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ImageThis pic is from Fort Lauderdale when we were there for my sisters wedding.


So guys here we are. I am leaving tomorrow morning on an Air Plane and will be in the Bahamas by 12:30… so Right now I will have been there for a couple hours. I am getting excited!!

Did I mention the reason we are going is for Momma Natalie’s (Trent’s mom) 50th Birthday!  So Lindy (Trents sis) and I got some decorations to decorate the room up.  I made some paper rosettes in black, green, silver, and sparkle green.  I got some suckers that say 50 sucks. I got some confetti that says 50 in it. Lindy picked up some tape that said Caution Over the Hill.  We are so ready for it.  Trent thinks I go a little over board on the decorations, but you know me. I think that is how people feel special.  I mean who doesn’t want there to be a little fan fare for their special day?  I do and thats why I do it for myself on my special day 🙂 HAHA  (which is coming up on the 21st)  In case you are wondering, this trip is also my birthday gift. We are not telling his mom or sis or anything that this is what we are doing for me too, BUT I will know and that makes it special for me. It just needs to be our little secret 🙂 No one wants to share their day, especially their 50th… But this trip is a little too expensive not to have it be my gift. Ya know what I mean?

I did really well though on not going and buying anything new for the trip.  Usually, I am all for picking up a new swim suit, tank top, shorts.. something.  BUT I am really trying not to be a huge consumer of things, especially when I have those things. I have shorts.. now are they flattering.. no… but they are age appropriate length wise and it took me around 2 years to find them. Actually I am wearing them in the pic above!  I think they are just too big, but the size smaller was just too tight.. MOVING ON!

I am super excited and need to get things packed and my house cleaned. Trent makes fun of me cause I have to have the house clean before we leave.  Maybe he laughs at my reason for doing it which is: If we die and when people have to come to the house to get our things, I want them to know you did not live in a pig pen.  I want them to know I was clean, the bed was made and the laundry was complete. It is important to me.  

HAHa. I am really a nut, but it is how I think. No one would blame Trent for our house being  a mess.  They would blame me and my name would go down in history as the wife who did not care what her house looked like. Poor Trent!  

So that is what is going on in the M household tonight. Wish me luck on my flight and I will see you all on Tuesday!!

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