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So, oh my goodness. Let’s just jump right into updates shall we? 

First off some people have asked when my parents are moving.  They will be moving July 25.. so in a couple weeks!

This past Monday, Trent and I were talking and we decided to extend our stay here in our apartment.  Our lease is/was coming up on July 14 and this job is lasting at least until the second week in August.  So we went ahead and made the phone calls and we got the apartment until August 11!! YAY… Well yesterday Trent gets a call and there is a job in Delaware starting up between July 15-20 and Trent and I are both on that job. Ummmm.. Great news but horrible news.  If we break our lease, we are on the line for $1,000.  I do not know about you, but that is a good chunk of money. YIKES!  We have not actually signed anything yet though, so that may be our only saving grace.  However, I mean our apartment complex went out of their way to make sure we could stay longer and not we are kind of screwing them over by saying.. oh NM. and really only giving them a 2 week notice (we do have it in writing that we are leaving on July 14 though with no new writing that we are leaving on the August 11).  Does this make any sense? So technically, there was only a verbal agreement.. but to me that is still an agreement.  SO we will just see how that shakes down because I have never been on a job when it starts exactly on time. 

So if we are moving next On July 14, that means I have one week to pack up the house.  Trent and I are leaving on a plane this Tuesday (July 3) to go to my parents house and will not be back home until Monday (July9) night.  Soooo there is going to be a lot going on. A lot needs to be figured out, but I am not worried.  My Father in Heaven will take care of the timeline.  I just have to take care of the packing! Hahaha

Have a great Saturday everyone!!!


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we moved!

Hey everyone! We got an email last night saying to come to New Jersey and work out of the office. So we packed up what all we had left in the room and left this morning. We got to the office around 2pm , worked till 6pm, checked into the new hotel, ordered pizza and now watching House!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, kind words, and thoughts the past couple days. You guys uplift me more than you know. Wish me luck with work this week, it is going to be a bit tricky.

Nighty night!

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Happy Friday! I got to work from home today and oh my goodness. I was so busy it was crazy, but I was in the zone! I love when work goes by so quickly like that. When I looked at the clock it always jumped 2 hours ahead, so it was super fast day.

Where are we going you ask? Oh we still do not know. The jobsite is buttoned up completely. The office trailers left this morning at 7:30am. We still have no clue where we can go. We do not know if we can go home, we do not know if we should head to the NJ office. We know nothing. SO for the time being we will continue to hang out in our hotel room , which is fully packed. So I am really trying not to stress here people, but it is literally taking everything I have to reign it in. No good.

So because we have no clue where we are going and we found out our winery was having a scratch and dent sale on their red wine, we decided to go ahead and run up there. We purchases a case of wine, then continued to go and buy 3 bottles of champagne and several more bottles of wine from different wineries. Needless to say we opened a bottle tonight. Hahaa. I told Trent, we may have no place to live but never fear….. we have wine! We sound like we drink all the time, when in reality we have a bottle of wine MAYBE once a month. Everything in moderation right?! Haha.

Ok so that is the update. Pray for me please. I am starting to get like…. well like feeling I really want to know where I am going. When it really does not matter. We have enough money in the bank, we have cars that work, we have one another and best off we have a God that knows what He is doing.

Nighty night, I will keep you posted.

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This is going to be quick:  It is Thursday and we still do not know where we are going.  Needless to say a little bit… on edge. Not stressed because Trent and I get to stay together no matter what.  So at least I have him. I would just like to know if I get to go see my parents or not. Ya know?

Ok, thats it for tonight.


Nighty night 🙂  Wanna pic? Ok.

This is of me and my sister in law Lindy! We went on a hike (same hike as the pic from yesterday). Lots of fun!! Love her!

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Did you forget about me?  I did not forget you, but I have been kind of busy.. Kind of lazy.  Let me do some explaining.

So, we are moving this Friday.  Which is pretty normal. If you will remember from previous posts such as Too Much…blah and Saying sorry. wah wah either way I am not very pleasant during these times.  My new years resolution was to be a bit better in this department.  So this weekend Trent decided we should get ready to move.  Things were pretty much packed, but my house was a mess. Messes stress me out for some reason.  I am not sure why, but I just cannot seem to sleep if I know something really needs to be cleaned. Ya know?

Ok moving on. So like I said.. New Years Res blah blah blah.  I completely shut down!  I am not talking a little bit, I am talking a lot of bit. Like completely just sitting and doing nothing and feeling overwhelmed.  Thank God Trent bucked up and was able to take over the family chores.  Now do not get me wrong.  I made breakfast lunch and dinner. We worked out.  I got things done, just not packing. When Trent and I sat down for dinner on Monday (when it was all over) I told him I realized that I did nothing.  I said “There has to be a middle ground.  Something between stressed and shutting down”  He said he thought I just did not want to go outside and be cold.   I said, well that too!

I am happy he did not think less of me and I am kind of glad he realized I do not like the cold. Hahaha. That is a boys job anyhow right?!  Haha  So that is what is going on here. Oh and in case you want to ask where we are going… I have no clue and we are moving this weekend.

Good times Good times!

Wanna see a pic of us in beautiful MI?


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HELLLLLO!  Ok, so before Trent and I left MN we found some awesome stacking boxes (made in America)… but only 4.  Well Saturday, Trent found another 12 of them at the Home Depot here in NY. So Sunday we decided to unpack everything and pack it all back up again.  Now this seems like a huge task and let me reassure you it is, but we were able to put some tine into it.

We (I) put in the movie Something Borrowed (GREAT MOVIE) and Trent hauled in all of our boxes.  While we watched the movie we sorted and packed.  Trent made little signs to go on each box and we got soooo organized I could die happy.  If you recall I usually have mini meltdowns over packing, but not anymore my friends!  Packing has taken a turn for the better, all because Trent found those boxes!  I will take a pic of the inside trailer so you can see the awesomeness which is my home on wheels. In the mean time have a great Monday evening and I will see you again tomorrow.

Nighty night

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Is it time to go yet?

So the job is winding down.  Why is it, when the end is near people become grumpy?  They are happy they do not have to work anymore (and have another job to go to), but sad because the amount of stress that comes with wrapping up a project.  Either way, it is a bit tense in the ol’ office.

In other news, we finished packing last night, in the rain (okay is was a drizzle). 

rain by onlinewoman

 Trent looked at me and said we have too much stuff. I said okay, but I don’t know what to do about that and we moved on.  My mood has gotten TONS better.  Now I just have a spurt instead of a day filled event. Trent is probably saying “God really does answer prayer!” haha.

So now our hotel room just has clothes, bread, bagels, oatmeal, and refridge stuff to pack up. All doable for sure. It is not clean (which does murder me a little), but it is getting packed down.  I cannot wait to go to our homes. My Father in law makes some of the BEST breakfast in the world, which I will not get to eat until next Sunday, but hey I can have something to look forward to.

Perfect Breakfast? by oospMMMMMMMM breakfast!

Did I mention that my sister is having her wedding shower? Iam just so excited about it. It is going to be beautiful and I will have pics don’t worry 🙂

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