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Interview #2

Okedoke, SO before my parents went down to FL for their interview, I kept calling them in the mornings.  Not because I wanted to talk to them but because I kept forgetting what day it was and I did not want to miss out on telling them good luck.  Finally my mom said “Jenna, we get it. But you have to stop calling us at 5am.”  HAHA!  Sorry MOM! (She is up by 5am for work, but my calls are ruining her routine… especially since I let it ring once or twice than remember I am calling on the wrong day. HAHA!)

Anyway, so Friday morning finally arrives!  ( I was told not to worry about calling. HAHAHA!) My mom texts me at 5:30am and says ‘What are the odds that the hairspray sprayer gets clogged up today and starts spraying out in globs rather than an actual spray. This leads to me having huge hair spray stains on my brand new clothes!  SERIOUSLY!!”  I replied that is was REDIC! and we left it at that.

I was able to get on the phone with her in the evening and I found out that the interview went really well.  She kept saying that the international students are just so different than American students.  She said the international students have respect and they came right up to her and hugged her (both the boys and girls).  The girls kept saying “Oh we want you to be our dorm mom next year!” She said they were just so sweet and so willing to learn and love. She said that everyone that they spoke to at the school acted like they had the job, saying things like “This is where you will stay, and this is where you will go. We are so excited to have you here with us.”  Things like that.  My mom said that neither her nor my dad were nervous.  They had a really good time and felt like “Home”. 

So YAY!  They were told they should find out this week if they got the job.  If they have it there is a ton of work to be done. My mom has to retire, they have to pack and sell the house.  Their summer will be a busy one for sure 🙂

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Hey guys! Oh my goodness. It has been such a crazy week and I will try and fill you in. Please keep in mind I am writing this on my phone and on the road (I am not driving. Do not panic)

So first thing first, my mom and dads phone interview went great! We can know as early as this coming weekend if they got the job or not. We are super excited for them and they are pretty excited as well.

Next: Friday night we had just put ourselves to bed when the phone goes off. I looked at the caller ID and see it is Trent’s mom calling (which she never calls late). I pick up the phone and she sounds a little tense and asks if Trent is there, I say yes and hand over the phone. It comes to pass that’s Trent’s great uncle had died. The family is close so Trent does know his uncle and I have also met him too. Well Trent comes home from work on Saturday (I did not have to work) and tells me to go ahead and pack up the stuff cause we our company was told not to be on the jobsite on Monday or Tuesday. I tell Trent that if that is the case and I am working from Michigan than I need my project files…..so it is Sunday. And 2:39pm and we are about three hours away from my parents house.

It is amazing how so much can change in 24 hours. Pray for trents grandpa (his brother is the one who died and he just burried his twin brother yesterday). It is a lot for him to take…not to mention he is getting a pace maker put in in 2 weeks…so I am sure that is pretty scary to.

Talk to you all so soon

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So, I called my mom last night to catch up on our work week, when she told me some FANTASTIC NEWS!  Oh my goodness you guys, I am so excited about this. Okay, here we go.

My parents have a job offer at the school that my sister (Neil) works at in Florida.  My sister works at an international high school and kids live on campus (not all but most).  My parents have a phone interview today to become dorm parents.  They would work from 3pm – 11pm at night and pretty much just be mom and dad to the kids!  I feel like my parents really rocked at raising my sister and me, so I am super excited for them to take their school to other kids.  My mom has so much love and my dad is just a good dad. 

So this is what would happen:  They would sell their house (blessing), sell a car (keep the van), my mom would retire from her place of work, my dad would just stop working his job (it is a minimum wage job and only gets like 20 hours a week.. so no love loss there), they would move to Florida, live 1o minutes away from my sister, and BOTH be working full time and living debt free!  All I can see is positive’s all the way around for them.  It would also be nice because when I go and visit my parents, I would be able to see my sister as well.  Which would mean I would see her more than just once a year! 

So if you are the praying type, please pray that Gods will be done in this situation.  If it ends up not being the right fit, that is fine.  We understand the words no, but if they get pulled down there, there will be a spiritual battle going on.  The kids come from all different backgrounds and we know Satan is not one for anyone hearing the Truth or seeing it be lived out in daily lives.

Either way, I am very excited that they are even getting this opportunity.  SO FUN!

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Sitting in NJ

So I did make it back to NJ.  All is going well until I come to my hotel room and oh goodness it is gross.  There is a hair in the bed (not mine), the toilet does not flush right, there is something on the mirror, there is mildew and mold in the shower, and my non-smoking room has not always been non-smoking. YIKES!

