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We just could not hold it in.  We told Trents family this past weekend and we told my parents and sister via SKYPE.

We went home for Trent’s dads suprise 50th birthday! We got into the city around 11:30pm.  Trents mom picked us up and we got home and handed her a box.  She opened the box and inside it was a pic of Trent and I holding up a sign saying “Can we call you Grandma?”.  She got up and gave us hugs and immediatly started showing me things she had kept from when Trent was a baby.  It was so very sweet.

The next morning, Trent’s sister L came over to drop her car off for us and we gave her a box with a picture saying “Can we call you Aunt Lindy”.  She jumped up and screamed and gave us hugs and was super excited too.  Everyone was just so happy and so thrilled for us.  It was awesome.  It makes me want to have more news like this all the time. HAHA!  I love making people happy.

Later on that night for Dad’s suprise birthday party we all dressed up like “hicks” and strolled down the hill singing Happy Birthday.  Dad stepped outside to a group of his friends and family and locked eyes with Trent immediatly.  I think he was on the verge of tears. It was an amazing sight and then Trent and I went inside and got Dad and Smom (step mom) together, we sat them down (it was really my step mom’s birthday and dads birthday is this Sunday) and handed them their own boxes. They opened it and could not read it because it was dark upstairs and so I blurted out “It says Can we call you Grandma”.  Immidiatly Smom burst into tears, Dad was fist pumping saying “I am going to be a GRANDPA” “You guys aren’t joking right?” and Smom yelled “This is going to be the most spoiled baby ever… I am going to be a Grandma”.  We had a huge group hug and it was just wonderful. SO MUCH FUN!

When we got back to NY, I thought about the waiting to tell my parents until Christmas thing. I told Trent “If my mom buys me clothes it is going to be a waste of money, cause I won’t be able to fit into them for a long time”  ANd I am sure I will have gained some weight since then.  So Trent decided we could SKYPE and tell them. 

So I wrote on my belly in eye liner that “I’m Pregnant”.  I got my parents on SKYPE for the first time,which was a chore in itself really. HAHA!  And my dad was just about to leave to go to a pool tournament and I said, wait… I have a rash and I need you to look at it.  So my parents are both peering at me through SKYPE and they go.. WHOA What is THAT?  And i come closer to the screen and they look at my belly and then look into the camera and say “Really?! Is that true?!”  (apprently Trent and I joke around too much.. no one believes us)  We say “YES!” and everyone is excited again! 

I get off with them and tell my sister to SKYPE me. She says she is sleeping and I say “give me 5 minutes and you can go back to bed.”  I do the same thing to her as I did my parents and she is excited and we talk about how cool it is and then she says she cannot go to bed! HAHA. It was soo much fun telling them. I wish I could tell people something cool everyday. THAT would be fun!

So that is how our family found out. We are still not telling other people yet because we are still “in the woods” but once I hit my 2nd trimester I am going to be screaming it from the rooftops! YAY BABIES!!!

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Oooo my! We have made it to Sunday and needless to say our family is in need of some relaxation.  Trent worked yesterday, I cleaned the house, did the laundry, worked out, and laid out (while he took a nap).  Today, Sunday is the day we get to spend together and just be. 

We LOVE routine. If I could be so bold to speak for my husband, I think we both really enjoy our lives routine.  It does not mean we do not know how to roll with the punches or that we never deviate and enjoy it.  It just means that we are content in the life that we have chosen for ourselves.  There are days of being grumpy, of enormous laughter, and everything in between but through it all it is ours and we really LOVE it. 

Today I have been thinking how happy I am with how everything has turned out. I have a husband who adores me (and I him), I have in laws who actually love me (and I them), and I have parents that I am close to (both of them), and I have a sister and a brother in law who already am so close to I invite myself over to their house without their knowledge and my mom is right on board with me. HAHA! 

I am a very blessed girl and I hope that I express that through my actions and words to those around me. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day too!

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Hey guys!

Well we went home for our Great Uncles funeral and we really had a wonderful time with our family (if you can have such a time during death).  However our Uncle was 94 years old and had been able to live alone for all those years with the exception of 3 months at the very end.  Everything was all about him for the funeral. The casket was made out of a wood that was able to grow on his farm (not from his actual farm but you get the pic).  My mother in law got up and made a beautiful speech about his life and the farm.  It was very touching and very loving. I cannot say enough about my mother in law.  Through this whole thing she has been taking her parents up to the hospital to see our Great Uncle (our grandpas older brother), she has brought pies, and most of all her time and loving spirit. While we were up there for this funeral a cousin on the same side of the family lost her battle with brest cancer.  So the family as a whole has been going through a lot.

