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So my parents have been having a wonderful time in FL.  The love thier kids and LOVE living the retired/unretired life.  My mom says “I am finally a stay at home mom” and my dad has kids to pick on.  However it looks like there is a bit of spiritual warfare going on.

The site is a loosely based Christian campus as in the only church on site is of Christian denomination.  The teachers and students are allowed to hold Bible studies together without problem. 

SO things are going good, but there seems to be a gentleman who works with my dad who either really feels my dad is not a “parent” figure or is jealous because the kids like my dad more than him.  My dad is funny, outgoing, and if he catches you doing something wrong, he will let you correct yourself before giving punishment.  My dad has suprised the boys and have done some chores for them once in a while (cleaning the bathroom that all 90 boys use), running a vaccuum at the end of the weekend.  Now my parents did this for my sister and I too.  We never had set chores, but if they asked us to do something we did it, but I would come home to my mom having cleaned my room for me or my dad having done the dishes for me. It is something you do to let others know you appreciate them and just a little boost of something nice.

Well the other guy does not like it and gets upset that my dad is not making the boys responsible and he is ruining their manhood. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

My dad also played a joke on a kid who he is friends with. The kid laughed, my dad laughed and then my dad got in trouble and was told my the administration that if he made one more mistake that he would be let go.  Wait a sec, so it is 2 strikes and your out? And the joke was exactly that, a joke, everyone understood it.

Then after that my parents were asked to no longer hold the Bible study with the teens.  They would find someone else to do the important job.

So now my parents feel like they are on pins and needles, like they can’t make a good choice because everything they choose is wrong.

So that is what is going on in their world.  If you think about them pray for them.


Thanks 🙂


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So my sister turned 30 at the end of July and my parents paid for her and a girlfriend to come to NYC!  I have such great parents.

So the girls came in on a Thursday night and they were supposed to land just 10 min from one another, however that is never how it works in Newark. We get them an hour and a half after their original time slot and go home!

When Neil walks in the door, I of course have the house decorated and cupcakes were made.


Above us in the pic there are some puff balls I made out of tissue paper, they turned out pretty sweet and I am bummed I did not pick a picture with them in it, but moving on.  The next day we woke up pretty early for a day of shopping in the city. This would be my first time going through the city without Trent by my side and I was responsible for my sister and her friend.

We walked to the bus stop and we were already sweating bullets.  I swear it was 98 degrees outside and the pavement was reflecting that heat right back to us. We only had to wait a couple minutes but no one wanted to get on the bus first.  I wanted my sister to, she wanted me to and D was perfectly fine letting us fight it out. HAHA


We get off the bus and we made it to Times Square!  Here we go!!!

We walked around for several blocks and made our way into Central Park because I am part mom (without any kids) I lugged around with me 3 bottles of water and 3 baggies of homemade trail mix.  Since it was killing my shoulder to carry all this crap, I decided it was a good time for everyone to get a little snack and some water.  It was a hit! After we had recharged a little we headed over to 5th Ave!

So we made it to Tiffany’s and the stairway as you can see is a bit under construction…..

However the bathroom was beautiful and I thought we should capture the moment with a pic!  Looking good girls!!

After we stopped off af Tif’s we decided to head over to FENDI because if we are dreaming, we might as well dream big!!

There is a beautiful church behind FENDI!

We made it in front of Rockefeller Center and my sister was not feeling well about herself so she decided to place me in front of her so I looked like the fat one.  Here we are laughing about what she is trying to accomplish!

We got some food, did some more walking, grabbed some GELATO (SOOO GOOD) and ended our night in front of the Iron building, were some creepy guy took our pic for us.  He asked me how old I was, I told him, then he asked what we were doing for the rest of the night.  I responded with “Meeting up with my husband” and he said oh, I am too old for you anyway, but how old is your husband.  I said “He is 28” and this guy said, Oh he is too young for me too.. WHAT?!  WHAT just happened?!!

So we got some good laughs and made it back to the bus station and Trent picked us up so we could rest up for another fun day!

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