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So Trent and I moved out a couple days after my sister left us.  We made our way back home and one of the first things we did was apply to get a gun!  YAY gun freedom in America.  So we went to a locally owned store (buy local when you can) and I chose the new addition to our family.

Me signing the paperwork so we can take the newest baby home with us.  This is my first gun purchase.  Trent has a hand gun but I did not, so it was a pretty exciting moment for me. Wanna know what I decided to get?  A Smith and Wessen Body Guard .380.  She is all black and has a laser you can hit on either side of the gun.  She is soooooo pretty, but I do not actually have a good shot of her.

Here is me with my new purchased baby.  Now if you are wondering why we got a laser on it, it is because I feel if you are really in a situation where you are going to have to shoot someone, you wanna make sure you get them. If you are defending yourself it is because someone is doing something illegal and you wanna make sure they stop.  So that is the reason, but it does not mean you do not have to practice shooting. So practice I did!

The next pics are me in my pj’s so please excuse the hair and overall look.

You will notice in the pick that I am right handed but yet my right eye is closed.  Yes, that is correct. I shoot with my left eye because I am a nut!  I can shoot with my right eye, but I am left eye dominant. Soooo that is what I got.

I am sad thought because New Jersey does not allow hand guns (yea they are redic here) so I had to leave her at home. ¬†When you purchase a gun before you cross state lines with it you need to make sure you know the laws. New Jersey and New York to not allow hand guns or concealed carry (even if you are legal in your state)… so stupid but it is what it is. ¬†The people of New York and New Jersey gave up their 2nd Amendment..idiots! ūüôā Because we know how well criminals follow the laws, so you will not see any gun violence in these states… oh wait YES YOU DO!!! A pharmacy was being robbed here just the other day and the guy behind the counter was legally carrying because he is in the Army Reserves and he was able to stop the criminal! YAY responsible gun owners!

Sorry about my little rant. BACK to being super happy I am a gun owner and I plan on being a concealed gun owner soon and I will take my baby everywhere with me! YAY!!!





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Hey everyone! SOOO much has happened since the last time we met and I do not even know where to begin. 

My sister came to NY for her 30th b-day and we had a blast!! (I will have to post) she left on a Monday and that Friday we moved.¬† We worked from the Jersey office for a week and then packed up to work from HOME (My FIL’s House) in Michigan for just about 3 weeks!! It was wonderful. We put in 8 hour days (hey I think there really is something to working an 8 hour day, you have sooo much more free time it is AMAZING), we went fishing, hiking, and just hung out with family. It was great.¬† After Labor Day we scooted back up here to the Ol Jersey office and I think we will move next weekend (not this up coming one) back to Norwich, NY which you guys will not remember because I was not blogging at the time.¬† The jobsite is about 40 minutes away from Norwich but there is literally nothing in the area to stay at, so we have no choice but to stay that far away.

So that is what has been going on in a nutshell.

The reason for the not posting is because it has been a beautiful summer and I do not want to sit at my computer screen when I could go for a walk and enjoy some sunshine, but I do have picks of me enjoying life and I will post….tonight maybe?!¬† How lucky do you feel? Hahaha.¬† Seriously, missed everyone and if I have not commented on your stuff lately, I am playing massive catch up! Be patient I will stop by soon!


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Momma and Pappa P have finally made their arrival to NJ.¬† We are so excited for our time with them.¬† Now if only I could somehow get out of work and go hang out with them for the time they are here…. STUPID RESPONSIBILITIES!¬† Hahaha.

They got in last night at 9:30pm.¬† We picked them up at the horrible Newark Airport. UGh, have I mentioned how badly that airport sucks? The signage there alone is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. The signs are brown and they are confusing. Like this whole thing: United Express -Terminal A……. United Express: Terminal C….. umm ok so what terminal do I need to go to?¬† Is it A or is it C?¬† we picked A… it was wrong. We than make our way over to Terminal C and it is a ZOO!

