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Oh my goodness. Since I have been working from home I am able to listen to who I want on the radio, watch what I want on TV, and so on. I am going to tell you something though, it kind of gets me going. I am like really waiting for someone to pick a fight with me on some issues. It is crazy!  A woman in my parents town died yesterday at the gas station because she allowed some person to use her cell phone. You got Ms. Fluke who picked to go to a Catholic school, say that they should have to pay for her sexual decisions (by the way the Catholic Church does give birth control to those who need it for other medical reasons), you just have so much noise going on. It is too much.

So I am going to focus on something positive cause right now I can do nothing about the negative. I am going to focus on my trip to the Bahamas. Did you know that we are leaving on THURSDAY!  I was on the phone with my sister the other day, talking about my bathing suit. She asked me “How do you look in your suit?” I said, well funny you should ask.  I looked in the mirror in the other day and the front I felt pretty ok about. I turned myself around and held a mirror and immediatly regretted this decision. Cheneille was like “Exactly what about your back do you not like?” I said, I have two rolls. One on each side. I am afraid my top will get stuck in one, and then what am I going to do? Cheneille said “I KNOW, I have the same problem. I have gained 13 pounds since I got married.  Then I told myself, no big deal. Jenna got fat when she got married.” 

Let us for a moment look at that last sentence.  Ok she gained 13 pounds. It happens when you are happy and have good food around you. I do not see though how she made the connection to my weight. Completely unhelpful! HAHA

Anyhow, she wanted to skype with me so she could see me in my bathing suit. I told her no, she told me yes, and I called my mom and said Cheneille wants to see me in my swim suit. My mom said, that does not sound like a good idea. I went ahead and showed her anyhow. I figured if I am not going to show my sister, then I need to go buy different suites.. b ecause people will see me in them. I showed her. She was nice about it.  Either way bathing suit season just sucks. No other time in your life do you know exactly where your body stands and how sad it looks. HAHAHA!

It is only going to be 72 with 25mph winds  in the Bahamas. So I may not be in it for that long anyhow.

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So, I have been MIA lately and I am sorry.  We moved!  We got the go ahead on Tuesday night, we worked late  that night to finish some things up, we got to the hotel, packed, went to bed, woke up and went back into work for 2 hours, I yelled at Trent something like *I am either working today or I am moving.  I cannot do both. Do you understand what I am saying?*, we left work, drove 1 hour to our new home, moved in, I unpacked, Trent went to work, and we have been unpacking, waiting for furniture to arrive and working ever since. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Oh, so funny!  So get this, we have xfinity through Comcast now. When we were signing up for it, Trent made sure it had the hunting channel and lo and behold it had 2 -there is a God-.  Well we have not had cable.. well cool cable since the beginning of our marriage.  Well I have been working from home and found out that there is DVR on this thing and you can pause regular tv.. really all sorts of things. Well I made the mistake of telling Trent and guess what we have been watching non-stop now?  Did you guess hunting?  Because if you did, you would be correct.  The only thing is it is literally all we are watching. Forget anything that I want to watch because it clearly does not matter, he will get in all the hunting shows he can. I mean he goes through the list and DVRS almost all of them.  The cutest thing happens though, while he is engrossed in the hunting show, he will ask me if there is anything I would like to watch.  I say I do not know and he kind of  nods his head and we continue watching hunting.

So that is all that is happening here. I do have an OVEN NOW!  So I will be doing some cooking and I will let you know how it turns out. I am stoked!

Oh Cara, you will like this. Trent is calling my toasted skin cheetah print.. He says it goes with my tiger stripes! HAHA.

Nighty night

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