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So, I am a huge HUGE fan of hummus.  I eat it every day with carrots for lunch.  On the weekends I have it as a snack with some red chili flake baked pita chips.  I dip cheese sticks in it.. .basically I use any  method I can to get the stuff into my mouth. YUM!

When I lived in Flint before my wedding. I would go to Kamil’s on Corunna Rd. (google maped it for you, you’re welcome) to get their homemade hummus and homemade pita chips.  Seriously it was the only thing I would get from the store and I would STOCK UP!  When my parents move, I will miss Kamil’s the most.  My parents have their hummus for me when I go home.

So anyhow, since I do not live at home anymore I have not found anything like Kamil’s, so I have gone with Sabra Red Pepper Hummus (linked it for you, you’re welcome), I like their original too, but the red pepper is nice with my boring carrot sticks.  BUT Sabra can be a bit pricey when not on sale. I get the family size (for me to eat with my family sized stomach) and it runs me about $4.50-$5.00 bucks depending the store. So I had this idea.. let me make my own.  It will cut down on the “natural flavors” which really means crap in your food and I should be able to save some money (in the long run).  

So I look up making hummus with dried chick peas (cans of anything creep me out!  nothing good comes from a can, unless it is a ball jar and someone canned it themselves!) I found this website!  The guy had done a taste test!  Oh, yay!  I was so stoked about it.  He gave a recipe and everything.  His hummus at the end looked delish and the instructions seemed easy enough.

So I go out buy organic Tahini and dried chicpeas.  I do everything according to detail.  I started to shell the chic peas but than Trent told me online it said I did not have to. So some were shelled others… not so much.  I put it in the food processor (only to realize I have a baby one.), so I put just the chicpeas in and processed them in small batches.  Then i added the spices and mixed by hand.  Everything looked great!  It looked like hummus.  I then decided to taste it and OH MY GOSH it was HORRIBLE!  HORRIBLE… Like please read HORRIBLE.  The texture was horrible (like the shells did not completely break down) maybe I did not let them hang on the stove for long enough and boil enough (they at in water for almost 24 hours) and they ended up getting soft on the stove in like an hour and a half. I could smoosh them with my fork without effort.

Trent said maybe I need to let the hummus cool off and sit in the frige (ya know some things taste better when they hang out for a bit), so I did.  I tasted it again last night, after it had set overnight and it was HORRIBLE.  So, now I am not really sure what to do about the situation. I have no clue where I went so wrong, but I made a wrong turn somewhere and I am super disappointed.

Kamil… I miss you…..

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Sooo. My birthday was yesterday but we will talk about that tomorrow. I want to dig right in to what I did on St. Patricks Day. YUMM

So I told you I wanted a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. Well I got it!!!  Here we go 🙂

So we run some errands first and then decide it is ShAkE time. OO so exciting. We type in McDonalds into the ol Garmin and take off. We start driving a bit and realize we have entered the ghetto, after passing 3 Burger Kings and one Wendy’s. It was a little scary but as you can see from the above pic, we were pretty stoked to be waiting in the drive thru! OO the anticipation, can you just see it on our faces?

OO there it is in all of its glory. It has also dressed up a bit since the last time I have seen it. It got a clear cup, whipped cream, and two cherries! OOOO La La! Fancy!

After we chug… literally chug down out shakes we make our way home and start dinner… because who couldn’t eat after downing 450 calories? Well Trent talked me in to trying this sandwich called a Reuben. For me never have eating one, I knew how to make it somehow?! I seriously have no clue how I knew what was on the sandwich and how to make it. While I was making the sandwich Trent was busy on our homemade Mojito’s!
There he is shaking things up for us! These Mojito’s were honestly some of the best drinks I have had in a long time. They tasted so fresh and so summery.. OO I just loved it. Here is the final product!

SO this was my beautiful St. Patricks day. It was delish and I had such a fun day!!!

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So, I have been MIA lately and I am sorry.  We moved!  We got the go ahead on Tuesday night, we worked late  that night to finish some things up, we got to the hotel, packed, went to bed, woke up and went back into work for 2 hours, I yelled at Trent something like *I am either working today or I am moving.  I cannot do both. Do you understand what I am saying?*, we left work, drove 1 hour to our new home, moved in, I unpacked, Trent went to work, and we have been unpacking, waiting for furniture to arrive and working ever since. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Oh, so funny!  So get this, we have xfinity through Comcast now. When we were signing up for it, Trent made sure it had the hunting channel and lo and behold it had 2 -there is a God-.  Well we have not had cable.. well cool cable since the beginning of our marriage.  Well I have been working from home and found out that there is DVR on this thing and you can pause regular tv.. really all sorts of things. Well I made the mistake of telling Trent and guess what we have been watching non-stop now?  Did you guess hunting?  Because if you did, you would be correct.  The only thing is it is literally all we are watching. Forget anything that I want to watch because it clearly does not matter, he will get in all the hunting shows he can. I mean he goes through the list and DVRS almost all of them.  The cutest thing happens though, while he is engrossed in the hunting show, he will ask me if there is anything I would like to watch.  I say I do not know and he kind of  nods his head and we continue watching hunting.

So that is all that is happening here. I do have an OVEN NOW!  So I will be doing some cooking and I will let you know how it turns out. I am stoked!

Oh Cara, you will like this. Trent is calling my toasted skin cheetah print.. He says it goes with my tiger stripes! HAHA.

Nighty night

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So, it is still a bit rainy outside, but it is such a fall day.  You know that means?  Jenna is feeling a bit like a cook.  Last year we were living in a little cabin that had an oven and I really became Better Crocker herself.  This year we have a two burner range, so I will have to become a little more creative.  So far I have not tried to make an apple pie anything on the range, but I am sure I will give it a try.

Today I am going to make a loaded baked potato soup.  Thank goodness my girlfriend had this huge stew pot, so I can make enough for Trent to eat while I am gone.  I am leaving to go to NJ to learn some end of the month accounting details.  I am pretty okay with going, I think I need a moment to get back into the swing of things without a husband/house to take care of.  Sometimes it is hard to balance work and marriage when it is all in one room.. Ya know?!  It is hard to leave work at work when your working from home and your husband thinks you should be working as much as he does. When you really do not have THAT much work to do in the first place.  So needless to say things on my end at least, have been a little tense. But I am girl and tend to be a bit more sensitive.

If you have any good receipes to make on the stove top please let me know. I love to cook!  So please pass right along 🙂

Have a great Sunday.  I am sure I will talk to you tomorrow.


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