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Momma and Pappa P have finally made their arrival to NJ.  We are so excited for our time with them.  Now if only I could somehow get out of work and go hang out with them for the time they are here…. STUPID RESPONSIBILITIES!  Hahaha.

They got in last night at 9:30pm.  We picked them up at the horrible Newark Airport. UGh, have I mentioned how badly that airport sucks? The signage there alone is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. The signs are brown and they are confusing. Like this whole thing: United Express -Terminal A……. United Express: Terminal C….. umm ok so what terminal do I need to go to?  Is it A or is it C?  we picked A… it was wrong. We than make our way over to Terminal C and it is a ZOO!

There is some cop that is trying to direct traffic but all he is doing is making it so that people almost get into accidents. Really, he is completely unhelpful. The exact opposite really. I finally see my mom and put my body out the window so they can see me. THEY DO!  The literally run across 3 lanes of traffic, through the luggage in the back and get in the car. They made it in the car~small miracle.

We than make our way home, take a wrong turn cause the streets and our GPS are insane. Get home, show them the view of NYC from the rooftop parking, get in and Trent and I go to bed.

My mom has been texting me all morning. She is making us dinner and I have requested something with cheesy potatoes… my FAVORITE! SO far So good.

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Oh my goodness you guys!  You will not believe what just happened to me, literally like 5 minutes ago.  So it is morning, I am at work of course.  No one is here besides, Trent, a co-worker, and myself.  Well I decided to run to the bathroom before any one else got here.

The bathrooms are Port-A-Johns. We have 2 right next to one another out in the clearing. When you are in the bathroom you are supposed to lock the door.  This lock will indicate to outsiders that someone is using the restroom because it shows up red on the outside of the door. If the door is unlocked it shows up green. Get it?

Well both showed the signes of green, so I decided to go in the one without the wasps nest because that one makes me nervous a bit. Well I hope the door and there is a co-worked. I scream, try to figure out how I opened the door, say Oh My Gosh, I am so sorry and close it. All while looking him in the eye for what feels like forever! The person in there is on the level of being a boss. He is not on this job, but when I was in MN he was my boss!.

I went to the bathroom, came back in the office and Trent was like “So are ya a little red in the face?”  Now everyone has shown up for work by this time.  I asnwer ‘Who doesn’t like the stupid door when they are in it?”  Everyone of the guys said they don’t!  UGH. Thats what I get for being the only girl on the job! hahaha

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So, I woke up in the morning to my husband doing some Birthday singing for me! Awww!  I got ready for work and made myself actually look like a girl, instead of my normal look for work (Pony, mascara).

The night before my birthday we made some strawberry cupcakes with homemade raspberry frosting. OH MY GOODNESS, the frosting alone was to die for! Trent decorated them and the guys at work loved them, almost as much as I did.

After work we came home. We rounded the corner and there were green balloons on the door. I walk in and this is what I see…

The house was decorated for me! Somehow Trent managed to come home during the work day and put up some decorations to make me feel special. Oh, goodness. I love that guy! He is the best. We had pizza grilled cheeses per my request. They were delish! As Trent was cleaning up he asked if I could put something in the freezer

And this is what I pulled out

It is a package of Magnum carmel ice cream bars! SOOO good. On the wrapping paper it had two coupons. One for the Hunger Games movie and the other for a Paid of Jeans! I loved it and it opened the gate for me to open my cards and gifts!

My friends and family decided to hook me up with cards and gifts and I felt so special!!!

So that is my birthday in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed my day!!!

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Sooo. My birthday was yesterday but we will talk about that tomorrow. I want to dig right in to what I did on St. Patricks Day. YUMM

So I told you I wanted a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. Well I got it!!!  Here we go 🙂

So we run some errands first and then decide it is ShAkE time. OO so exciting. We type in McDonalds into the ol Garmin and take off. We start driving a bit and realize we have entered the ghetto, after passing 3 Burger Kings and one Wendy’s. It was a little scary but as you can see from the above pic, we were pretty stoked to be waiting in the drive thru! OO the anticipation, can you just see it on our faces?

OO there it is in all of its glory. It has also dressed up a bit since the last time I have seen it. It got a clear cup, whipped cream, and two cherries! OOOO La La! Fancy!

After we chug… literally chug down out shakes we make our way home and start dinner… because who couldn’t eat after downing 450 calories? Well Trent talked me in to trying this sandwich called a Reuben. For me never have eating one, I knew how to make it somehow?! I seriously have no clue how I knew what was on the sandwich and how to make it. While I was making the sandwich Trent was busy on our homemade Mojito’s!
There he is shaking things up for us! These Mojito’s were honestly some of the best drinks I have had in a long time. They tasted so fresh and so summery.. OO I just loved it. Here is the final product!

SO this was my beautiful St. Patricks day. It was delish and I had such a fun day!!!

