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*Guys- as in men, this may not be the post for you. So you may move on if you wish at this point in time.

*Girls- if talking about girly things makes you uncomfortable in a public forum, you may wish to leave now.
– All of you who decide to move on today, I will include you all tomorrow 🙂

Everyone else, I am glad you stayed. I will not go into too much detail to make anyone sick, BUT every month for one day I am down for the count. I have to leave work, I come home sick. I have about 1 hour when the back pain kicks in before it will be hard for me to walk. I hurt in my front and in my back and nothing helps. Things were bad when I was young and first became a woman. I got on birth control and got off birth control Nov 2010 because I did some research and it is something I just no longer want to put in my body. For those of you who do use birth control, that is your personal decision and this blog will never tell you what to do with your body.

The problem is I have to miss work because the pain is debilitating. Trent had never seen this before but he had the chance to last month. He was SHOCKED to see my pain and tears he also saw how I pass out because the pain gets so bad… Which is a bit scary to see I am sure. He knew things were not good when I would asked to be taken home but he just had no clue. Today he was out of the office and I had the pain set in. We drove into work together this morning and he left running an errand. I called him and told him the pain set in… if you think I joke about my pain in a room filled with men he said “Oh, NO! I am leaving right now to get you” He actually said Oh no with such emotion I could have cried knowing he knows I am not just being a baby.

I went to the doctor and nothing is actually wrong with me. My uterus and ovaries look “beautiful”. My tests come back normal. There is nothing wrong with me. SO what do I do? Pain killers do not touch it (and I rarely even take advil because I am not a big fan of taking drugs when it is not completely beneficial.. so when I do take them it should work) and I do not want to go on birth control again. I can’t keep missing work and what if this happens on vacation? It would be horrible. If someone told me today we could leave right now and go to Hawaii.. I would tell them I would just have to wait till tomorrow.

What do I do??!! Any suggestions?

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