When we came home we found out that on the my mother in laws brother went into the hospital.  His oxygen levels are/were not up to par. So he is pretty sick, than our Grandpa (same side) went into the hosipal to get a stint and defibulator put into his heart. My mother in law was in charge of it all!  I mean really, God bless that woman.  She works a full time job of physical labor, gets out of work and takes care of all this!  She is an angel for sure. Just  a day after all of this my dad in law (parents divorced) calls us up and tells us him and my step mom in law have had to put their dog down!!! I mean hit after hit after hit. SOOOO needless to say we have been a bit preoccupied.

In GREAT NEWS… my parents are flying to Florida for their 2 interview 🙂  This looks like it is becoming awesome!

My sister and her husband are building a house (Cara, you will get my order soon)!!!  I mean so much awesomeness is going on with my side of the family. My cousin graduated college.  Trent and I went out to dinner with the President of our company. I mean good things are going on here!

Okay, just thought I would do some updated. I will talk to you all so soon!

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The Dennis Prager Show.


The link above is what kids learn in college these days.  Being a college graduate myself, I would say that he is actually right.

My sister , an English major (funny because I cannot spell and have zero grammer abilities) was actually called out in class for being a Christian and she was told by her professor that she would need to change that stance in order to survive in his classroom.  He also told her, that she could no longer use the Bible as a reference in her writing because the book holds no truth. NICE!!!

Oh and when she went to the Head of the Department, she pretty much backed up the professor… it was the first time in my sister’s life that she recieved a C (she was always an all A student).

College for my sister and for myself was a huge learning experience. People ask if I could go back? No. I had fun in college but nothing good came from college. I do not think I learned anything while I was there, but how could I learn if I never believed what they were telling me to be true?

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So, have I mentioned that my parents are coming to visit for Easter?  No?  Well they are and we are pretty excited about it.  They mentioned something before about coming but said it was too expensive than a couple weeks ago they said the prices dropped and they were coming. 

Well… they sent me their flight info and it happened to have the amount of the tickets at the end of it. I wish I had never seen it.  I am sick about it.  They paid the same amount to come out here that Trent and I paid to have a hotel and a plane ride to the Bahamas!  I called up my parents and told them this (which was stupid because they already paid for it).  My dads voice dropped and said “Oh, Jennabear I am so sorry you saw that. Oh man, I didn’t see that the price was on there before I sent it to you. I am so sorry”

I said something to the effect that I am glad Trent and I are worth that to them but they seriously did not have to. I know how tight money is for them, but they are coming out because they love us… well Trent and I usually pay for things with my parents, well all of our parents.  No matter what parent it is we try to treat them because this is the time in our lives that we can. But now I really feel like my parents cannot pay for one thing when they are here. 

I also feel like I need to try and give them money back. I called my sister and she was like OH WOW!  I know what your feeling but they are ones that decided they could afford it. So let them afford it and deal with it how they need to.  Which is probably good advice, but my heart is not there yet for them. My heart is in the place of really going above and beyond for them.

I have guilt for no reason… but it is killing me… I wish I did not know….. BOOOOOOO


BUT I am SUPER excited to hang out with them in the City! 

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Oh my goodness. Since I have been working from home I am able to listen to who I want on the radio, watch what I want on TV, and so on. I am going to tell you something though, it kind of gets me going. I am like really waiting for someone to pick a fight with me on some issues. It is crazy!  A woman in my parents town died yesterday at the gas station because she allowed some person to use her cell phone. You got Ms. Fluke who picked to go to a Catholic school, say that they should have to pay for her sexual decisions (by the way the Catholic Church does give birth control to those who need it for other medical reasons), you just have so much noise going on. It is too much.

So I am going to focus on something positive cause right now I can do nothing about the negative. I am going to focus on my trip to the Bahamas. Did you know that we are leaving on THURSDAY!  I was on the phone with my sister the other day, talking about my bathing suit. She asked me “How do you look in your suit?” I said, well funny you should ask.  I looked in the mirror in the other day and the front I felt pretty ok about. I turned myself around and held a mirror and immediatly regretted this decision. Cheneille was like “Exactly what about your back do you not like?” I said, I have two rolls. One on each side. I am afraid my top will get stuck in one, and then what am I going to do? Cheneille said “I KNOW, I have the same problem. I have gained 13 pounds since I got married.  Then I told myself, no big deal. Jenna got fat when she got married.” 

Let us for a moment look at that last sentence.  Ok she gained 13 pounds. It happens when you are happy and have good food around you. I do not see though how she made the connection to my weight. Completely unhelpful! HAHA

Anyhow, she wanted to skype with me so she could see me in my bathing suit. I told her no, she told me yes, and I called my mom and said Cheneille wants to see me in my swim suit. My mom said, that does not sound like a good idea. I went ahead and showed her anyhow. I figured if I am not going to show my sister, then I need to go buy different suites.. b ecause people will see me in them. I showed her. She was nice about it.  Either way bathing suit season just sucks. No other time in your life do you know exactly where your body stands and how sad it looks. HAHAHA!

It is only going to be 72 with 25mph winds  in the Bahamas. So I may not be in it for that long anyhow.

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