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It is so nice outside!  I am excited to get outdoors somehow, but Trent is sleeping.  All I can think about is a Shamrock Shake from McDonalds. OOOOOOOO YUMMMMM!  Hope you are having a wonderful day and I will talk to you all soon!


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Here you go you guys!

SO let me first say Newark Airport is horrible.  There were zero signs for long term parking, we got to short term parking and it said $33 a day.. we said NO WAY.  We found the road that went to Long Term parking and it was 3 miles away from the airport…. We park, get on the shuttle bus, look at our tickets and it says United Airlines (US Airways)… sooo that is a bit confusing. We get dropped off at United, put our passport in the self check in slot and get told we do not have a flight there.  We walk up to the counter and ask where the US Airways counter was (it is a few stops back)..There were about 7 woman behind the counter that completely ignored us to look at baby pics on an iPhone.  Great customer service… NOT .  Either way we made it on our plane and landed in the BAHAMAS!

This is the view from our room! Simply beautiful. Trent and I had our own room and Mom and Lindy had their own room. We got there and went straight down to lay out for the night. However, Mom had no clue and we (Trent, Lindy, and I) brought stuff down to decorate the room for Mom’s 50th birthday! The next morning I after breakfast, I say I need to go upstairs for some personal time, Lindy says she does as well. So her and I go up stairs and get the room decorated, while Trent kept mom busy! Here is the result.

We also put the Happy Birthday paper around the mirrors and had caution over the hill tape on the entryway door, which later we made into a sash for mom to where out. Instead of cake we brought down Birthday Cake Oreos! Those things are delish. We also had 50 sucks suckers and an “Aged to Perfection…..Again” Birthday pin. It was a lot of fun and we went out to eat, went to the casino, won $30 bucks.. which Trent lost for me 🙂 Hahaha. And then went to Karoke and had the whole place sing Happy Birthday to her! It was wonderful and I think we all had such a great time.

The next day we went on a Booze Cruise. Which was a little more cruise than booze…. well for the first 2 hours. We got to go scuba diving and it was my first time. So I was going along with Trent and Mom when all of a sudden I look around and no one is with me. Like out of 60 people all of a sudden I am ALONE. I put my head in the water and there is a school of fish! ALl I can think of is “Oh my gosh, I have sparkle nail polish on my toes and nails… they are going to think I am food and eat me!” I start thrashing around like an idiot and then find Trent and yell at him for leaving me to be bit by crazy fish in the ocean 🙂 Hahaha Here is a pic of that! You will wonder how I was able to be all alone, but I assure you it happened.

We had a wonderful time and spent most of it on the beach, reading books, swimming in the ocean, and just enjoying our time together as a family. I am so blessed to have a great family and am blessed to have married into a family who loves me and really treats me as their own.

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ImageThis pic is from Fort Lauderdale when we were there for my sisters wedding.


So guys here we are. I am leaving tomorrow morning on an Air Plane and will be in the Bahamas by 12:30… so Right now I will have been there for a couple hours. I am getting excited!!

Did I mention the reason we are going is for Momma Natalie’s (Trent’s mom) 50th Birthday!  So Lindy (Trents sis) and I got some decorations to decorate the room up.  I made some paper rosettes in black, green, silver, and sparkle green.  I got some suckers that say 50 sucks. I got some confetti that says 50 in it. Lindy picked up some tape that said Caution Over the Hill.  We are so ready for it.  Trent thinks I go a little over board on the decorations, but you know me. I think that is how people feel special.  I mean who doesn’t want there to be a little fan fare for their special day?  I do and thats why I do it for myself on my special day 🙂 HAHA  (which is coming up on the 21st)  In case you are wondering, this trip is also my birthday gift. We are not telling his mom or sis or anything that this is what we are doing for me too, BUT I will know and that makes it special for me. It just needs to be our little secret 🙂 No one wants to share their day, especially their 50th… But this trip is a little too expensive not to have it be my gift. Ya know what I mean?

I did really well though on not going and buying anything new for the trip.  Usually, I am all for picking up a new swim suit, tank top, shorts.. something.  BUT I am really trying not to be a huge consumer of things, especially when I have those things. I have shorts.. now are they flattering.. no… but they are age appropriate length wise and it took me around 2 years to find them. Actually I am wearing them in the pic above!  I think they are just too big, but the size smaller was just too tight.. MOVING ON!

I am super excited and need to get things packed and my house cleaned. Trent makes fun of me cause I have to have the house clean before we leave.  Maybe he laughs at my reason for doing it which is: If we die and when people have to come to the house to get our things, I want them to know you did not live in a pig pen.  I want them to know I was clean, the bed was made and the laundry was complete. It is important to me.  

HAHa. I am really a nut, but it is how I think. No one would blame Trent for our house being  a mess.  They would blame me and my name would go down in history as the wife who did not care what her house looked like. Poor Trent!  

