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Stop Yelling at me.

OK, so I have a midwife in NY who is going to help me bring my son into the world. YAY!  However, in Jan we moved from NY to NJ (just from Feb-mid March).  I had an appointment Feb 18 which I had to cancel because we had just got back from vacation and I did not want to take another day off work.  

When I canceled the appointment I was told how dangerous it was to cancel this appointment.  I was pretty upset that they used such a strong word.  What do they really mean by dangerous?!  I mean my last appointment we did nothing.  It was a complete waste of my time.  Basically, I told them it is what it is and I would call them when I knew more about my schedule. 

Well today I called and made an appointment for March 20.  The woman was like, um can you come in today?!  I said no, I am 5 hours away. I can come in March 20 or any point after that date.  Again, she told me I was being selfish and I needed to come in right away. I told her, that I feel him move every hour. I eat properly. I have not been sick and I am in no way harming my child. She got upset with me!!  

Ummmm. It is my pregnancy and I could choose never to come into the office.  I could choose to do this at home by myself with a doula or at home midwife.  I am granting them permission to check me and the baby out, not the other way around. I am paying for this treatment, they are not entitled to see me. I make the rules here! I am the purchaser. They can tell me guidelines but in no way are they in charge of my body. 

And to tell me I am harming my baby?!  NO, there are plenty of moms out there that do harm their unborn child with drugs, alcohol and other things. I am doing none of those things so they can just stop. 


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