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This is going to be quick:  It is Thursday and we still do not know where we are going.  Needless to say a little bit… on edge. Not stressed because Trent and I get to stay together no matter what.  So at least I have him. I would just like to know if I get to go see my parents or not. Ya know?

Ok, thats it for tonight.


Nighty night 🙂  Wanna pic? Ok.

This is of me and my sister in law Lindy! We went on a hike (same hike as the pic from yesterday). Lots of fun!! Love her!


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So we have made it to the moment of truth. The Bride walks down the aisle to meet her husband!  My dad and mom both walked my sister down the aisle and it was amazing. Some would say tear jerking because that is exactly what I did.  The moment I saw my sister crying (normally she sees it as a weakness) and literally shaking…. I was a done.  Thankfully so were all the other bridesmaids.  We were a chorus of sniffling and tear wiping as my beautiful sister, who looked like a life size Barbie doll came walking down the aisle.  She took her place next to her husband and made the biggest promise of her life.  One that our family by all costs will help her keep, no matter what.   

Just LOOK at the dress! AMAZING!

Now that the vows are done it is time for some pics.  You know my rule on pictures.  The goofier I look the better 🙂

In the pic of above is my mom (she is a great time), me, and the bride! Now time for a pic so you can actually see what the bride looked like.  Are you ready for this?!  Oh goodness here we go.

Her dress actually has little feathers on it in the shape of a flower with a bead or pearl depending on the flower inside of it. It is fluffy and fun. She looks like a million dollars. You will also notice Trent has on his sun glasses in this pic. Yes, he wore them on his head in every pic.. including the professional family pics. Hahaha! Dork.

This is the reception.  It had pink lighting and was absolutely a dream!  As you can see the feather centerpieces really worked out well in the space and it is just sooooo pretty!

The first dance as husband and wife!

This is the cake. It is beautiful but tasted … well.. when I sat down at the table and there was not a piece for me I looked at Trent. He said “Umm, it tastes like whole wheat!” HAHAHA! I took a bite of his and almost spit it right out of my mouth. It was gross.. seriously not worth the money. However, we knew this to begin with. The place that held the reception does all of the food and they just have not gotten down the cake right. If we would have went with an outside company we would have still had to pay for this cake plus another one. It just was not worth it. Moving ON!

This is me and my sisters good friend Cat (she is also in the wedding). We got bored and started playing with our dresses. They had like this sash thing hanging down the back of them. We thought we were pretty funny.

And in case you were wondering… Grandma made it! It would not be a party without Grandma. Get ready her birthday is coming up in March. She will be 81 for all the single fellas out there 🙂

We have reached the end of the night and it is time for the bride to stuff herself in the car! This is that 🙂 Kind of funny.

Now that she is in it is time for her happily ever after!

That concludes the wedding. Hope you had as much fun looking through pics as I did living it!

Nighty night

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Here we go:  The morning of the wedding we all wake up and get to take apart the last chain on the countdown heart!

She is holding up the heart in front of my shirt and it had one last sparkle chain on it, which means… SHE IS GETTING MARRIED TODAY!  Yay. So from here all the girls come to our room and we go to the Signature Grand and start our day.

We get there and one girl starts her hair and another girl starts her make-up (both professionally done). While we had our first toast and some champagne we decided we should start on getting the centerpeices together. Yes, we had to make our own…. you may think this is where the drama starts, but you would be wrong.

Then we decided it was time to learn our dance. We did a little dance to Katy Perry’s song Firework, this was to start the dancing on the dance floor. We are still having fun here. So far no one knows what has gone wrong.

