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Momma and Pappa P have finally made their arrival to NJ.  We are so excited for our time with them.  Now if only I could somehow get out of work and go hang out with them for the time they are here…. STUPID RESPONSIBILITIES!  Hahaha.

They got in last night at 9:30pm.  We picked them up at the horrible Newark Airport. UGh, have I mentioned how badly that airport sucks? The signage there alone is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. The signs are brown and they are confusing. Like this whole thing: United Express -Terminal A……. United Express: Terminal C….. umm ok so what terminal do I need to go to?  Is it A or is it C?  we picked A… it was wrong. We than make our way over to Terminal C and it is a ZOO!

There is some cop that is trying to direct traffic but all he is doing is making it so that people almost get into accidents. Really, he is completely unhelpful. The exact opposite really. I finally see my mom and put my body out the window so they can see me. THEY DO!  The literally run across 3 lanes of traffic, through the luggage in the back and get in the car. They made it in the car~small miracle.

We than make our way home, take a wrong turn cause the streets and our GPS are insane. Get home, show them the view of NYC from the rooftop parking, get in and Trent and I go to bed.

My mom has been texting me all morning. She is making us dinner and I have requested something with cheesy potatoes… my FAVORITE! SO far So good.

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So, have I mentioned that my parents are coming to visit for Easter?  No?  Well they are and we are pretty excited about it.  They mentioned something before about coming but said it was too expensive than a couple weeks ago they said the prices dropped and they were coming. 

Well… they sent me their flight info and it happened to have the amount of the tickets at the end of it. I wish I had never seen it.  I am sick about it.  They paid the same amount to come out here that Trent and I paid to have a hotel and a plane ride to the Bahamas!  I called up my parents and told them this (which was stupid because they already paid for it).  My dads voice dropped and said “Oh, Jennabear I am so sorry you saw that. Oh man, I didn’t see that the price was on there before I sent it to you. I am so sorry”

I said something to the effect that I am glad Trent and I are worth that to them but they seriously did not have to. I know how tight money is for them, but they are coming out because they love us… well Trent and I usually pay for things with my parents, well all of our parents.  No matter what parent it is we try to treat them because this is the time in our lives that we can. But now I really feel like my parents cannot pay for one thing when they are here. 

I also feel like I need to try and give them money back. I called my sister and she was like OH WOW!  I know what your feeling but they are ones that decided they could afford it. So let them afford it and deal with it how they need to.  Which is probably good advice, but my heart is not there yet for them. My heart is in the place of really going above and beyond for them.

I have guilt for no reason… but it is killing me… I wish I did not know….. BOOOOOOO


BUT I am SUPER excited to hang out with them in the City! 

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Here you go you guys!

SO let me first say Newark Airport is horrible.  There were zero signs for long term parking, we got to short term parking and it said $33 a day.. we said NO WAY.  We found the road that went to Long Term parking and it was 3 miles away from the airport…. We park, get on the shuttle bus, look at our tickets and it says United Airlines (US Airways)… sooo that is a bit confusing. We get dropped off at United, put our passport in the self check in slot and get told we do not have a flight there.  We walk up to the counter and ask where the US Airways counter was (it is a few stops back)..There were about 7 woman behind the counter that completely ignored us to look at baby pics on an iPhone.  Great customer service… NOT .  Either way we made it on our plane and landed in the BAHAMAS!

This is the view from our room! Simply beautiful. Trent and I had our own room and Mom and Lindy had their own room. We got there and went straight down to lay out for the night. However, Mom had no clue and we (Trent, Lindy, and I) brought stuff down to decorate the room for Mom’s 50th birthday! The next morning I after breakfast, I say I need to go upstairs for some personal time, Lindy says she does as well. So her and I go up stairs and get the room decorated, while Trent kept mom busy! Here is the result.

We also put the Happy Birthday paper around the mirrors and had caution over the hill tape on the entryway door, which later we made into a sash for mom to where out. Instead of cake we brought down Birthday Cake Oreos! Those things are delish. We also had 50 sucks suckers and an “Aged to Perfection…..Again” Birthday pin. It was a lot of fun and we went out to eat, went to the casino, won $30 bucks.. which Trent lost for me 🙂 Hahaha. And then went to Karoke and had the whole place sing Happy Birthday to her! It was wonderful and I think we all had such a great time.

The next day we went on a Booze Cruise. Which was a little more cruise than booze…. well for the first 2 hours. We got to go scuba diving and it was my first time. So I was going along with Trent and Mom when all of a sudden I look around and no one is with me. Like out of 60 people all of a sudden I am ALONE. I put my head in the water and there is a school of fish! ALl I can think of is “Oh my gosh, I have sparkle nail polish on my toes and nails… they are going to think I am food and eat me!” I start thrashing around like an idiot and then find Trent and yell at him for leaving me to be bit by crazy fish in the ocean 🙂 Hahaha Here is a pic of that! You will wonder how I was able to be all alone, but I assure you it happened.

We had a wonderful time and spent most of it on the beach, reading books, swimming in the ocean, and just enjoying our time together as a family. I am so blessed to have a great family and am blessed to have married into a family who loves me and really treats me as their own.

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Oh My GOODNESS!  How I have missed everyone. Okay. So so much has happened there is no way to get it all in on one post.  I have pics and stories galore to tell you.. none too exciting to say the least.

We did make it though. We traveled up and over and to Traverse City, MI where we spent the night and I headed to Flint, MI the next day.  My sister had her shower on Sunday, the 4th.  It went to well. I will have pictures of that up shortly as too. It was just wonderful.  We hung out with my mom and dad for a couple days. SUPRISED them with a new stove and hood (again pictures and story to come). Trent got a new work truck. AND we are back up north. 

Trent had a doctors appointment today. Everything is okay with him. YAY!  Now we are on our way to the dentist. Hopefully he will be cavity free like me 🙂 Haha. We will go fishing tonight, do something tomorrow, go back to see my parents, then back on the road. We are soo busy I am about to keel over. I am tired, but I am no longer being moody to Trent, which I am sure he is thrilled about.  NORMAL WIFE YAY!  Again, so much is happening I have not been able to keep you updated, but let me assure you great stories are to come with pics included. I will not disappoint.

It may be a couple more days before I get on here. Please be patient.  Talk to you all soon 🙂


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Is it time to go yet?

So the job is winding down.  Why is it, when the end is near people become grumpy?  They are happy they do not have to work anymore (and have another job to go to), but sad because the amount of stress that comes with wrapping up a project.  Either way, it is a bit tense in the ol’ office.

In other news, we finished packing last night, in the rain (okay is was a drizzle). 

rain by onlinewoman

 Trent looked at me and said we have too much stuff. I said okay, but I don’t know what to do about that and we moved on.  My mood has gotten TONS better.  Now I just have a spurt instead of a day filled event. Trent is probably saying “God really does answer prayer!” haha.

So now our hotel room just has clothes, bread, bagels, oatmeal, and refridge stuff to pack up. All doable for sure. It is not clean (which does murder me a little), but it is getting packed down.  I cannot wait to go to our homes. My Father in law makes some of the BEST breakfast in the world, which I will not get to eat until next Sunday, but hey I can have something to look forward to.

Perfect Breakfast? by oospMMMMMMMM breakfast!

Did I mention that my sister is having her wedding shower? Iam just so excited about it. It is going to be beautiful and I will have pics don’t worry 🙂

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