes me sound more crazy than in a funk, but you get the picture.  Is it because of the weather changing and having less sun?  Is it because this is the time of year where we go inside a bit more and we start to isolate ourselves a bit more?  Well Heart Wide open needs to isolate herself a bit more.. poor thing is sick. HAND SANITIZER 🙂 hahaha.

Or is it just hard being a woman sometimes because the weight of the world is on our shoulder?  I was reading a book today about a kid who went to heaven briefly.  While he was in the car watching his dad fly out the window (they got in a car accident), he said Satan was in the passenger seat tell him “Look what you did, you caused this accident”…. And it made me wonder, if there someone whispering in my ear telling me I have things to be unhappy about… when in reality I do not. There is just a lot to think about and reading about other people lets me know I am not alone. So thank you girls for sharing! I do not feel so alone.

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