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Hey guys,

I started a new venture. Come look at my other page and see what you think.



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Hello everyone!  

As you can see I have been absent from posting for a while.  While my pregnancy was easy, I was always tired.  

I went into labor on May 27 at around 6:30am, we went to the hospital at 6pm.  On our way to the hospital we had to go grab a car seat from Target really quick (our Uppababy car seat was still being made… UGH) and after Target grab a bite to eat too.  The contractions just started being 5 minutes apart for one minute for one hour. So we knew we had a bit of time on our hands.. since I was doing natural labor we did not feel the need to run into the hospital by any means.

 On the way into Target my water broke. HAHA! Of course that would happen to me, but I ran to the bathroom and Trent literally ran to go get a car seat. So because my water broke we decided not to eat… BIG MISTAKE.. I was told I could not need until the baby was born which would end up being a full 22 hours before I would eat again. UGH!!

I went 15 hours of natural labor in the hospital… I then decided I was too tired to continue without some sort if medical intervention.  They gave me a drug to help me sleep for 45 minutes… wouldn’t you know it shift change occurred so every single nurse said goobye to me and every single nurse said hello.  At the end of the 45 minutes I had not slept and then my body decided it was time to get sick. FUN TIMES.  After another hour of those good times, I broke down and told Trent I was throwing in the towel.  After 17 hours of labor I was only 3cm (Hunter was hanging out in my hip not in the front).  The Dr came in and gave me the epidural and pitocin and 4 hours later Hunter Baby was born!


I got to hold Hunter for almost an hour before they needed to take him and give him a bath.  Daddy (Trent) got to give him his first bath.  It was super precious.  Hunter was not into eating right away but I sure was, so Trent and I got some PIZZA!!!  We all got some well needed sleep and then we finally got to go home!


That is where I will leave it right now. I have some stuff I need to do before Trent gets home.

Hope you enjoy the little story and the pics 🙂  Missed you all!!

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Oh my gosh, so while at home we were some busy bees!   We got there the day before July 4th.  We got up had our coffee on the porch in the back yard and the family started to arrive. 


In case you were wondering. Grandma made it!  It was a bit hot out for her, so she did not hang outside long, but she still showed up and we had some laughs.  We tried to play a game, but no one was good at it… so we stopped and all went swimming instead.

Later in the day Trent said he wanted a fire for the smell.  Now I will tell you right now that it was already 97 degrees out. Image

Here is a pic of him creating that fire.  Notice no one is sitting under the canopy because the heat from the fire got a little out of control.  After dark dad and Trent lit off some wonderful fireworks and we had a good time just chillen in the backyard.  The next day, the power went out in the whole neighborhood.  It happened at 4:30am and this was the day that mom and I had to do some cooking for their party the next day.  I prayed that God just let us have power until the party was over.  We had power and no one else in the neighborhood did!  God does do miracles people!  It was simply amazing. 

So the next day we go to my cousins house for the party. Image

Here is a pic of everyone in my family waiting for people to show up.  We sat in the shade under the tree because believe it or not, it was cooler there than in the tent. Hahaha!  After a while I got bored and started a game of horse with Trent and a couple friends. 


We got creative and started taking pics of us “dunking” .  Needless to say the lowered the hoop for me. Just look at that great form!!

Next day the power went out, for a full 24 hours. So we took to Bob Evans for some food. 


Mom and Dad waitin for the food to come. YUMMM. Pancakes from Bob’s are delish! MMm MM MM.  Later in the day we visited my other grandma and went to my favorite place Ruggero’s. I go there for a chicken salad and the bread.  Image

Yumm that bread is delish!  After we ate, we went back to grandma’s. I finished my laundry and we went to Frankenmuth to go to a music fest that they have their every Sunday night at 7:00pm.  


On the way there, mom and I took a little nap.  I am laying on a pillow and my mom has perfected sleeping in the sitting position. 


We are now awake and enjoying a little Frankie Valley and the four seasons.  It was actually horrible. But we still had a good time.  Because there was no reason so go home and stare at one another in the dark, we decided to grab a beer and the Frankenmuth Brewery. 


Dad is telling a story and Mom is laughing hysterically.  Kind of how the whole trip was.  Just a good time all around. 