This is Neil’s wedding day jump suit. It says “Mrs. Ipps” on the butt, has a huge ring on the hooded sweatshirt and really is just super fun.
Now it is time for the drama. Are you ready?……… My sister is getting ready to get her hair done. We realize that we do not have her tiara or jewelry. The night before my mom and I had rummaged through some stuff for the honeymoon suite and we could have packed it in that bag. The problem is that Trent and my dad decorated the suite and it is 30 minutes away.. and let’s face it.. men looking for anything is just laughable. Not that you guys do not know how to look, it is that you are lazy in your looking. You would rather us magically be able to tell you, instead of look under ever nook. My sister quickly got into a bad mood and my mom started trying to back track when the last time they saw it. This made my sister annoyed and I said ‘Hey I am fully ready for your wedding. That means I have 4 hours to search everywhere and I will find it.” I made Trent come pick me up and I found it right away! YAY! So now we move on.

Momma P getting ready, this was while Neil was still upset.

The guys are showing up, which means we are getting closer to the big moment.

The flowers made it! (if you look close her ring is somewhere in there)

We started to run late so she had to get her hair and makeup done at the same time.. now one last step…….

To get into the dress and GET MARRIED!!!!!

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So we get down there and get ready to go practice the ceremony then go out to eat with the families. 

Here we are in our line up. A couple of the grooms men did not show up for it. So that also was another little snafu. BUT we had some guys that were able to step in so the rest of us could get used to the placement of things. I walked down the aisle with the grooms brother Frankie. He was a riot and we laughed a lot while we were waiting. So this whole part was a huge success. We got the lighting down for the room and everyone knew what was expected of them. From here we go to EAT!

Here Trent and I are taking a pick. I think I am funny so I decided to continue eating my plantain. We ate at a Cuban eatery and it was delish! I was super stuffed and just wanted my pj’s after dinner, so that is really a sign of good food. YUM

Sissy monster and Me goofin around before she becomes a MRS. Awwww 🙂 Trent was yelling at us because we have no clue how to take a regular pic. His words “You guys ruin every pic, just like your dad because you can’t make a pretty face.” HAHAHA! He said it in a joking voice.. not like seriously. So it was funny and made us do it even more.

Now my favorite part! Gifts. We got our jewelry, some lip gloss, a fun looking nail file, some Love Spell lotion, and I got an extra necklace because I am the sister… which means I am a little bit special. 🙂 Also she gave us a super sweet hand written card.

So the first night went just fine and we all had a great time. Lots of laughs.. and lots of fun.

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Update: Wedding was fabulous you guys!! I am in philly right now at the airport and I just thought it was important to let you know it all went well.

That is not to say there was not some drama…. BUT she is married and everyone had a great time.

I will post pics this week with stories.

Hope your having a great weekend and thanks again for all the prayers and positive vibes my way 🙂 you guys are the best invisable friends ever! Hahaha

Nighty day… I have been up since 3:35 am. Time for another plane ride and nap.

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So great news. I am going to go to New Jersey for a few nights to learn a new job!  YAY.. This is a very good thing. It keeps me employes, which is right up there with living and breathing.


SO you want to know about my sisters shower?  Well here is a pic of the cup cakes… They were from Sweet Ashley Creations (look to link on my page)











These were seriously some of the most delish thing I have ever put into my mouth.  She is a wonderful baker and she uses all fresh materials and let me tell you… it makes ALL the difference in the world.  These bad boys were still moist 4 days after I picked them up. My mouth is watering right now . So those are the cupcakes… there is more..

Neil (left) Me (right)













This is a pic of my sis and me.  We are standing in front of the cupcakes and the give away gift table.  We had a quick moment before all of her guests arrived.  My sister photographed well, I did not. I am not sure what is going on with my face but trust me, I do not look this creepy in real life.  Normally I am really photogenic… not sure what was going on this day. YUCK.. BUT since it is all about my sister, thank goodness she looked wonderful!








Table of Gifts













People are so great to give gifts. This is just so much fun.  The day turned out beautifully. The place even gave us a bit of a discount, which was nice considering I had problems with them earlier if you remember reading about that. I did not have to regulate, which I was prepared for in my 5 inch heels.  So obviously they are lucky! hahaha


I have another one for her coming up in Nov in FL… Let’s hope it will go as well as this one.




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