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OOOO my goodness you guys! Today Trent and I went to look at the new area we will be moving too next weekend. We went to several hotels and let me tell you, they were soooo gross. Sorry people who live in NJ, but this place is STUCK in the 90’s. You guys pay a ton of money for really nothing good. Again, sorry but so true. Take it from a girl who has lived all over, your stuff is over priced. However, we found this apartment right next to the gross hotel. They do short-term and month to month leasing. YAY. It is 735 sq ft, which is HUGE to me. I mean I seriously thought I died and went to heaven, but when it is 2x as big as the place I have been living in for the past year, I guess it would be huge. *Side not, I told Trent the first house we buy is going to be so small because our version of living space has been so small* Moving on though, living in the hotel would be the same amount a month as living in the apartment, but here is the catch. In the hotel we can check out whenever we have to no problem. In the hotel if we sign a 6 months lease it is 250 more a month than a 12 month lease. You are allowed to break your lease, no problem. The only thing is you have to give a 30 day notice and you have a penalty fee of one month rent. On top of a cleaning fee that gets taken out of the security deposit. So it would only make money sense to live there for 5 to 6 months. If we stay any less time we lose out on a bit more money. UGH. Decisions decisions.

So that is what is going on over here. Just having to make a choice on what to do with our living situation. Pray that God just makes it clear for us.

Nighty night

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we moved!

Hey everyone! We got an email last night saying to come to New Jersey and work out of the office. So we packed up what all we had left in the room and left this morning. We got to the office around 2pm , worked till 6pm, checked into the new hotel, ordered pizza and now watching House!

Thanks everyone for your prayers, kind words, and thoughts the past couple days. You guys uplift me more than you know. Wish me luck with work this week, it is going to be a bit tricky.

Nighty night!

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Update: Wedding was fabulous you guys!! I am in philly right now at the airport and I just thought it was important to let you know it all went well.

That is not to say there was not some drama…. BUT she is married and everyone had a great time.

I will post pics this week with stories.

Hope your having a great weekend and thanks again for all the prayers and positive vibes my way 🙂 you guys are the best invisable friends ever! Hahaha

Nighty day… I have been up since 3:35 am. Time for another plane ride and nap.

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Hey guys!  Good morning 🙂  It is a bright sunshine day here in NY and we are semi-packing Trent up to go on his hunting trip.  Again, he is so excited it is unbelievable. Such a cutie.

Yesterday, he decided we need to do something “date like” because he is going to be gone for so long, so we decided to go wine tasting.  Well, I went wine tasting, he being the DD went wine spitting. Hahaha. We had such a great time.  It was really a time where we could connect and be with one another while tasting some great and not so great wine. We really do not know much about wine, but we are learning and I feel Trent and I both have a good palate.

 We went to one winery and it was PACKED with people. There was music going, people dancing.  It was crazy.  I told Trent, “I feel like people should be playing beer pong over in a corner somewhere.”  It was insane, but they have a great red wine called Pecker Head Red.  It is a table wine and if you do not like red wine, or are unsure if someone likes red or white wine, this is the wine to get.  If someone usually only drinks white. this is sweet enough for them to drink.  If someone likes the more dense taste of red, they will drink this too.  It  is also a good wine for people who are not so into wine.

The next place we went to was a lot quieter and the tester guy was a ton more serious about his job.  They did have a chocolate wine though that we decided to purchase.  It is called Chocolate Lab and it is delish!  If you like chocolate you will LOVE this. They added another kind of wine to it as well and it tasted like a chocolate covered cherries.  It is a great dessert wine but it is not for kiddies!  If you have kids at home, I would not get chocolate wine.  They could get the wrong idea.

We then went to a distillery. OH MY GOODNESS! SICK!  It was $2 for 3 tastes and it was hard for me to choke down all of the items I tasted.  I like a good vodka that has zero taste, and that is what it should be.  BUT this was horrible!  I am not even sure why they were testing it because something was just missing. YUCk, I don’t even wanna talk about it because it makes me ill.

We ended the day at Pizza Hut! Cause we obviously take ourselves super seriously. Hahaha. We did have a great time and I am happy I got to spend it with Trent.  He told me this morning “This is the last weekend you have with me for 3 weekends” 😦

On our drive we did pass an awesome waterfall. Wanna see?

Sooooo pretty!

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Hey guys!  So I made it home last night. I worked all day yesterday and learned some great tips on how to keep achieving the goal of being a good accountant. hahaha!  YAY. I really think I learned some great things. So Yay

Great news is that while I was working last night, I was unsure if I was going to spend the night or try to make it home. I left my stuff in the hotel room and did not check out before work, cause I had no clue how late we were going to work. Around 6pm a couple guys from my jobsite here in NY came through the door. I knew one of them had a truck at the NJ office they needed to pick up and as luck would have it, he was going to make the drive back to NY. YAY. So asked him if we could follow one another and he said sure.  I told him I had to run to the hotel to check out and all that and he said he would meet me there. Well, I went back and packed up and waited for him to find me. waited….waited…. finally a call and he was at a different hotel and lost. So I went and found him. I ended up driving past him and he ended up finding me at the gas station. So far the trip is not going so well.  Well he decides I can go ahead and be the leader.. right off the bat we hit the NJ Turnpike and I had an EasyPass he did not.. I lost him again and missed our exit. I called him told him I was off the track, he was so nice and frustrated and already to PA.. he waited on the Turnpike for me for 15 minutes for my to back track and make it there.  FINALLY, we made it home. YAY.