So that is what is going on in the M household tonight. Wish me luck on my flight and I will see you all on Tuesday!!

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So the past two weeks I have been working from home.  When I was in the hotel, I was pretty good at it.  Now I feel like I am always talking myself into staying at the computer. Stupid work.  In other news…

A person who I love reading, posted about herbal remedies.. check out what she had to say here.  it got me thinking that I forgot to update you guys on my “girl” issue.

Men you may want to pass on this post and girls who would rather not talk about it, please come back again.


So as you remember in a little post called Pain I was wishing for death every month.  Well I looked online and notice that there were a lot of woman who were swearing by Evening Primrose Oil.  I figured that I have wasted money on stuff before, so why not give it a try.  I started taking it right after my last cycle. Well I am back on my cycle and I am going to tell you, this is so far AMAZING!  I have had zero mood swings.  As in NONE!!!  I told Trent “Hey babe, I have not wanted to kill you this time.  You literally have not gotten on my nerves to the point where I wanted to cause you physical harm”  Needless to say he was pretty excited that my mental death threats to him where no longer there! Just so we are clear, I only want to kill him in my head, I do not tell him I want to kill him. *disclaimer* -I never would actually kill my husband, it is just a phrase I use to let you know the level of frustration I get durning my time-

I am not bloated to the point where I cannot button my pants, and there is little to ZERO pain!!!  Like I have not had to cry, get in the shower, use the heating pad, NOTHING.  I am so excited that I could cry about it.  I never thought I would be one of those girls who would have a normal cycle.  I am just so thankful for this OIL.  Just thought I would update you

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So, I have been MIA lately and I am sorry.  We moved!  We got the go ahead on Tuesday night, we worked late  that night to finish some things up, we got to the hotel, packed, went to bed, woke up and went back into work for 2 hours, I yelled at Trent something like *I am either working today or I am moving.  I cannot do both. Do you understand what I am saying?*, we left work, drove 1 hour to our new home, moved in, I unpacked, Trent went to work, and we have been unpacking, waiting for furniture to arrive and working ever since. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Oh, so funny!  So get this, we have xfinity through Comcast now. When we were signing up for it, Trent made sure it had the hunting channel and lo and behold it had 2 -there is a God-.  Well we have not had cable.. well cool cable since the beginning of our marriage.  Well I have been working from home and found out that there is DVR on this thing and you can pause regular tv.. really all sorts of things. Well I made the mistake of telling Trent and guess what we have been watching non-stop now?  Did you guess hunting?  Because if you did, you would be correct.  The only thing is it is literally all we are watching. Forget anything that I want to watch because it clearly does not matter, he will get in all the hunting shows he can. I mean he goes through the list and DVRS almost all of them.  The cutest thing happens though, while he is engrossed in the hunting show, he will ask me if there is anything I would like to watch.  I say I do not know and he kind of  nods his head and we continue watching hunting.

So that is all that is happening here. I do have an OVEN NOW!  So I will be doing some cooking and I will let you know how it turns out. I am stoked!

Oh Cara, you will like this. Trent is calling my toasted skin cheetah print.. He says it goes with my tiger stripes! HAHA.

Nighty night

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Kids. God bless kids. Now before we think that my post is against kids, know that I was a live in nanny. I loved my little girl to death and spent all my time with her. I also took care of my friends children. I have been a babysitter since I was 13 maybe sooner. Once I watched a kid, I usually watched them till they no longer needed babysitting. I love kids.

HOWEVER Trent and I go back and forth on the issue of wanting them for ourselves. I know we are not alone in this battle. I spoke with an old friend the other day, she has been married 3 years now and she is going through the same thing. She mentioned she is in small group and every couple in there is going through the same thing. You have a bunch of Christian girls, who went to college, got married, and really most days… could not care less about the baby in the baby stroller (yes I changed it).  What is up with that?  Why don’t we want kids?

My mom (who really is the salt of the Earth, but the comment she makes will not make her seem like that) has told me and my sister “Just have dogs, kids are too much heart ache”  Yeah, Thanks MA! Haha We are best friends now, just so you know. BUT I was a bad teenager.  Either way, there is no pressure from my parents to have kids, they have great neices and nephews that they love and hang out with.  They also spend time with neighbor kids and stuff, so I do not think they feel they are missing out.

There is just no pressure to have them. I like my life and I do not know what I would do with a kid.. well I know what I would do. I would either work from home or decide to leave my job entirely..

Either way I am starting to have guilt.  God is so about kids. He says they are a gift – one that I am actively not seeking.  What if one day I want a kid and God tells me no? What if He is like, “Hey, you said you would handle this on your own timeline and did not look to me for the perfect timeline. Looks like your timeline was WRONG!”  I pray about it often. I tell God if he wants me to get pregnant it is going to have to be from HIM (not in the virgin Mary kind of way, but the … ooops kind of way) but either way Why are so many woman questioning if we need kids or not? 


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