We have reached our final day and I spent it in the pool, after I helped my mom clean out her closet and dad helped dad disassemble the furniture.  Here our the last pics of me at my home. 


Just look at our faces.. filled with joy and love. HAHAHA. SO funny. 

ImageHere is the real pic. Much better. 


Just hanging around……

ImageThe last pic of me with my mom and dad at the house I grew up in since I was 10 😦  It is just a house but it has helped make me…… (look to the next pic)


That is the trip though.  Nothing to exciting but as you can see, a lot of memories were made once more. Now on to the Florida house… my parents move July 25th!!!

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So, oh my goodness. Let’s just jump right into updates shall we? 

First off some people have asked when my parents are moving.  They will be moving July 25.. so in a couple weeks!

This past Monday, Trent and I were talking and we decided to extend our stay here in our apartment.  Our lease is/was coming up on July 14 and this job is lasting at least until the second week in August.  So we went ahead and made the phone calls and we got the apartment until August 11!! YAY… Well yesterday Trent gets a call and there is a job in Delaware starting up between July 15-20 and Trent and I are both on that job. Ummmm.. Great news but horrible news.  If we break our lease, we are on the line for $1,000.  I do not know about you, but that is a good chunk of money. YIKES!  We have not actually signed anything yet though, so that may be our only saving grace.  However, I mean our apartment complex went out of their way to make sure we could stay longer and not we are kind of screwing them over by saying.. oh NM. and really only giving them a 2 week notice (we do have it in writing that we are leaving on July 14 though with no new writing that we are leaving on the August 11).  Does this make any sense? So technically, there was only a verbal agreement.. but to me that is still an agreement.  SO we will just see how that shakes down because I have never been on a job when it starts exactly on time. 

So if we are moving next On July 14, that means I have one week to pack up the house.  Trent and I are leaving on a plane this Tuesday (July 3) to go to my parents house and will not be back home until Monday (July9) night.  Soooo there is going to be a lot going on. A lot needs to be figured out, but I am not worried.  My Father in Heaven will take care of the timeline.  I just have to take care of the packing! Hahaha

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!

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So, Sunday night I sat down for a bowl of cookie dough ice cream.  After I finished eating the ice cream my left ear plugged (kind of) and I could hear the blood flowing through my body in my ear. Loudly. I told Trent that I thought I just spiked my blood sugar to new levels. He kind of laughed it off and we went to bed.

I laid there, listening to the wind in my ear and then finally fell asleep.  The next morning I woke up and it was still there and still annoying me. I went to work and put in my ear plug for the day (because it really did make the sound not seem so loud. Or at least it made the outside sounds better… somehow it helped.  After work, I took out my ear plug and immediately went into tunnel hearing…. kind of like what happens when your vision goes, but this was in my ears. 

My sister in law works in audiology and told me to take some Benadryl so dry up the fluid in my ear. I took 2 (because I really needed some sleep), told Trent that the last time I took this when I was 16, I fell over in a chair near a campfire and did not wake up.  He laughed and thought I was being funny, until he experienced me… under the influence of Ben.

I was on-line chatting with a Comcast representative and all of a sudden I am slurring my words. I am talking to Trent and I am noticing things are not going well in the vocab department.  I look at Trent and tell him he needs to take over the computer. I need to lay down.  Well less than 5 seconds later I am on the couch with my blanket asleep. 

An hour and a half goes by and I am dreaming like crazy dreams.  Trent is whispering Missy Monster (He is Mr. Monster, I am Mrs. Monster and sometimes he is just Monster and I am Missy Monster. this is not a lady gaga thing.. I have no clue where it came from really)  to wake me up and I litterally jump.  Like super ready to fight someone.  I look at him with HUGE eyes (or at least they felt huge) and he is laughing and says “Whoa, you scared me”  I look at him and say “You scared me!”

After my heart rate goes back to normal I go back to bed for the night. Only to wake up at 4:30am still very much sleepy.  My ear is not as bad as yesterday  but it is not too great either.  It is just weird feeling. So hopefully it clears up soon.  I hate having issues with my ears.

