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Hey all! So sorry I have been gone for wayyyy to long. I have not even had the chance to catch up on everyone and what you are all doing. I will, I promise.

I have been a sleeping beauty. When I get home from work I make dinner, take a shower, and hop in bed. I literally fall asleep within 5 minutes of me resting my head on my pillow. So needless to say between work and sleep there has been little to no time.

We are still in New York! We have not moved yet but are planning on heading back to New Jersey here in January. So our life never stops.

We are getting ready to head to Florida next Friday for Christmas! We are so excited. It will be wonderful.

The baby is doing great. We get to find out if it is a boy or a girl next week!!! Also Trent turns 29 next week. Soo much going on so little time.

I love you and miss you all!!! We will talk soon.


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