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Hey guys!

Well we went home for our Great Uncles funeral and we really had a wonderful time with our family (if you can have such a time during death).  However our Uncle was 94 years old and had been able to live alone for all those years with the exception of 3 months at the very end.  Everything was all about him for the funeral. The casket was made out of a wood that was able to grow on his farm (not from his actual farm but you get the pic).  My mother in law got up and made a beautiful speech about his life and the farm.  It was very touching and very loving. I cannot say enough about my mother in law.  Through this whole thing she has been taking her parents up to the hospital to see our Great Uncle (our grandpas older brother), she has brought pies, and most of all her time and loving spirit. While we were up there for this funeral a cousin on the same side of the family lost her battle with brest cancer.  So the family as a whole has been going through a lot.

When we came home we found out that on the my mother in laws brother went into the hospital.  His oxygen levels are/were not up to par. So he is pretty sick, than our Grandpa (same side) went into the hosipal to get a stint and defibulator put into his heart. My mother in law was in charge of it all!  I mean really, God bless that woman.  She works a full time job of physical labor, gets out of work and takes care of all this!  She is an angel for sure. Just  a day after all of this my dad in law (parents divorced) calls us up and tells us him and my step mom in law have had to put their dog down!!! I mean hit after hit after hit. SOOOO needless to say we have been a bit preoccupied.

In GREAT NEWS… my parents are flying to Florida for their 2 interview 🙂  This looks like it is becoming awesome!

My sister and her husband are building a house (Cara, you will get my order soon)!!!  I mean so much awesomeness is going on with my side of the family. My cousin graduated college.  Trent and I went out to dinner with the President of our company. I mean good things are going on here!

Okay, just thought I would do some updated. I will talk to you all so soon!

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Sooo. My birthday was yesterday but we will talk about that tomorrow. I want to dig right in to what I did on St. Patricks Day. YUMM

So I told you I wanted a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. Well I got it!!!  Here we go 🙂

So we run some errands first and then decide it is ShAkE time. OO so exciting. We type in McDonalds into the ol Garmin and take off. We start driving a bit and realize we have entered the ghetto, after passing 3 Burger Kings and one Wendy’s. It was a little scary but as you can see from the above pic, we were pretty stoked to be waiting in the drive thru! OO the anticipation, can you just see it on our faces?

OO there it is in all of its glory. It has also dressed up a bit since the last time I have seen it. It got a clear cup, whipped cream, and two cherries! OOOO La La! Fancy!

After we chug… literally chug down out shakes we make our way home and start dinner… because who couldn’t eat after downing 450 calories? Well Trent talked me in to trying this sandwich called a Reuben. For me never have eating one, I knew how to make it somehow?! I seriously have no clue how I knew what was on the sandwich and how to make it. While I was making the sandwich Trent was busy on our homemade Mojito’s!
There he is shaking things up for us! These Mojito’s were honestly some of the best drinks I have had in a long time. They tasted so fresh and so summery.. OO I just loved it. Here is the final product!

SO this was my beautiful St. Patricks day. It was delish and I had such a fun day!!!

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So we get down there and get ready to go practice the ceremony then go out to eat with the families. 

Here we are in our line up. A couple of the grooms men did not show up for it. So that also was another little snafu. BUT we had some guys that were able to step in so the rest of us could get used to the placement of things. I walked down the aisle with the grooms brother Frankie. He was a riot and we laughed a lot while we were waiting. So this whole part was a huge success. We got the lighting down for the room and everyone knew what was expected of them. From here we go to EAT!

Here Trent and I are taking a pick. I think I am funny so I decided to continue eating my plantain. We ate at a Cuban eatery and it was delish! I was super stuffed and just wanted my pj’s after dinner, so that is really a sign of good food. YUM

Sissy monster and Me goofin around before she becomes a MRS. Awwww 🙂 Trent was yelling at us because we have no clue how to take a regular pic. His words “You guys ruin every pic, just like your dad because you can’t make a pretty face.” HAHAHA! He said it in a joking voice.. not like seriously. So it was funny and made us do it even more.

Now my favorite part! Gifts. We got our jewelry, some lip gloss, a fun looking nail file, some Love Spell lotion, and I got an extra necklace because I am the sister… which means I am a little bit special. 🙂 Also she gave us a super sweet hand written card.

So the first night went just fine and we all had a great time. Lots of laughs.. and lots of fun.

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