Kind of a silly story, so I thought I would share!  Have a great day 🙂


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So may favorite radio host Dennis Prager  has a Happiness Hour (I believe it is on Friday’s… I can’t remember right now for some reason) but he states over and over that we are in control of our Happiness.  He makes a point to say that even if you are having a bad day, it is your responsibility to not pass that along to others (including kids and spouses).  He feels that being in a bad mood is like a sickness and you must do what you can to prevent it from spreading.  Now it does not mean that you cannot tell a best friend or a spouse what is going on in life.  It simply means that you act pleasantly, like what you would tell your children to do if they were in a bad mood in front of company.  You essentially tell them to lie about how they are feeling and make themselves appear to be normal. Which is fine, but for some reason we forget to do that as adults.  We go to work and let everyone know we are having a bad day, not because we confided in someone but because we bit their head off!  NOT OKAY!

And before you think I am on a trip right now, I am not. This is actually something I struggle with.  The bad part is, I do fine when I am at work.  I always have a smile on my face and even when frustrated with a person, I tend to be nice.  The problem is, I am not always pleasant at home and it is not because Trent has done anything wrong.  It is because a certain person at work puts me into such a funk that when I get home I am done being nice. I am done smiling. I am DONE! So what suffers? My marriage.  It effects how Trent and I interact, it effects my affection toward him (as in I am less affectionate because work stresses me out because of ONE person). So this is something I need to work on, that just because I am home in a “safe” spot to be moody, it does not make it okay.

So because it is easier to practice on someone else, than work on yourself… I tried this with Trent last night! HAHA. NO seriously though.  So when we leave for work we do not have the air conditioning on.  We really only put it on right before we go to bed. Well yesterday was super humid and hot, plus we used the oven which can really heat a place up.  So Trent decided to turn on the A/C a bit early. Well lo and behold the A/C decided not to work.  I was on the phone with my dad and I could see Trent getting mad. He was pounding the wall, making noises of frustration, and getting pretty angry (when he gets like this, I do not respond. I stayed on the phone and talk to my dad, when I know all Trent wanted me to do was get off the phone… but I am not about to leave my conversation and going into that snake pit).  Finally, Trent was exhausted with the A/C, he had called up the maintances hotline and asked if anyone was on duty.  They said they would put in a call ticket. Last time it took 2 days. So Trent sat down and glared at the A/C unit. I walked over and said. “Hey, let’s not do this. Let’s not get mad about something we cannot control.  There is nothing we can do to make the A/C turn on.  We both grew up without A/C, I can assure you it is not the end of the world”  He said he still wanted to be mad. So I went over and tickled him and said in a baby voice “Oh life is just so hard! I just want the A/C on and all it wants to do is be off. OH my goodness”  We laughed and it made the moment lighter. 

Come to find out he had hit a switch on the wall, so the reason why the A/C was not working is actually because of Trent! HAHAHA!!!  He said he felt stupid… i agreed 🙂

But you see how in that moment I could have chosen to be angry with him and really elevated the situation. I actively (yes i thought about getting mad with him, I was sweating bullets after my workout) decided not to and controled my emotions so make it so my husband was a happier person. Even if just for a little while.  Next time I will try this on myself.  So I challange you to do the same. When you find yourself in a funk and just being a bit on edge (not even mean) try to think of who you are effecting around you.  Do you really want to bring them down to? I will try to do the same. So far (today) it is working! HAHAHA


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Oooo my! We have made it to Sunday and needless to say our family is in need of some relaxation.  Trent worked yesterday, I cleaned the house, did the laundry, worked out, and laid out (while he took a nap).  Today, Sunday is the day we get to spend together and just be. 

We LOVE routine. If I could be so bold to speak for my husband, I think we both really enjoy our lives routine.  It does not mean we do not know how to roll with the punches or that we never deviate and enjoy it.  It just means that we are content in the life that we have chosen for ourselves.  There are days of being grumpy, of enormous laughter, and everything in between but through it all it is ours and we really LOVE it. 

Today I have been thinking how happy I am with how everything has turned out. I have a husband who adores me (and I him), I have in laws who actually love me (and I them), and I have parents that I am close to (both of them), and I have a sister and a brother in law who already am so close to I invite myself over to their house without their knowledge and my mom is right on board with me. HAHA! 

I am a very blessed girl and I hope that I express that through my actions and words to those around me. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day too!

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