It was 11:30pm when we got home and thank goodness Momma P (my mom) works 2nd shift because I called her when she got out of work and she got me home for the last 30 minutes. YAY MOMS 🙂

Trent was sleeping, but woke up when I got home to tell me “I really love you and I am happy your home tonight” Awww, I am happy I am home tonight too baby 🙂

So thank goodness for good friends who take the time out of their day to try to help you to get home.  I am blessed 🙂

And thank God for a great husband and makes me feel so loved (did i tell you he packed me a cooler with sour patch kids, swedish fish, coke, water, cheese sticks, my home made soup, and a hot pocket so I would have dinner if I ended up working late?)  SO SWEET


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Sitting in NJ

So I did make it back to NJ.  All is going well until I come to my hotel room and oh goodness it is gross.  There is a hair in the bed (not mine), the toilet does not flush right, there is something on the mirror, there is mildew and mold in the shower, and my non-smoking room has not always been non-smoking. YIKES!

I am working like a champ though and I think I am learning A LOT!  Hopefully, I am retaining the knowledge because I will be on my own here in another day.  I feel like when I am here I have so much work, but when I am back in NY , I just do not feel like there is 12 hours of work… ya know? 

In other news, my stomach is being weird.  I am not eating how I normally do and I am feeling gross.  I also forgot to pack my pj’s so I am wearing jeans and those are just always uncomfortable to sit around in.

I will be back home on Thursday though, so YAY! 

Hope your week is going so well!  Nighty night.

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Nice to meet you

So it is not often that I get to meet new people who also live on the road.  Today was  a day that I got to meet a new friend.  I met him while working out downstairs.  He was a lot of fun and it is so fun to chit chat and get to know people.  His wife sounds like a saint and I automatically felt bad for her because her husband is on the road all the time.  It just reminded me of how blessed Trent and I really are.  We may not have a “home” but we do get to be with one another and I just do not see myself trading in time with Trent for a house.  I am not saying that is what this couple did at all, I think that sometimes life gives you choices and you pick to provide for your family.  That is sacrifice and please know that I do understand that.  I am just saying I just do not know what I would do if I had to pick between Trent and providing for our family.  It would be a hard choice and so far I have not been presented with it. 

Either way, I am glad I found a friend.  I am thinking maybe him and Trent can meet and they can be friends too.  J (the new friend) loves guns, hunting, and the tv channel VS, so I think they would get along just fine.

In other news I talked to a higher up today about my job performance and so far so good. So thank you for praying for me (if you pray) and or sending positive thoughts my way. It really means a lot to me.

Hope you had a good Monday.  Nighty night, sleep tight, don’t let those bed bugs bite!! HAHA

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HELLLLLO!  Ok, so before Trent and I left MN we found some awesome stacking boxes (made in America)… but only 4.  Well Saturday, Trent found another 12 of them at the Home Depot here in NY. So Sunday we decided to unpack everything and pack it all back up again.  Now this seems like a huge task and let me reassure you it is, but we were able to put some tine into it.

We (I) put in the movie Something Borrowed (GREAT MOVIE) and Trent hauled in all of our boxes.  While we watched the movie we sorted and packed.  Trent made little signs to go on each box and we got soooo organized I could die happy.  If you recall I usually have mini meltdowns over packing, but not anymore my friends!  Packing has taken a turn for the better, all because Trent found those boxes!  I will take a pic of the inside trailer so you can see the awesomeness which is my home on wheels. In the mean time have a great Monday evening and I will see you again tomorrow.

Nighty night

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Oh my goodness!  Learning a new job is just the worst and best right?  I keep telling myself “this will be old hat in no time”  I mean every job is always that way.  You have tons of nerves in the begining and then it turns out to be no big deal in about a month or so.  I think I have the hang of it, just a little unsure of everything…. the unknown freaks me out a bit.

Trent and I have to work pretty close together now, which is a great thing!  He is a super good teacher and I love him so that is a plus… the only downside is that now I think he will expect more from me. If someone was not doing their job before (the person who had this job) he would just complain about it and move on.  Now if I am not doing things in the order or way he thinks they should be done. I am sure he will mention something to me. It will be fine though. Our favorite phrase is “We are okay” meaning that both of us know it is a work thing and not an US thing.  It helps put things into perspective when you go home together.

So that is what is going on here. I am so tired, we are working from 7:30 am-8:00pm. So I am just a bit on the sleepy side.  I think I will turn call Trent, tell him goodnight, then hit the ol hay stack myself.


Nighty Night everyone. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

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New Jersey!!

So I am off to New Jersey in about 1 hour.  I just got out of the shower and I have to admit I am a bit nervous about the drive.  My parents never really let me drive too far growing up.  In college I lived 2 hours away from my parents but my mom worked an hour an 10 minutes from me.  My sister was at the same school I was.  I just never had to drive far.

When Trent and I got married we drive in different cars but we have radios… we talk with a push of the button and I can see him.  So I am just nervous.  I am not sure what about, I have a cell phone, I have AAA… I guess it is just the unknown.  Really for the first time in my life I am going someplace completely new and I do not have anyone with me that I know.  I do not even know the people I am meeting.  I know their voice but that is about it.

So if you are the praying kind, please send a little prayer my way.  I know I sound silly, but I am nervous.

Talk to you later 🙂

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