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Hey everyone. I am back from my vacation but I am not going to talk about it today. I will try to talk about it soon and show pics soon .. BUT I have more pressing thing to share with you.


If you have children that can take, send, and receive pic messages please read.

There is this kid I know… let us call him John.  When he was in high school, he was a good looking kid, got good grades, played football. He was your all around American boy. When he was a senior and 17 there was this freshmen girl who was 14. She wanted John to be her boyfriend. She sent him naked pics of herself on the phone.  He did not ask for them, he did not respond to them, he did nothing. However, he did not delete them off his phone and when his best friend mentioned he also got some pics from her, they showed one another and probably a couple other boys. 

Well, somehow the cops found out about the pics. Since she is a minor it is considered child porn. Her family did not want to prosecute, but the FBI did.  He was able to graduate high school, go to college, and has a job. The case came up and he and his friend (who also received the text) are going to jail for 15 years and have to file a sex offender and child predator for the rest of their lives.  The girl even said she would testify that she did it to get the boys to like her, but it did not matter. 

Tell your kids that if they should EVER receive a naked pic of a fellow student or boyfriend even, that they can go to jail. It is real and it is happening. One pic received can ruin your life completely.  So sad. 

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