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So apparently our government now sees being German, Christian, and homeschooling a threat. Such a threat that a German family who LEGALLY sought amnesty here now faces deportation due to the fact that in Germany homeschooling is illegal (granted by one man named Hitler… let that sink in). Please read this article. http://www.inquisitr.com/567261/obama-administration-trying-to-deport-christian-family/

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These are NOT my words. They come from another website on in the message board section. I do not want to give the website name because people will think I am crazy and over the top. Hahaha.

The person who wrote this is MrAdamo: When he is talking about a video he is referring to the Kanye West video for the magazine 25 (apparently a fashion mag). In the video there is nudity and degigation of sex in the sickest ways.

After reading through the comments here; I can see there are some arguments over this one, so lets look at how and why it ties into the agenda. This type of stuff is the core of the culture war.

It’s all about the debasement of the youth. As you say, it’s not ‘new’ or ‘avant-garde’ or truly ‘shocking’ in any way at all – but it is definitely an agenda. The agenda being to reduce human identity down to that of a primitive animal, by taking sex – and mixing it up with violence, perversion, gore, and all forms of debasement – so that it ALL becomes one big mush.. One concept.

No limits, no boundaries, no privacy, no sentiment, no emotion, no tenderness, no discretion, no dignity, no restraint, no rules, no morality – just an animalistic free for all where anything goes. Every sexual possibility and every human impulse, from the sensual to the violent, from the tame to the horrific – is to become ONE. Having sex with an animal will be the same as doing it with a person. Pedophilia and BDSM will be as casual as eating a sandwich. Look at what all these fanatical academics are talking about – sex and morality are relative concepts. You can do whatever you want because it’s all just preferences and points of view. Monogamous relationships are a thing of the past, they’re just a social habit with no real meaning or purpose.

This is the new ‘norm’ that we’ve all to adopt.

Bertrand Russell started this whole train of thought up in the 1920′s, where his experimental schools aimed to get pre-pubescent children having intergenerational sex on a constant basis, as well as all other forms of sex. They theorized that if they could overload their minds with sex at a very young age; it would completely desensitize them to the point where it no longer had any emotional impact on them. They would train them to view the sexual act in the same way as going to the bathroom, so that it would not make them feel close to a sexual partner, and would have no emotional resonance for them at all. They would then be highly promiscuous throughout their adult lives, placing no value on the sexual act – leaving them unable to bond or maintain stable relationships. They were only capable of having brief sexual encounters, and thus had no loyalty to a partner, a family, or any particular social values.

This experiment was immensely successful, and so they decided that this was the way to break up the family unit and stop people from having children. They would use this same basic technique on the rest of society, by normalizing promiscuity and setting it up as the model for people to adopt. They started promoting sex to the young, and portrayed multiple partners and casual affairs as the standard lifestyle choice. With this came the promotion of pornography and deviant forms of sex, which are gradually infiltrating all areas of society, in order to break down the culture and degrade the male-female relationship.

Freudian psychology basically proved that if a person’s sexuality was dragged down to the most base level, their identity would go with it. If you took the meaning out of sex, then you took the meaning out of life. This is how our minds work. If you can take the most potent, intimate and meaningful act in life, and drag it down to the level of a crude interaction with no boundaries and no discretion – you are removing all the dignity within an individual, along with their ability to see the higher spiritual meanings in life. They begin to see themselves and others as animals with no value, and so they no longer see morality and discretion as having any value. Concepts like right and wrong no longer have any real meaning to them, and so they fall quickly into a lifestyle of hedonism and promiscuity.

Once you’ve acclimated an entire generation to an ‘anything goes’ culture of rampant sexual debasement and complete nihilism, a society can easily be conquered. Once people have become so degraded that they are no longer shocked or offended by anything, then they will have no reason to object to anything. Once all of their allegiances have been taken away, they will have nothing to stand up and fight for. Once all their dignity is gone, they will have no standards or personal boundaries to protect. When a society reaches this level of dysfunction, and all the previous social structures have been broken down – the government reigns supreme. Without the family unit or any form of guiding principals in society; there is nothing left to stop it from taking over completely and becoming the sole authority in people’s lives.

This is exactly what Huxley talked about in ‘Brave New World’. People wont mind having their lives micro-managed by a scientific government, because there will be so much sex, drugs and entertainment that they wont care about anything else. Anything that gave people a reason to be in charge of their own lives, and to live by their own morals and standards – will be gone. The generation growing up today have already been trained to accept this kind of existence, and will have no problem giving up their sovereignty to the state.

This is where it’s all going, and this is ultimately what this type of imagery is about. Despite the higher, esoteric connection between sex and religion – the target audience for this video is not supposed to interpret it that way. The video is just taking occult/religious imagery and mixing it up with deviant forms of sex, in an attempt to break down more moral and ethical boundaries in the audience. It’s promoting all kinds of weird, dark imagery and linking it with sexuality, so that people develop subconscious associations between sex and the ‘extreme’. This is what sex is ultimately to become; something without limits, without discretion, and without any real spiritual connotations. These images are designed to desensitize people to a new form of imagery which blurs the line between the sexual and the morbid, so that these two concepts ultimately become ONE.

If you can reduce human sexuality to the lowest possible level, people will put up no resistance to your agenda. That’s why they’re doing it.

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Anti-Vaccination Attorney May Go to Jail


Please go to the link above. This woman may face jail time because she protects children and their parents from having to get vaccines and the damage that comes after children receive vaccines. I am not anti-vaccine. I am anti-government forcing vaccines.  Please read!

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