I am working like a champ though and I think I am learning A LOT!  Hopefully, I am retaining the knowledge because I will be on my own here in another day.  I feel like when I am here I have so much work, but when I am back in NY , I just do not feel like there is 12 hours of work… ya know? 

In other news, my stomach is being weird.  I am not eating how I normally do and I am feeling gross.  I also forgot to pack my pj’s so I am wearing jeans and those are just always uncomfortable to sit around in.

I will be back home on Thursday though, so YAY! 

Hope your week is going so well!  Nighty night.

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Nice to meet you

So it is not often that I get to meet new people who also live on the road.  Today was  a day that I got to meet a new friend.  I met him while working out downstairs.  He was a lot of fun and it is so fun to chit chat and get to know people.  His wife sounds like a saint and I automatically felt bad for her because her husband is on the road all the time.  It just reminded me of how blessed Trent and I really are.  We may not have a “home” but we do get to be with one another and I just do not see myself trading in time with Trent for a house.  I am not saying that is what this couple did at all, I think that sometimes life gives you choices and you pick to provide for your family.  That is sacrifice and please know that I do understand that.  I am just saying I just do not know what I would do if I had to pick between Trent and providing for our family.  It would be a hard choice and so far I have not been presented with it. 

Either way, I am glad I found a friend.  I am thinking maybe him and Trent can meet and they can be friends too.  J (the new friend) loves guns, hunting, and the tv channel VS, so I think they would get along just fine.

In other news I talked to a higher up today about my job performance and so far so good. So thank you for praying for me (if you pray) and or sending positive thoughts my way. It really means a lot to me.

Hope you had a good Monday.  Nighty night, sleep tight, don’t let those bed bugs bite!! HAHA

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Good evening!  I am not complaining, but I just worked 12 hours straight.  We had lunch but no dinner and I still do not know what I am doing. I am going back to New York tomorrow and I am just going to kind fly by the seat of my pants.  Hahaha Good news: I LOVE flying! hahaha.  I think it should be okay, again just a bit nervous and cannot wait till it all sinks in and makes sense.  I do have some great people to contact when I am unsure which is reassuring.  I am going to hit the hay soon and drive back to New York tomorrow, but I will have to come back to New Jersey in a couple weeks to learn some “month end” stuff.

My sister talked to Trent last night and she said “He really wants you to be home.  He feels like you have this sign on you that says ‘Hey come attack me’ ”  I was hysterical!  Trent constantly tells me to “Get in my bubble”  because he feels I just always get hurt, attacked, something bad happens.  It really doesn’t but I do cut myself a lot when I cook, when I go for walks dogs to tend to try to bite me, when I am in the mall creepy men do tend to follow me out to my car, and when I am in the store I am too friendly to others (in the sense that they start telling me really personal life details).  So, he may have a point but it is funny that he would also tell my sister “I just want her home and I want her to be in a bubble so I can stop worrying about her for a minute.”  My sister asked her hubby to be if he felt like that, he said yes, in which my sister said “Jenna, are we just a liability?”  HAHAHA!  I am not sure if that is what I would call myself, but I can see how she would feel that way.

Dog Bite

So this is a pic of the ol dog bite in case you were wondering.  It has been 6 months and I still have the wounds.. tragic for sure.







waiting in the hospital

So even though the bite does not look bad you still have to go get a shot.. This is me waiting for my shot.  SO see dog bites really do happen to good people 🙂








Either way I am safe and sound tonight and tomorrow I will be with Trent by 2pm.    YAY HOME (home=anywhere where trent is)

Hope your Friday was a great one NOT filled with 12 hours of work. See you later

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Oh my goodness!  Learning a new job is just the worst and best right?  I keep telling myself “this will be old hat in no time”  I mean every job is always that way.  You have tons of nerves in the begining and then it turns out to be no big deal in about a month or so.  I think I have the hang of it, just a little unsure of everything…. the unknown freaks me out a bit.

Trent and I have to work pretty close together now, which is a great thing!  He is a super good teacher and I love him so that is a plus… the only downside is that now I think he will expect more from me. If someone was not doing their job before (the person who had this job) he would just complain about it and move on.  Now if I am not doing things in the order or way he thinks they should be done. I am sure he will mention something to me. It will be fine though. Our favorite phrase is “We are okay” meaning that both of us know it is a work thing and not an US thing.  It helps put things into perspective when you go home together.

So that is what is going on here. I am so tired, we are working from 7:30 am-8:00pm. So I am just a bit on the sleepy side.  I think I will turn call Trent, tell him goodnight, then hit the ol hay stack myself.


Nighty Night everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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