There is some cop that is trying to direct traffic but all he is doing is making it so that people almost get into accidents. Really, he is completely unhelpful. The exact opposite really. I finally see my mom and put my body out the window so they can see me. THEY DO!  The literally run across 3 lanes of traffic, through the luggage in the back and get in the car. They made it in the car~small miracle.

We than make our way home, take a wrong turn cause the streets and our GPS are insane. Get home, show them the view of NYC from the rooftop parking, get in and Trent and I go to bed.

My mom has been texting me all morning. She is making us dinner and I have requested something with cheesy potatoes… my FAVORITE! SO far So good.

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we moved!

Hey everyone! We got an email last night saying to come to New Jersey and work out of the office. So we packed up what all we had left in the room and left this morning. We got to the office around 2pm , worked till 6pm, checked into the new hotel, ordered pizza and now watching House!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, kind words, and thoughts the past couple days. You guys uplift me more than you know. Wish me luck with work this week, it is going to be a bit tricky.

Nighty night!

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Good evening! ¬†I am not complaining, but I just worked 12 hours straight. ¬†We had lunch but no dinner and I still do not know what I am doing. I am going back to New York tomorrow and I am just going to kind fly by the seat of my pants. ¬†Hahaha Good news: I LOVE flying! hahaha. ¬†I think it should be okay, again just a bit nervous and cannot wait till it all sinks in and makes sense. ¬†I do have some great people to contact when I am unsure which is reassuring. ¬†I am going to hit the hay soon and drive back to New York tomorrow, but I will have to come back to New Jersey in a couple weeks to learn some “month end” stuff.

My sister talked to Trent last night and she said “He really wants you to be home. ¬†He feels like you have this sign on you that says ‘Hey come attack me’ ” ¬†I was hysterical! ¬†Trent constantly tells me to “Get in my bubble” ¬†because he feels I just always get hurt, attacked, something bad happens. ¬†It really doesn’t but I do cut myself a lot when I cook, when I go for walks dogs to tend to try to bite me, when I am in the mall creepy men do tend to follow me out to my car, and when I am in the store I am too friendly to others (in the sense that they start telling me really personal life details). ¬†So, he may have a point but it is funny that he would also tell my sister “I just want her home and I want her to be in a bubble so I can stop worrying about her for a minute.” ¬†My sister asked her hubby to be if he felt like that, he said yes, in which my sister said “Jenna, are we just a liability?” ¬†HAHAHA! ¬†I am not sure if that is what I would call myself, but I can see how she would feel that way.

Dog Bite

So this is a pic of the ol dog bite in case you were wondering.  It has been 6 months and I still have the wounds.. tragic for sure.







waiting in the hospital

So even though the bite does not look bad you still have to go get a shot.. This is me waiting for my shot. ¬†SO see dog bites really do happen to good people ūüôā








Either way I am safe and sound tonight and tomorrow I will be with Trent by 2pm.    YAY HOME (home=anywhere where trent is)

Hope your Friday was a great one NOT filled with 12 hours of work. See you later

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Oh my goodness! ¬†Learning a new job is just the worst and best right? ¬†I keep telling myself “this will be old hat in no time” ¬†I mean every job is always that way. ¬†You have tons of nerves in the begining and then it turns out to be no big deal in about a month or so. ¬†I think I have the hang of it, just a little unsure of everything…. the unknown freaks me out a bit.

Trent and I have to work pretty close together now, which is a great thing! ¬†He is a super good teacher and I love him so that is a plus… the only downside is that now I think he will expect more from me. If someone was not doing their job before (the person who had this job) he would just complain about it and move on. ¬†Now if I am not doing things in the order or way he thinks they should be done. I am sure he will mention something to me. It will be fine though. Our favorite phrase is “We are okay” meaning that both of us know it is a work thing and not an US thing. ¬†It helps put things into perspective when you go home together.

So that is what is going on here. I am so tired, we are working from 7:30 am-8:00pm. So I am just a bit on the sleepy side.  I think I will turn call Trent, tell him goodnight, then hit the ol hay stack myself.


Nighty Night everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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